4.1 The Flippers

Progress at this pointTotal LifeHeart PiecesTiger Scrolls
New in this sectionCharacters:Scratcher, Julietta, Dr. Left, Sturgeon, LibrariEnemies:Like Like, Scissors BeetleItems:A Hyrulean Bestiary, strength Bracelets, Legend the the Picori, A background of Masks, FlippersLocations:Royal Hyrule Library, market Hagen’s Cabin

With the Bow and also Arrow and Mole Mitts, as well as newly available kinstone fusions, there is plenty for us to do in the overworld. However, we are an initial going to development in the key quest and search for the next element. You deserve to use the Ocarina of Wind to warp to any type of of the Wind Crest areas that you’ve uncovered. Among the Wind Crests the is automatically uncovered is the one in Lake Hylia and that is our next destination. Play the Ocarina of Wind and warp end to Lake Hylia.

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Once friend arrive use the tree stump come shrink under to Minish size and also enter the building. The Minish inside will talk about how to enter the holy place of Droplets and mentions that the Elder Librari over at the city library once entered the Temple. As soon as you speak with this Minish below at Lake Hylia, that triggers the opened of the library in Hyrule Town. When you are still here, you can fuse red kinstones v this Minish, and also this enables for an opened in the west Wood. We’ll covering this a little bit later. For now, resize and also then use the Ocarina that Wind to warp end to Hyrule Town. If girlfriend haven’t set off the Wind comb in Hyrule Town, you’ll need to travel through foot to get there.

The Library is situated at the northwest part of Hyrule Town. The guy that was blocking the entrance is now gone, so walk ahead and also enter the library. Walk increase the stairs to get to the second floor the the library and also then leave through the door come get back outside. Usage the Cane of Pacci come flip over the jar and then shrink under to Minish size. Reenter the library through the tiny hole.



As a Minish, walk over to the man at the top-left component of the room and it will zoom in. Speak to the Minish discovered here and also you’ll find out that some of the books have been viewed of the library. Because these details books are missing, the Minish can not climb as much as Elder Librari. Leave the library and revert back to human size. Reenter the library and head back to the very first floor.


On the an initial floor that the library, speak v the librarian top top the left and also she establish you together Smith’s grandson. You’ll find out that those certain books are lengthy overdue. A Hyrulean Bestiary has actually been seen by a girl through a cat. Leave the library and also head come the blue-roofed home at the southeast corner of Hyrule Town. Get in the home to find the cat ~ above the left and a note on the right. Ezlo will suggest out the the absent book deserve to be viewed on top of the bookshelf. You deserve to read the note on the table to find that the girl is following door.

Exit the house and also enter the purple-roofed residence next door. Speak come the Julietta ~ above the left and you’ll discover that the is her book that is overdue. She speak you the you have the right to go back and gain it…but the doesn’t fix the problem. The an essential here is the fireplace discovered within this room. We’ll need to acquire some water in bespeak to put out the fire. Departure the house and walk come the river at the west end of town. Waver an north bottle and also you’ll to fill it up with some water. Go back to the house and pour the water ~ above the fireplace to placed out the fire. Shrink down utilizing the pot and then walk into the fireplace.

Back outside, walk across the wood plank and enter the blue-roofed building. Be careful of the cat together it will shot to scratch you. Walk to the top-left part of the room and climb the steps. Walk end to the book and also push it under so the it drops off of the bookshelf. Go earlier up the fireplace and return to the previous house. Resize and then finally return come the house with the publication to gain the publication titled, ‘A Hyrulean Bestiary‘.

With the an initial book in hand, go back to the library and also give it to the librarian. Speak through the librarian after return the book and she speak you the the second overdue publication is titled ‘Legend that the Picori’. This was viewed by one absentminded scholar.

This second book have the right to be found at the southwest portion of Hyrule Town. In order to in reality reach this area, you must have already talked to the dog as a Minish. If friend haven’t, you’ll have to enter Mama’s Café and also shrink down to Minish size. Cross the river utilizing the thin wooden plank and also then speak through the dog, to acquire him to begin moving. Resize and also head over to the purple-roofed structure at the southwest part of Hyrule Town. Try to go into it and the man will cite the book prior to inviting you inside.

Once you are inside, speak v Dr. Left and he’ll cite that that hasn’t viewed the lacking book for numerous days. The is sure that the is what in the house though. Departure the house and also then usage an empty bottle to scoop up some water from the river. Re-enter Dr. Left’s house and pour the water ~ above the fireplace. Exit the house and enter the carpenter’s house located just to the south. Shrink under in size by using usage the pot and also then leave the building through the small hole to the north.

You deserve to reenter Dr. Left’s house and then walk into the tiny hole at the north end of the room. The Minish found here provides you a clue on what you must do. “Cross the leg that spans the rapid flow…Through the soil of the fearsome beast…Until you with the misty falls…The treasure sleeps on the various other side the the an enig entrance there…” leave the room and also then head up with the fireplace.

