Tackling various mysteries in each illustration of this game show, 7 sleuths get closer to addressing the greatest one the all: What occurred to project D?


A man named "M" invites seven civilization to a murder video game party. Among the eight in the room, one will end up being a victim, and also another the culprit.

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Recognized for your performance, the detectives report come Jeju Island, whereby their first client asks castle to take part in a treasure hunt.

While enjoying their break ~ above Jeju Island, the detectives obtain a shocking call from K, who states Kwang-soo is a element murder suspect and is on the run.

Jong-min comes across a diary the a dead teen girl that was possibly murdered. To uncover the truth, the gathers the detectives at the school she attended.

A woman transforms up dead on one island turn off the coastline of Incheon. The detectives find out that a centuries-old legend the a vampire has actually haunted the islanders.

To find the absent self-portrait that a recently deceased painter, 2 rival curators in ~ a Seoul arts museum every commission a team the detectives.

Without any type of cases come solve, the detectives gain watching a magic display rehearsal -- till the show's star magician suddenly disappears without a trace.

A man who introduces himself as K's old friend offers the detectives lavish pay and also a possibility to partake in a unique mission -- yet there's a catch.

A culprit asks especially for the detectives come escort him to the police station. In exchange, he assures to call them everything they desire to know.

The detectives obtain a text blog post from K that was written three months ago. The asks them to concerned Incheon, wherein their final test awaits.

Amateur detectives attempt to untangle a cable of mystifying cases, which might be linked to an enigmatic figure known together the Flower Killer.

Trapped in individual rooms filled through a range of challenges, each detective make the efforts to number out just how to escape.

The find for K's killer gets facility when a series of dead body are discovered -- all with a mysterious QR code on them.

Hired by a customer whose family members jewels room in hazard of being stolen by a nefarious thief, the detectives rush to gain to it first.

When a shaman needs aid finding the scattered number of a win lottery ticket, the detectives race versus another team for a huge reward.

The team welcomes a brand-new intern, who leads them to a grisly situation involving a divorced couple, their son, and also a suspiciously neighbor who lives next door.

While investigating a suicide, the detectives go to a spooky village, where mysterious things take place to young women -- and also outsiders are not welcome.

The detectives split up once they're rental by 3 estranged brothers of a chaebol family members -- all passionate to find their late father's will.

The detectives have actually fun participating in a crime game show with a K-pop group -- until things obtain too real.

Eager for much more information around the Flower Killer, the team attends an event, whereby the detectives come throughout an unforeseen death.

Hot top top the Flower Killer's trail, the detectives monitor a maze of clues from his house to his an enig lair, wherein they discover a shocking truth.

With old faces earlier on the team, the detectives inspection a series of bewildering cases that seem to be attached to a shady organization.

Kwang-soo is back! as soon as a customer asks the detectives to uncover which of his roommates is stealing his food, they enter a house filled through secrets.

The team splits approximately take on two cases: one including a absent professor, and the various other a gory murder inside an illegal gambling den.

Investigating the loss of a woman's corpse from the morgue, the sleuths conference a deadly operation with psychic plans.

With three women claiming to be his rightful fiancée, a rich heir call on the detectives come deduce i beg your pardon he must marry.

Following clues from a chilling message and a mysterious USB drive, the team races versus time to conserve a hostage from gift killed.

After receiving a weird letter from a dead man, the detectives look for answers in his hometown — and from his 4 suspicious friends.

A client in need of finding a lost boyfriend contacts the team for help, however they're no the only squad of personal eyes who show up to take the case.

As the team discovers the truths behind a secret organization, they concern whether among their really own might be hiding a dark identity.

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