If girlfriend are amongst Android fans who are waiting to download and experience Kimoji application right on your device, congrats! Kimoji is available on Android now!

This is what you need to know around Kimoji, why it is popular, whereby you deserve to download the app and also how to resolve Kimoji difficulties with missing icons and stickers.

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What’s Kimoji?

Kimoji, the official application of Kim Kardashin, has actually quickly end up being the top payment app top top the app Store in plenty of countries virtually 6 months because its launch.

According come Forbes, Kim Kardashian’s application has attracted huge downloads of much more than 9,000 downloads per millisecond. Because of the substantial traffic, the app store began crashing. 

Some applications and also social media platforms sustaining Kimoji are iMessage, WhatsApp, on facebook Messenger, and emails.

Initially, Kimoji was developed exclusively because that iOS, yet now the Android version is accessible on Google Play come use. You need to pay $1.99 for downloading this app. The description of the app says the there are 400+ Kardashian Emoji, 100 much less than on iPhone. Girlfriend still have access to Kimogifs. 

If you can’t handle all of the excitement to see the impressive stuff, here’s what she gonna obtain when friend download Kimoji:


Where come Download Kimojis?

The app store on your iPhone or Google Play keep on your Android phone

How come Fix missing Kimoji Stickers, Emoji & icons on iPhone?

If you’re using Kimoji and sometimes you encounter the problem of missing stickers, emoji & icons. Don’t worry! you’re not alone. Many world report that they confront the very same situation. Over there is no need to restart the iPhone. Instead, follow these steps:

Go to Settings on her on her iPhone -> Find basic -> Tap on key-board then Kimoji -> Turn off allow Full access then revolve it ago on.

Can Send Kimoji to Anyone?

The great news is the you have the right to send Kimoji come anyone. If they also are not using the Kimoji app, they still can see the Kim Kardashian Emoji that you send them. IMessage, WhatsApp, on facebook Messenger, email and also many other apps all assistance the Kimoji.

Is Kimoji “Dangerous” because that Kids?

Kimoji is a type of keyboard through 250 emojis and also stickers connected to Kim Kardashian such together her face, she waist-shaping corset, her target or even her pregnant profile. Only those age 17 and also up are allowed to use due to “Frequent/Intense sexual Content or Nudity.”

So, before letting youngsters to use this app, parental should take into consideration this carefully!

Guide to use Kim Kardashian’s Kimoji App

It’s a small bit different in using the Kimoji keyboard compared to native emojis. The an initial thing you need to do is clicking on the world icon at the bottom that the keyboard. ~ that, you choose ABC to bring up the Kimoji keyboard.

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Then choose a Kimoji you want to, monitor the indict to dough it into the text body. Interestingly, your friend is still able to watch it even when they room not using Kimoji app.

You might be confused on the an initial use as all letter on the keyboard screen as resources all the time. Moreover, the backspace’s place is really unnatural, which make users challenging to discover type.