If you experienced Lee Jong Suk 10 year ago, you can not think that him together a hot or handsome guy. In fact, the oriental actor himself has actually downplayed how he looked prior to he came to be a vast star.

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Lee has actually admitted that he tried plenty of things to improve his appearance, like tanning his really white complexion. However, he won’t say if the tried plastic surgery and his pan from only Lee Jong Suk are having actually a hard time accepting his denials.

In Korea, cosmetic improvement is usual for both celebrities and also non-famous people. Therefore the rumors continue to escalate specifically now the his illustration has adjusted so much. He looks a lot more debonaire today.

Jong Suk likewise said in an interview the he is his own worse doubter when it concerns his looks. With this type of attitude, it’s fair to conclude the he has, in ~ least, considered visiting a cosmetic surgeon because that a transformation.

Before & after ~ Photos

Let’s take a look in ~ Lee Jong Suk’s photos before and also after he became famous. This should aid us figure out what’s actual or fake around his physics changes.

Here we go!

Did Lee Jong Suk have a nose job?


Fans speculated that the oriental heartthrob obtained a nose job even prior to he gained his huge break in the present business.

In this old photo, Lee Jong Suk’s sleep looks quite flat, blunt and wide. Today, however, the korean star has a thinner and an ext refined nasal bridge. His possible new nose also has a pointier tip.

I think he may have actually undergone a procedure come shrink his typical eastern nose to his desired size and shape. The distinction here is quite apparent and challenging to deny.

Has Jong Suk had actually an eye surgery?


Most the his fans agree the he had an eye surgery because of the evident change of his larger eye shape. Lee Jong Suk’s eyes used to be little and he had single eyelids then, i beg your pardon is usual to southern Koreans.

Now, the korean actor’s eyes look bigger, wider, and brighter. His subtle double eyelids also permit him to look much more expressive on camera. Together an actor, this cosmetics augmentation will certainly actually be advantageous to his career.

So yes, ns think it’s very likely the he’s had his eye done.

Did he get a corrective jaw surgery?


Fans, however, disagree that Jong Suk had actually a jaw palliation surgery. They credit the contouring the his jawline come makeup, photoshop, or just simply knowing how he appropriately angles self in photographs.

The korean actor offered to have actually a rounder challenge shape, though, as shown in this before photo. His chiseled chin, however, can be the an outcome of load loss too.

There have actually been additionally talks among fans who suspect he had actually chin implants, therefore reshaping and also correcting his challenge contour. However, ns can’t see any kind of evidence here.


Lee Jong Suk: Then and also Now

Let’s see exactly how the medical professional Strange actor has progressed through the years. We’ll see exactly how his looks and styles have changed with fame, and possibly pick up a few other plastic surgeries follow me the way.

Childhood Days

Source: Pinterest

Little Lee Jong Suk was a cute young who experienced a vast tragedy in the family at a an extremely young age. The is the eldest of three siblings.

What a handsome-looking child!

Teenager Years

Source: Twitter

Teen Jong Suk assumed he had an ordinary-looking face.

He said in an interview once that he supplied to think there to be nothing special about his eyes and mouth, and also he identified that his teeth necessary to be improved. His nose shape was likewise less than ideal.

Who knew that would end up being one the Korea’s sexy stars today?

Year 2005

The korean star began working together a version at 15 and also while he didn’t think he had actually killer looks, he had the height for it. His high frame and also lanky file made Jongsuk a standout in fashion shows. He possessed a model body that would soon bring him to better heights.

Year 2008

Source: mydreamscapelife.blogspot.com

Aside from gracing magazine covers and walking the runway, Jong Suk likewise dabbled in piano lessons and improved his body shape with Taekwondo, follow to his biography.

Year 2010

Source: Pinterest

Jong Suk jumpstarts his TV career v “Prosecutor Princess” and also “Secret Garden.” if doing sustaining roles, the actor attracted recognition for his quirky hairstyle, however some viewers don’t actually favor his hair. Fans, however, love his electrifying eyebrows.

At this point, the actor has yet come undergo improvement to his teeth apart native the remarkable whitening.

Year 2012

Source: Facebook

Lee Jong-suk earned crate office success while certification in “R2B: return to Base,” i m sorry is loosely based on the 1986 “Top Gun.” native the us featuring the equally handsome Tom Cruise. This was likewise the year he started wearing curly hair and dyed it to brighter hair color.

His rounder challenge indicated that he has obtained weight here, however his fuller lips had fans suspecting that of gaining lip fillers. What carry out you think?

Year 2014

Source: Reddit

As his popular increased, buzz and rumors around his face surgery likewise increased. Jong Suk’s change became full-blown, v fans speculating he had eyelid surgery. His followers additionally think he had botox to smoothen his chin and contour his cheeks.

Year 2016

Photo Credit: Arena Homme+

Jong Suk’s profile shows up in a fashion magazine v a totally improved facial structure and quite the influential jawbone. He likewise glowed with his radiant white skin.

The actor credits his milky complexion to great skin care and exercise, i beg your pardon helps v his circulation. He also said the makes eco-friendly tea component of his diet, together it helps his human body detoxify.

Perhaps he gained these tips from his rumor girlfriend?

Year 2017

Source: Soompi.com

As a VIP in the oriental film scene, Jong Suk went residence with a trophy native the SBS Drama Awards. In this photo, the actor shows up as if he is wearing makeup and it’s actually not a well-kept beauty secret since most male korean superstars depend on cosmetics for their public appearances.

Notice, however, that the actor’s nose looks a lot better than before. If the rumor is true, you’d have to agree the his nose project is really good!

Year 2021


Wow! seeing Lee Jong Suk with lengthy hair is therefore refreshing. I don’t understand if I like it but it definitely made that look younger.

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More Information around Lee Jong Suk:

Real Name: Lee Jong-suk

Korean Name: 이종석

Birth Place: Suwon, south Korea

Birthday: 14th September 1989

Star Sign: Virgo

Nationality: south Korean

Race / Ethnicity: Korean

Occupation: Actor, Model, Singer

Net Worth: $50 Million

Relationship: Unknown

Children: None

Height: 1.86 m (6′ 1″)

Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)

Body Built: Slim

Natural Hair Color: Black

Natural Eye Color: Dark Brown



It’s always impressive to watch the transformation of Lee Jong Suk from an ordinary looking fellow, based upon his very own assessment, to one of Korea’s hottest male stars. Alhough he has actually been private about having cosmetics surgery, the evidence seems to it is in in the photos.