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Renaissance Noble Lady-in-Waiting Dresses

Are you in require of a Lady-in-Waiting gown because that a Renaissance Festival, cosplay event, LARP, or a Halloween party? right here at, we have actually selected an yes, really assortment the high-quality Renaissance Noble Lady-in-Waiting dresses for friend to choose from because that your one-of-a-kind costume event.

Ladies-in-waiting to the imperial court began as far earlier as the so late 800 AD, as much as us know, and also are quiet employed to this day by the last remaining monarchies. Throughout the Renaissance durations in Europe, the wives and also daughters the the kingdom’s noblemen in ~ court were selected indigenous high-ranking, affluent noble households (above the location of earl) employed to wait on the royal families. They were offered the honor to offer the queen together her “ladies-in-waiting” as personal servants in the functions of companions, an individual assistants, fashion experts, couriers, servant management, grooming aides in the privy and also any other task the Royals want to entrust or demand of them.

Serving the queen to be an honor that carried influence to she family and also good, prestigious marital relationships to the solitary daughters at court. The ladies were thought about noble companions who, since of their status and also nobility, could give way counsel come a woman of high station who couldn’t otherwise kind outside friendships. These women of Court were offered the “honor” of offer the royal families and when selected did not can refuse for are afraid of dishonoring their family and also losing the favor of the King and/or Queen.

If a married noble lady was selected, her husband was also given the alternative to reside in ~ court. Young, unmarried women often went come court together ladies-in-waiting v the hope of landing a valuable marriage contract.

Noble lady dresses are appropriate to wear come Renaissance Fairs, come cosplay cons, LARP events, theater productions, or to Halloween and Masquerade Costume Balls. You will certainly feel old civilization elegant wearing any kind of of this gorgeous noble lady gowns!

I have searched through numerous costumes web page to lug you the best quality Medieval and Renaissance costume at the ideal prices. This will conserve you an immense amount of time and also expense from having actually to carry out it yourself. If you are trying to find a cheap, off the rack, wear the once, then throw it in the garbage bin, type of costume you will not find it here.

Renaissance Lady Velvet Dresses

Velvet costume were worn by the noblewomen liked to wait ~ above the royalty in Europe during Medieval and Renaissance eras. In a few of the europe realms, color and also fabric to be mandated by law. The Sumptuary legislations in 14th century England, because that example, mandated only Royalty were allowed to wear purple and only Royalty and also nobles the a details rank were enabled to wear scarlet and crimson red. Furthermore, just the wives and daughters of wealthy noblemen might wear velvet. The Royals made certain of the class difference between the wealthy and also the bad was obvious for anyone to see.

Women’s Regal Lady mrs Burgundy Renaissance Dress

Women’s Regal Lady woman Burgundy Renaissance DressClick below for Details

Exquisitely make from burgandy cotton velvet, this elegant Lady woman Gown is a theater high quality costume replicated native a gown layout which would have be checked out at royal court throughout the Tudor power in England. It is handsomely embellished v gorgeous yellow hand-beaded trim. The sleeves have actually poufed slim soft netting panels in the cut outs and are finished with matching burgundy accent ribbons. Elegant enough for a queen’s casual work dress but can additionally be worn by a noblewoman to court.

Deluxe Renaissance Faire Lady Red Velvet Dress

Deluxe Renaissance Faire Lady Red Velvet DressClick right here for Details

You’ll it is in the fairest one of them all at the next Renaissance Faire put on this red velvet dress. The luxurious Faire Lady Renaissance dress collection includes a long velvet gown v silver trim and also lacings under the front and also a equivalent red headpiece. The sleeves have wide diamond patterned cuffs trimmed with matching silver trim and vast lace flounces in ~ the wrist.

Renaissance Lady’s Scarlet Velvet DreamCostume Dress

Renaissance Lady’s Scarlet Velvet Dream Costume DressClick here for Details

A gorgeous high-quality scarlet red heavy cotton velvet dress with complete bell sleeves and also front decorative black color lacings with equivalent black handmade frogs. The earlier lacings make the dress adjustable by a couple of inches because that a more custom fit.