Back exterior walk throughout the plank and also then get in the large yellow roofed structure through the little hole. You have the right to speak through the Minish here, but then leave the house through the tiny hole in ~ the north. Walk throughout the bridge on the right and also you’ll check out a little maze v some cats. Run best through, do the efforts to stop the cat in the process. Climb under the small vine watched here and also then get in the small cave come the ideal of the fountain.

Inside that this cave, defeat the sluggula and also then go appropriate a screen. Use the Cane the Pacci ~ above the feet to with the higher ledge and also then head up a screen. Defeat the four blue mulldozers in this room and then open up the huge treasure chest to get the power Bracelets! this items will allow you come lift and also push larger objects.

With the power bracelets in hand, let’s backtrack every the method to Dr. Left’s house at the southwest component of Hyrule Town. There are two large cabinets at the north finish of the room. Stand in between them and push the room to the left. Then push the second cabinet come the left. Now you should be able to climb the actions at the top-left part of the room and head up with the small hole.

Walk to the right side that the room and also you’ll find a Minish stand on top of a environment-friendly book. Girlfriend will need to include extra load in order come knock the book down indigenous the rafters. Walk come the bottom-left part of the screen and also clear the dust using the gust jar. Do a upright duplicate that Link and then walk earlier over come the eco-friendly book. Stand on the left the the book and that extra weight will cause the book to loss from the rafters down to the ground below.

Exit Dr. Left’s house, revert ago to human being size, and then return to the building. To walk over and pickup the second book, “Legend the the Picori“. Run ago over come the library and return the 2nd book come the librarian. Speak to the librarian to discover that the last book that is absent is “A background of Masks”. This publication was watched by market Hagen.

Mayor Hagen’s residence is situated just east of the bell found near the center of Hyrule Town. Go into the yellow-roofed building and also speak through Mayor Hagen, but unfortunately the doesn’t it seems ~ to understand too much about the absent book. There are 4 masks along the north wall that you have the right to knock under by ramming right into the wall using the Pegasus Boots. Then use the Cane that Pacci to flip end the pot and shrink down to Minish size. Climb the tiny steps in ~ the top-right part of the room and head with the feet to uncover some Minish. The Minish will tell you the the market took off for the cabin through the lake and had the book in hand. The Minish will note the Mayor’s Cabin on her map. After that return come the big pot and also resize before leaving the building.

Leave the city to the east to acquire to Lon Lon Ranch. Walk to the southeast part of the map and head east to with Lake Hylia. Continue along the path and head southern to get earlier to the Minish Woods. Walk under a bit and you’ll discover a sign in addition to a cave nearby. Use the Mole Mitts to dig inside that this cave.

Inside the this cavern use the mole mitts to discover a sweetheart chest containing a Blue Kinstone. Dig your way to the northeast edge of the area, watching the end for the like Like enemies along the way. You will view a mysterious wall at the northeast edge of the room. Fuse blue kinstones v the wall surface and this will reason a 2nd Goron to show up in the Goron Cave, helping to break the boulder the is in the way. This is part of a lengthy sidequest the we will complete afterwards in the game. Later on dig your method over to the ladder and resurface in Lake Hylia.

On the best side of the map friend can get in Mayor Hagen’s Cabin, yet we can not quite execute much simply yet. You can see the publication on optimal of the shelf, however there is no way to acquire to it simply yet. Over there is a keep in mind on the table that offers you a hint as to what you must do. Exit the cabin and just north of the cabin over there is a shiny tree that you have the right to ram right into with the Pegasus Boots. Use the tree stump that shows up to shrink down to Minish size. Go south and into the tiny path the leads to the earlier of the cabin. Usage the gust jar to get across the water and also enter the cabin.

Back inside of the house, ride across the lilypad come get across the water. Walk come the top-left part of the room and push the shelf come the right. Climb the tiny staircase and also then push the book so that it drops to the ground. After that exit the house and also watch out for the pestos this time once you overcome the water. Go back to the tree stump and also resize. Renter the cabin and also collect the 3rd book, “A history of Masks“.

Make your means all the way back to the library in Hyrule Town and also return the 3rd book to the librarian. Sturgeon will certainly come downstairs and put every the books ago on the shelf. Walk upstairs and then exit the library. Usage the stone to shrink down in size and reenter the library. Walk end to the northwest component of the room and speak to the Minish in yellow to gain 50 rupees. Rise the books and also then go into the door inside of a book to reach the Elder Librari. After pointing out that you’d choose to visit the temple of Droplets, the Elder Librari will open up a secret panel in the ground, sending link all the way down to a water area.

Push the block at the bottom-left to totally free yourself and also then head under a screen. Defeat the sluggula and then usage the gust jar to grab the mushroom and sling throughout the water. Go left a screen and also then head up through the door. There is a brand-new enemy here known together a Scissors Beetle. As soon as these opponents toss your pincers towards you, you deserve to slash away through your sword. You have the right to use your boomerang to shock them or just shot to fight them at their side or at their back. ~ they have actually been defeated open the huge treasure chest that appears to obtain the Flippers!

With the newly gained flippers, jump into the water and swim under several display screens to get back outside. Resurface on the land and also climb the small steps come get ago to the height of the library. Resize utilizing the stone and climate head through the library come get earlier outside to the main component of Hyrule Town.

