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One the his 10 suitcases deserve to be seen open up on the floor behind the chairs.

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In one more image, two huge firearms space seen resting on the floor alongside ammunition and also a hammer.

Inside Paddock's hotel room were likewise a pen and also a piece of file resting top top a tiny table.

Another photo shows the door come the hotel room, barricaded through yellow police tape.

One next of the twin doors is absent and top top the floor inside the suite is another weapon.

Mr Lombardo claimed Paddock's attack was premeditated and also authorities were looking right into whether or no he had other sinister plans.

"I can't verify even if it is they room legitimate or not, what I can tell girlfriend is I'm an extremely troubled through it," the said.

"We have actually an inner investigation occurring as us speak regarding how those photographs were derived by the public."

'I remained in that same room'

When news emerged that Paddock had actually rained down bullets top top a concert group in las Vegas, Jeff Bridges establish he had been in that room before.

Mr Bridges and also his companion were guests at the hotel in January last year, and they stayed in the very same room whereby Paddock launched his attack — room 32-135.

During his stay, mr Bridges filmed the room and also the watch from the windows, which consisted of the concert venue — similar to the view Paddock had of the meet on Sunday evening.

Mr Bridges post the video on social media in the consequences of the shooting.

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Investigators room taking a harder look at the shooter's girlfriend and also what she might have known about the attack, as they shot to identify why Paddock led to the massacre.

The to be told multiple sclerosis Danley left the Philippines top top a flight to the United claims late ~ above Tuesday and also has since arrived. She was met at the airport by commonwealth agents.

The Australian commonwealth Police has been assisting the FBI with inquiries right into the woman that is a Filipino and Australian citizen. Las Vegas police say ms Danley stays a human being of interest.

They have actually been speaking with Ms Danley, who was out the nation at the moment of the shooting and in the Philippines.

Mr Lombardo claimed he to be "absolutely" confident authorities would discover out what collection off Paddock.

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Investigators room still trying to trace the $100,000 and are looking right into at least a dozen reports end the previous several mainly that stated Paddock gambled an ext than $10,000 a day.