Lana Del Rey's go-to beauty look is arguably simply as soon recognizable as her melancholy bops. For years now, she's been viewed in hairstyles storage of years past, through equally retro makeup that provides a dramatic cat eye the key focus. In a selfie posted to Instagram on Friday, however, the 33-year-old singer looks choose a fresh-faced teenager, walking makeup-free v a low-key lob.

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Del Rey didn't encompass a inscription with the photo, which mirrors her buckled-up in a car, but there to be no shortage of comment from she fans — virtually 30,000 together of this post. In solution to seeing her glowing skin, liner-free eyes, and seemingly unstyled hair, they raved about this rarely-seen next of the star.

"You watch even more beautiful there is no makeup," one fan wrote.

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"U are so cute without makeup," echoed another. The makeup-free look was clearly appreciated indigenous the watch of comments choose "Natural beauty ideal there," while others gushed about how young she watch in the photo: "U look for this reason young!!! Bb challenge lana