La’Porsha Renae is one American singer that was a runner-up on the final season that FOX’s American Idol.

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Renae cites Tina Turner, Beyonce, Jackson, Dion, and Houston amongst her best musical influences.


She was born on respectable 1, 1993, inMcComb, Mississippi, USA.

La’Porsha an initial began singing around age 6, performing because that customers in she mother’s beauty shop and for her family.

American Idol

Renae very first auditioned to it is in on American Idol when she was 16 year old. However, she did no make the cut.

In 2015, with a rendition the Radiohead’s “Creep,” La’Porsha properly auditioned because that American Idol in tiny Rock, Arkansas.

During one interview, she said:

“American Idol is precise a dream come true.”

La’Porsha went on come say:

”It’s better than gift on any kind of of the ahead seasons since it’s the last season, friend know? people are gonna remember the last season forever.”

During the height 10, La’Porsha perform “Diamonds” through Rihanna and advanced to the top 8.

Before participating in American Idol, Renae never thought the she would have the ability to get together media attention and vast fans.

“Battles” is she debut single. It would have actually been her coronation song had actually she won American Idol. It got to number #22 top top the us R&B Digital Chart.

For the 2016 Summer Olympics,”Battles” ended up being the official song because that the us Women’s Gymnastic Team.

In a post-American Idol interview about her plans, La’Porsha stated that she would certainly be leaving Mississippi.


Getty ImagesRenae and also Trent Harmon were the last two standing ~ above the 15th season of American Idol. Trent Harmon ultimately won. At age 5, Trent developed a passion for music ~ his mother taught the to sing “Amazing Grace.”

Before American Idol, Harmon tried the end for NBC’s The Voice.

During an interview, La’Porsha said around her fans:

“My fans space so loving and also encouraging. They’re through me on great days and bad days.”

Renae continued:

”I don’t desire to come turn off as among those artist that’s not down come earth and also real. They assisted me acquire here, so I desire to take it them ~ above the journey with me.”

In 2016, ~ a push conference, as soon as asked to comment on anti-gay legislation passed in her residence state of Mississippi, La’Porsha said:

“I am one of the people who don’t yes, really agree through that lifestyle. But I do have actually a the majority of friends and also a many of world that i love dearly who room gay and also homosexual.”

Renae go on to say:

”We should simply respect each other’s differences and also opinions and also move on.”

Her comments caused a firestorm on society media. She comment to a Twitter user who asserted that she was homophobic:

”Phobia is a fear. I’m not afraid the homosexuals, nor perform I dislike them. Ns respect and also love EVERYONE.”

Another user refuted her claims that sexuality to be a choice. She responded:

kays1023 Lol currently who’s judging? U haven’t go in mine shoes, so don’t try to diagnose me…it’s no your location 2 phone call me what ns was/wasn’t.”

In a later interview, Renae said:

“I learned exactly how much of an inspiration an artist have the right to be to people.”

La’Porsha continued:

”I was very open around it because that the benefits of motivating others and also encouraging rather who room in a instance like mine to obtain out.”

Other famous artists are Nivea, Rezz, and also Case Woodard.

La’Porsha Renae – net Worth

Renae earned most of her riches from she singles and also album (Already every Ready).

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For example, her single “Battles” marketed over 7,000 in the first week that release. She also has one Instagram account through over 122,000 followers on i m sorry she can post paid posts. Therefore, La’Porsha Renae has an approximated net worth of $0.25 million.

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