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Fairy La La Land opened their doors in 2011 through a team of committed theatre actors that go over and beyond the mean children’s entertainment organization to develop truly memorable occasions with authentic character’s for children all over Sydney.

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They merged their talents v their love of youngsters to supply a range of energetic characters who live in a wonder world. With terrific storytelling luminous costumes and lively performances, the children will enter a fun-filled people of comedy, magic, musical games, quick effective challenge painting and better than ever before balloon twisting.

The entertainers sell the adult time come mingle among themselves causing stress-free occasions whilst the children are in stitches with giggles and also fun for all! Your occasion will it is in the most talked around children’s occasion all year.

Princess entertainers, Pirate entertainers, Superhero entertainers and Fairy entertainers.

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With Magic, Party games, balloon twisting & face painting.

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