Medieval Renaissance Velvet purple Gownwith Satin Lined eight Tippets

Medieval Renaissance Velvet purple GownClick below for Details

This gorgeous deep violet velvet dress is a fabulous choice to wear together a lady-in-waiting. The lengthy tippet sleeves are lined with pink satin for a beautiful contrast in color. The gown is trimmed v silver ribbon and also the ago lacings are likewise silver. The complete skirt has a beautiful drape but I recommend wearing a crinoline under the complete skirt for included fullness.

Medieval Renaissance Velvet Gownswith Satin Lined eight Tippets

Red Velvet Renaissance medieval Gown v Gold Satin Lined arm TippetsClick below for Details
Burgundy Velvet middle ages Renaissance Gown with climbed Satin Lined eight TippetsClick here for Details

These gorgeous middle ages Renaissance dresses made by Artemisia Designs space beautifully do from a high-quality stretch velvet, no the cheapy cheap-o panne or crushed velvet. The satin lined sleeves space a coordinating color and the upper arms of the dress sleeves room accented with gold or silver decorative trim. Actually, only the red dress is trimmed with gold. Every one of the various other colors are trimmed in silver.

The dress is very forgiving together it fans the end from the waistline through ample quantities of towel creating a beautiful drape. However, ns still introduce wearing one ankle length petticoat underneath for extr fullness. Additionally, the dresses are obtainable in regular and plus sizes.

Green Velvet Renaissance middle ages Gown with Silver Satin Lined eight TippetsClick below for Details
Blue Velvet Renaissance middle ages Gown v Silver Satin Lined arm TippetsClick below for Details

Renaissance Lady skies Blue Velvet and Silver Trim Trumpet Sleeve Gown

Renaissance Lady sky Blue Velvet and also Silver Trim Trumpet Sleeve GownClick below for Details

A stunning, elegant Renaissance gown make from soft sky blue velvet merged with shimmering silver accents. The gown deserve to be fitted to your figures proportions by the lacings listed on the back.

This gorgeous lady’s dress is accented through silver embroidery & silver beaded lace. The ends of the earlier lacing ties are finished through silver glass beaded tassels. Ns think ns would include a single layer crinoline under this gown because that some included fullness, yet I wouldn’t desire a many extra to ruin the drape the the fabric. I would also include a silver- velvet cloak to wear while traveling outside.

Renaissance Lady-in-Waiting Noble Gowns

At the end of the medieval era, into the Renaissance, the dresses worn by the noblewomen in ~ court ended up being much more elaborate as the profession from other nations flourished.

Women’s Renaissance Milady’s imperial BlueNoble Aristocrat Gown

Women’s Renaissance Milady’s imperial Blue Noble Aristocrat GownClick below for Details

Historically accurate style of dress worn by the wives of noblemen that acted together ladies-in-waiting in organization to the royal House. The mutton sleeves were an extremely popular during the Renaissance, as well as the square neck fitted bodice of the dress. This elegant Milady dress is trimmed in silver and also laces up the back. It will serve well at a Ren Fest, in a theatre production, in ~ a LARP or RPG event.

Women’s luxurious Renaissance Lady Paned Sleeve Theater-Quality dress Costumes

Women’s luxurious Renaissance Lady black Velvet Paned Sleeve Costume DressClick here for Details
Women’s luxurious Renaissance Lady Blue Velvet Paned Sleeve Costume DressClick here for Details

Feel like a lady wade the cobblestone streets of 15th-century Paris wearing these gorgeous velvet and also brocade dresses. Designed after ~ the uniforms of the French Musketeers, these ladies dresses have large paned sleeves with wide cuffs trimmed with lace.

Lady’s rose Satin and also Lace Mutton SleeveLace-Up Corset Gown

Lady’s increased Satin and Lace Mutton Sleeve Lace-Up Corset GownClick right here for Details

Rows the lace space attached to the underskirt that this Renaissance mutton sleeve gown, but I introduce wearing an additional petticoat under for added fullness to the skirt of the gown.

