acquire the extreme look & luxurious feel of a fluid liner with the straightforward application and also precision of a pencil v L"Oréal"s Extra-Intense fluid Pencil Eyeliner.

services Glides on clear Smudge-resistant liquid eyeliner v the easy application and also precision the a pencil features Pencil eyeliner through a smudger

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Most advantageous Positive Review

LOVE THIS ! absolutely among the best !

i love this. Was an extremely very pleased when i opened and used the ! for this reason soft and glides on well. Color is therefore intense, choose prevent smudging simply take one eyeliner brush and even the end the line... Due to excess product it might smudge so just use a brush and also draw end your drawn pencil line, i find it stays genuine well. This doesn"t yes, really smudge and i simply love that ! definitely my peak eyeliner now.

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Most Helpful critical Review

NEVER purchase THIS!

I purchase this because I love liquid eye liner and also my "go to" eyeliner was offered out so I assumed I"d provide this a try! ns will never buy this again! that lasted a week, says to twist and also it will self sharpen. Fine it doesn"t twist and it doesn"t self sharpen. And while i was trying to number it the end I review reviews about the product online and discovered ns am not the only one who obtained scammed by this product. Never ever BUY THIS! What a waste of money.

Reviewed through 310 customers

Super creamy


Rosy fromMaryland

this is a super dark eyeliner and it just glides on, really creamy. It"s ideal use is for a smudged or smokey eye look so don"t expect it to remain in location for a lengthy time. So far, i love this very intense black liner.

Love at very first use.


Melva (Chesapeake VA) fromVirginia

Love this eyeliner. I don"t usage anything else.

Great eyeliner


Jan fromVa

Love it because it goes on smoothly and stays. Simply what i was looking for.

It"s too soft


Roori fromChicago

The guideline is as well soft and also kind the melts ~ above the skin.

The just pencil eyeliner I have actually used in years!


Sarabear22 fromMinnesota

Glides on so smoothly

I would buy this again


Liz fromMi

I usage this eye liner everyday

I would certainly not to buy again


Gym babe fromWoodstock, ga

I would not buy this again. Was only able to usage it once



JCooper fromRockville, MD

Love it! Glides top top smooth and also easily.



JCooper fromRockville

Loved the ease of usage - it just glides on creamy smooth - no should go end repeatedly.



Chris Hoff fromSpringfield, VA

Looks yes, really nice and easy to apply.

I love this!


Livi fromLa Mesa , CA

I usually placed the eyeliner in my reduced lash line. It glides on an extremely smoothly and I use it every time i wear makeup.

Had come toss it.


yellow cat fromVancouver wa

I have had this in my makeup drawer because that a while. I have finally given up and trying it on and off. Together others speak it is very challenging to sharpen. Right currently the whole facility of the pencil, the liner deserve to be pulled out of the pencil; obviously the liner is no firm in the pencil. Over there is a left within the pencil yet I can"t use it so i might as well toss it. The liner is dry, not simple to apply. That is one odd design.

Best Eyeliner Ever!


Ellie fromNew Jersey

Mature lady who still wants to look she best...and is ready to spend the time and also energy to perform it!



Brandy fromTN

It"s really soft. It"s tough to obtain a right line because it is therefore soft. Great for smudging but not if you"re going for a thin line. It"s really thick yet has good pigment. I"m not into thick eyeliner so it"s not in my everyday bag, however may try it again when going because that a bold look?

I save buying this over and also over


Becca fromMaple Grove, MN

I usage it nearly every day and also it works. Smooth application and comes off easily with the best remover.

Worse style ever! Can"t sharpen, doesn"t walk on, no pro"s


Jan fromMass.

Waste of money, wouldn"t glide on, cannot acquire it to sharpen, in the garbage!

Love it!!


JJJJS fromRapid City, SD

This liner glides on very smoothly!! I additionally had problems with sharpening it and also out of mine 3 sharpeners, only my Lancome sharpener fit. However with it, the sharpened perfectly!! ns agree L"oreal should have actually a developed in sharpener because that this, and also I"m presume the L"oreal sharpener will work, however if you can uncover the right sharpener, it"s awesome!!

This is mine "go to" eyeliner #thebest


mich mich fromTrinidad & Tobago

I usage it at any time i"m walk out. Sometimes without anything else on my confront or eyes.

Love it!


B fromOxnard, Ca


Expensive Look in ~ a Value!


Nikki fromHouma, LA

The only eye liner i use!



Michelle fromPowder Springs, GA

I believed I bought a defective eyeliner, returned and replaced it. Then, the replacement did the very same thing: impossible to sharpen after it flattens out (I tried 4+ SHARPENERS), damaged apart that what did get "sharpened". Even had a friend that bought one, and same thing occurred to hers. Don"t stroked nerves buying.

Great application, awful to sharpen.


Crys fromPhiladelphia, PA

At first, I believed I uncovered a new go-to product. It uses easy, and the color is great. The built-in smudger is a add to to. The issue came once I tried come sharpen. It would certainly not sharpen with my consistent sharpener, yet it did with a fiskars fancy pencil one.Then the tip damaged when I eliminated it. Tried it again, now I"m left through this long bit of eyeliner sticking out. The plastic coating ~ above this pencil is a significant design flaw, destroying an otherwise good product. I hate to view such waste.

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I would never buy again


Mlbodkins fromWV

The end broke off after repeatedly trying to get the finish to come out only supplied it a pair of days

Can"t sharpen


HH fromAustin

I love this till it to be time come sharpen. That looks favor you can twist come sharpen, but you can"t. So ns tried through the many sharpeners I have in my drawer but since this isn"t favor a timeless pencil eye liner those won"t work. If we require a one-of-a-kind sharpener because that this that should have been plainly marked top top the packaging.