Kim Kardashian West began it all with the release of she “Kimoji.” however many more celebrities have actually hopped on the emoji key-board bandwagon.

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by Brandon Jones

If girlfriend love expressing yourself v an emoji, then her next relocate should be to download a celebrity emoji keyboard. Plenty of unlikely celebrities (like basketball star Stephen Curry) have produced their own emoji keyboards, even if it is to improve their personal brand or since they also love come express themselves through emojis. These keyboards might finally market you the emojis you’ve been craving — emojis you didn’t even know girlfriend wanted. The adhering to are the ideal celebrity emoji keyboards easily accessible for Android appropriate now:

1. Kimoji through Whalerock IndustriesThe app that began it all deserve to be yours for $1.99. Kim Kardashian West’s “Kimojis” are greatly detailed, and an ext closely resemble Sims personalities than emojis. The keyboard includes 400+ emojis and GIFs that Kim and also her household making assorted expressions, in enhancement to speech bubbles, gummy bears, and a hair dryer.

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2. Justmoji by Kapps Media LLCJustin Bieber’s emoji key-board is obtainable in the Play store for $2.99. This application includes a variety of emojis, stickers, and also GIFs — sufficient to satisfy any kind of Belieber. They’re regularly humorous and also make funny of Justin Bieber, as exemplified through the Justmoji who was pelted v eggs.

3. Stephmoji through AppMoji, Inc.This application is perfect for any kind of Warrior fans, or basic Stephen Curry fans. It’s $1.99 indigenous the play store, and includes a selection of basketball emojis, Curry together Jesus, and emojis of his family.

4. ChyMoji through GlamRoks CreativeBlac Chyna is thought about to it is in the newest member the the Kardashian family, for this reason it’s no wonder she produced her very own emoji keyboard. That $1.99 to purchase and also includes 700+ emojis motivated by Snapchat filters, in enhancement to emojis the “raining” money, Blac Chyna expressing herself, and also even Vaseline.

5. MuvaMoji by AppMoji, Inc.Amber Rose’s emoji key-board ($1.99) has a huge selection the emojis by classification such as LGBT pride and speech bubbles, in addition to emojis that Amber Rose. There’s also a huge choice of makeup, clothing, beverage related emojis, and more. Plus, the application is update weekly come make certain you always get her emoji fix.

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