Adult Lady’s medieval RenaissanceIsabel Silk dress Gown

Adult Lady’s middle ages Renaissance Isabel Silk dress GownClick here for Details

Sewn with an easy lines, however elegant sufficient for royalty, this is a perfect dress for a lady-in-waiting to wear as companion to she queen during the center Ages. The dress is make of a rich poly-silk fabric and accented with a wide gold jacquard ribbon belt, with equivalent ribbon on the sleeve cuffs and the skirt hem. For an included touch of luxury the neckline and shoulder seams are embellished with a delicate gold lace. The earlier of the dress has actually lacings as a sexy however practical method to adjust for precise fit.

Medieval Renaissance Lady’s White dress Costume

Medieval Renaissance Lady’s White dress Costume
Click right here for Details

Women’s Fleur de Lis Renaissance Jumper dress Costumes

Navy Fleur de Lis Renaissance JumperDress CostumeClick here for Details
Burgundy Fleur de Lis Renaissance JumperDress CostumeClick below for Details

A gold fleur de lis sample decorates the satiny fabric of this historically accurate women’s jumper dresses. Stay them end your selection of chemise style and chemise color. The chemise is no included however may be purchased individually here. The white chemise gives a beautiful fresh clean contrast to both of these jumpers but you could additionally wear a gold chemise for a totally different fashion statement.

Ladies Ren Faire Avington 2-Piece Overdress Costume(Chemise Peasant Blouses no Included)

Ladies Ren Faire Pink Avington 2-PieceOverdress CostumeClick right here for Details
Ladies Ren Faire purple Avington 2-PieceOverdress CostumeClick right here for Details


Lady’s Renaissance lengthy Tapered SleeveFleur De Lis publish Dresses

Lady’s Renaissance lengthy Tapered Sleeve marine Gold Fleur De Lis print DressClick right here for Details

The Royalty and nobles that France, throughout the Renaissance, were the only ones enabled by regulation to wear apparel made from published fabrics. If the fabrics were woven through gold or silver thread or published with yellow or silver dyes, only the wealthy could wear clothes made indigenous these varieties of fabrics. Including accessories come an otherwise plain, unadorned, basic style will rise the value and rank the the woman wearing the dress.

These dresses space historically correct with back lacings because that a perfect fit and sleeves tapering come a allude below the wrist to the peak of the fingers. The complete flared skirts have an abundance of fabric but you still need ankle length crinolines to wear underneath for fullness. The printed towel is a lightweight cotton-poly blend for easy care.

Lady’s black Renaissance long Tapered Sleeve gold Fleur De Lis publish DressClick right here for Details
Lady’s White Renaissance lengthy Tapered Sleeve silver- Fleur De Lis publish DressClick below for Details
Lady’s environment-friendly Renaissance long Tapered Sleeve gold Fleur De Lis print DressClick below for Details

Medieval Renaissance Lady Arabella Costume Dress

Medieval Renaissance Lady Arabella Costume Dress
Click below for Details

A black sateen lady’s dress fashioned v a front dashboard insert that a wealthy black and gold paisley draft brocade. The panel is enhance by gold braid trim typical of the embellishments only affordable by the wealthy. This is a dress frequently worn by a royal’s hand maiden or a lady in ~ court.

We hope you have lots and lots of fun at your next costume event wearing one of these beautiful Renaissance Lady Costume Dresses. Anyone of these dresses will certainly make a great pair costumes too when paired with a Renaissance Lord’s costume from our Men’s Renaissance Royal and Noblemen Costumes page.

We hope you have actually lots and lots of funny at your following costume event wearing one of these Noble Lady in wait costume dresses. Anyone of this costumes are good for pair costumes too when paired with a men’s Renaissance Nobleman costume.

Keep in mind, there are only three really essential things to remember when looking for the rightRenaissance period Dress Costume…..

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Keep Calm, have actually Fun, and Enjoy the Hunt!

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