Personally, i think she beauty is extraordinary specifically her distinctive hazel brown eyes which I discover absolutely gorgeous and also really stands the end on she dark skin.

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Her appearance no without scrutiny though and also like a lot of women in Hollywood, La la has been the topic of plastic surgery rumors end the years. Critics claim that without the enhancements, she would look plain, boring and uninteresting.

So, I’m eager to find out if she’s unable to do under the knife and to gain your thoughts too.

Because to me, she’s a babe!

Before and also After Pictures

I go my own research and also compared as numerous photos as I could on La La’s face and also body. Pictures don’t lie, right?

Here’s mine 2 cents.

Has Lala Anthony had a nose job?


If yes sir one thing fans have actually said about Lala is that she’s good with makeup. She knows just how to to mark her ideal features — her eyes, nose and also cheekbones — v cosmetics.

She can easily upgrade her look with a noise of she magic brushes.

However, ns don’t think any kind of contouring makeup have the right to make her sleep look this slim and small, as shown in the ideal photo. She nose pointer on the left appears much more bulbous, large and round. Her nose bridge ~ above the best is lot thinner and the reminder seems upturned.

So, is this the work-related of she magic or a nose job? friend tell me.

Did La La have actually botox on her face?


Lala’s penchant for using expensive anti-aging cream and also skincare products is legendary. She spoils herself when it involves her skin care obsession and also it most likely shows because she glows on most of her photos.

Yes, her confront is smooth and also wrinkle-free yet I don’t think Lala had actually botox injections. Both before and also after photos look organic to me.

I guess having sensitive skin has actually made her an ext conscious the what she placed on her face and also dealing with psoriasis many of she life has also made she an expert.

Sure, she it seems ~ puffed up, yet that’s just the got weight.

What carry out you think?


Did Vázquez gain a boob job?


Lala has actually an amazing upper body, however I couldn’t discover anything fake.

In fact, she seem to have actually developed big boobs growing up so ns can’t see any kind of reasons for she to obtain implants. Her chest shape and also size look at all-natural to me.

What about you?

Does Lala have actually butt augmentation?


I can’t say the same about her reduced body though.

Yes, she is hot and also has an impressive curve. But unlike her organic breasts, ns think La La can have had a butt lift to form her behind.

If girlfriend look in ~ her earlier photo, she no seem to have actually the Latina butt that most Puerto Rican women have. Yet in the after ~ shot, her rear finish looks unnaturally large, round and also firm. It’s nearly Kardashian prefer (just saying).

Do you think she had an augmentation?

Final Thoughts

The star has never admitted to having any cosmetic procedures, yet her past and also present photos it seems ~ to indicate otherwise.

Although her face appears natural, ns can’t speak the same about her nose and buttock.

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Interestingly, she developed a documentary “Killer Curves: body To die For” wherein she investigated plastic surgical treatment in the black color market, v butt augmentation being among the highlighted procedures.