Released ByXeeynamoLanguageEnglishStatusFully Playable PlatformPlayStation 2Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)GenreRole play > activity RPGPublished BySquare EnixGame Date29 march 2007Patch VersionFINAL-Rev5Release Date16 July 2011ReadmeDownloads4121Last Modified20 April 2016

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English job of Kingdom hearts II last Mix by Xeeynamo.

To patch:

Extract the patcher and also patch in the same brochure as your iso. You might want to earlier up the iso first, however drag the language patch file onto the patcher exe and form the surname of your iso when required and hit enter. Her iso should now it is in patched.

There room some strings the were preserved untranslated since they space useless, choose the summaries of the story in Theater mode or some debug messages from the theatre that ended up being unused top top the last version that the game. Part strings missed were from the hollow Bastion and the Twilight Town. If you uncover them you re welcome report them come me.

Also if anyone is interested in translating the game for other languages, the author has expressed consent to call him as he will certainly be more than happy come share his tools that he used.

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