Left Handed Manual can Opener ($22) indigenous Lefty"s The Left Hand save is made come fit ~ above the left side of the can, allowing you come grab the can with your right hand and also turn with your more powerful hand. Far better yet, the opener rotates counter-clockwise, make it way easier for left-handers come operate.

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This Left Handed Manual deserve to Opener ($22) native Lefty"s The Left Hand store is made come fit ~ above the left side of the can, allowing you to grab the deserve to with your best hand and also turn with your stronger hand. Far better yet, the opener rotates counter-clockwise, make it method easier because that left-handers come operate.

Left-Handed 2-Cup Glass measure Cup ($20) native Lefty"s The Left Hand Store has actually its measurements printed so that they can be read as soon as the cup is organized in your left hand - no an ext awkward right-handed measuring!

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The Left-Handed 2-Cup Glass measuring Cup ($20) from Lefty"s The Left Hand Store has its dimensions printed so the they deserve to be read when the cup is hosted in your left hand - no more awkward right-handed measuring!

Turata Stainless stole Culinary Scissors ($15) feature an ergonomic design and nonslippery grip, do them simple to usage for both right- and left-handed chefs.

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These Supersharp, Nonslip Scissors

Orblue Pie Server ($11, initially $14) is serrated top top both edges, allowing you to conveniently serve slices the pie, frittata, quiche, and an ext from one of two people side.

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A handy Pie Server

Damascus Paring Knife ($30) is sharpened ~ above the right-hand side of the blade, which allows lefties to do a clean, straight reduced with their left hand.

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This Small-but-Mighty Paring Knife

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