"A Keyblade the restores HP once you block. Its powers negatively impact enemy status."



Strength: +8


Magic: +7


Ability: Raises max MP through 2, and significantly boosts magic and summon power.

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Length: Medium


Today we"re rating one of most average and also memorable keyblades, Lady Luck.


7/10 for its MP. Various other than that, it"s sorta useless once you acquired Diamond Dust.

8/10. It"s design works well v the design template of the world and at the same time, looks great unlike jungle King which can only complement the world"s theme.

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Best keyblade in the game and series. 10/10. Anything that restores your HP just by blocking is precious it"s load in gold, and also the MP boost is fine worth it.


I honestly don"t like that Keyblade in ~ all. It"s probably because I simply don"t like Wonderland in general (don"t acquire me wrong ns loved it before especially the music however after visiting the human being so plenty of times to go with all the bs you get sick of the after a while). There"s lot of of various other keyblades that space way much better than it. I"m only referring come the KH1 and also Re:Chain version since I haven"t provided it in any other game. Ns imagine the blocking for HP isn"t really that amazing compared to the strengths and also power the the various other keyblades.


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It"s a more magic-focused Oathkeeper, the you can acquire at around the very same time. The reality that it"s pretty concealed is also cool. And the Coded version isn"t too negative either. 



It does therefore in Kingdom mind Re:Coded. The description is native there.




It"s really advantageous in combat, in ceo battles however it stops working for me design-wise.

KHX does the justice v the upgrades though.


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It"s a decent keyblade. That is not as an effective as part others and only is good in specific situations.

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