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Purves D, Augustine GJ, Fitzpatrick D, et al., editors. Neuroscience. 2nd edition. Sunderland (MA): Sinauer Associates; 2001.

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A lateral view of the human brain is the best perspective from which come appreciatethe lobes of the cerebral hemisphere (Figure1.12A). Each hemisphere is conventionally divided into 4 lobes, namedfor the skeletal of the skull the overlie them: the frontal,parietal, temporal, and also occipital lobes. The frontal lobe is themost anterior, and is separated indigenous the parietal lobe by the main sulcus (Figure 1.12B). A specifically important featureof the frontal lobe is the precentral gyrus. (The prefix pre-, whenused anatomically, refers to a structure that is in front of or anterior toanother.) The cortex the the precentral gyrus is referred to as the engine cortex andcontains neurons whose axons job to the engine neurons in the brainstem andspinal cord that innervate the bones (striated) muscles. The temporal lobeextends practically as much anterior together the frontal lobe yet is inferior to it, the twolobes gift separated by the lateral (or Sylvian) fissure.The superior element of the temporal lobe consists of cortex pertained to with audition,and worse portions address highly processed intuitive information. Surprise beneaththe frontal and temporal lobes, the insula can be seen just if these 2 lobes arepulled apart or removed (Figure 1.12C). Theinsular cortex is largely came to with visceral and also autonomic function, includingtaste. The parietal lobe lies posterior come the main sulcus and superior to thelateral fissure. The postcentral gyrus, the many anterior gyrus in the parietallobe, harbors cortex the is involved with somatic (bodily) sensation; this area istherefore described as the somatic sensory cortex. The boundary between theparietal lobe and also the occipital lobe, the most posterior that the hemispheric lobes,is somewhat arbitrary (a heat from the parieto-occipital sulcus come the preoccipitalnotch). The occipital lobe, just a small part of i m sorry is evident from the lateralsurface the the brain, is primarily involved with vision. In enhancement to their rolein primary and sensory processing, every cortical lobe has characteristic cognitivefunctions. Thus, the frontal lobe is an important in planning responses come stimuli, theparietal lobe in attending come stimuli, the temporal lobe in recognizing stimuli, andthe occipital lobe in vision.

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By commitment with the publisher, this publication is accessible by the search feature, yet cannot be browsed.