At this point there are lots of side pursuits we have the right to do. If you’d like to development in the main quest, you can go straight to the holy place of Droplets. Simply head to Lake Hylia and also make your means over to wherein the element is on your map. Jump end the cracked in the ice and also shrink down to get in the temple. The temple of Droplets will be covered in section 4.3, so skip ahead if you’d choose to proceed on the key quest. Section 4.2 consists completely of optional quests.

4.2 Overworld Extras

Progress at this pointTotal LifeHeart PiecesTiger Scrolls
New in this sectionCharacters:Anju, Candy, Din, Nayru, Farore, Gorman, Bremor, Tingle, David Jr., Ankle, Knuckle, WavebladeHeart Pieces:#22, #23, #24, #25, #26, #27, #28, #29, #30, #31, #32, #33, #34Items:Quiver, magical Boomerang, Quiver UpgradeScrolls:Peril Beam

You should have actually saved up quite a bit of rupees and also if you have actually at least 600 ideal now, there are some goodies for you to pick-up in ~ the Hyrule town shop. Very first off, if you haven’t purchased the earlier, girlfriend can acquire the large bomb bag at the shop for 600 rupees. This will now enable you to lug the obnoxious lot of 50 bombs in ~ a time. Also for revenue at the price the 600 rupees is the Quiver. This will allow you to carry up come 50 arrows at a time. Clearly you can not buy both of these ago to back, but we are around to collection a grasp of rupees, therefore you’ll it is in returning here shortly.

If you are still feather for additional rupees, visiting Carlov at the southwest component of Hyrule town is a an excellent idea. You can trade in mysterious Shells in bespeak to get some much more figurines. Due to the fact that we perfect the Fortress the Winds, there are a handful of added figurines now available. I recommend just trading in one shell at a time at this allude in the game, and also just taking the 5 extra rupees because that each duplicate figurine friend get. There are still some much more figurines that us cannot also get yet, so over there is no usage wasting all her mysterious shells just yet, but also, friend don’t want to reach the best of 999 secret shells either.

Now that we have actually the flippers, we have the right to finally finish the Cucco mini-game at the southeast component of Hyrule Town. Speak with Anju the cucco lady here and also you’ll uncover that few of her Cuccos are loosened around town. She will ask you come return a variety of cuccos in a collection amount of time. There are much more cuccos in Hyrule Town than you actually need, so over there are alternatives as to which cuccos you have to bring. However, in order to victory the last prize, friend will require to have actually the Pegasus Boots and Flippers to move approximately town quickly.

Link will get a reward each time the gathers the cuccos prior to the time expires. Furthermore, link will obtain 10 rupees for every white cucco he returns and 50 rupees for every golden cucco. You deserve to actually collect an ext cuccos than room asked of you come get an ext rupees every round. You have the right to see a chart of every the data below. It’s a funny mini-game yet the later on portions the it deserve to be rather annoying. Once using the Pegasus Boots, I’d highly recommend not having the knife equipped in ~ the very same time, as you can strike the cucco and also scare the off. As soon as tossing the cuccos from directly to the left that Anju, the cucco might find its method into the pen.

2 Cuccos in 25 seconds – 10 secret Shells3 Cuccos in 25 seconds – 10 secret Shells4 Cuccos in 30 secs – 20 secret Shells5 Cuccos in 45 secs – 20 mysterious Shells5 Cuccos in 50 secs – 30 secret Shells5 Cuccos in 45 secs – 30 secret Shells6 Cuccos in 50 seconds – Red Kinstone7 Cuccos in 60 secs – Red Kinstone2 Cuccos in 55 secs – Red Kinstone3 Cuccos in 55 secs – item of love #21

After perfect the cucco-game, friend should have actually well over the 600-rupee mark, so walk ahead and re-enter the shop and purchase the Quiver Upgrade. If friend don’t have the rupees, you deserve to still pat the cucco game and it will simply repeat the three cuccos in 55 seconds map over and also over. Our next destination is right close to the center of town, just south that the Mayor’s house and north of the bakery. There is a sign saying ‘under construction’, along with a strange wall. Use the Mole Mitts come dig into the wall and enter the cave.

Use the mole mitts to dig your means through this cave. There room three yellow treasure chests found here, every containing red kinstones. Open all three treasure chests and then head down the staircase at the end of the tunnel. Open another treasure chest below to 100 rupees. Top top the right side, press the boulder come the best so that it drops into the hole in the ground. This will cause a later quest in the game, but it is a good idea to gain it the end of the means now. Afterwards head earlier through the previous cave and resurface earlier in Hyrule Town.

One the the girls in city is called Candy and you’ll have the ability to fuse blue kinstones with her. She could be exterior of the treasure game shop the is now open, which is the yellow-roofed building just to the east of the center of town. Alternatively, you might find she in the inn at the east part of town. Fuse blue kinstones with her and also this will reason a little piece of soil to show up in the Trilby Highlands, enabling you to access a cavern nearby. We will be checking this cavern out in a bit.

At the east end that Hyrule Town, enter the huge yellow-roofed building from the enntrance gate on the 2nd floor. Within you will find three women, Din, Nayru, and also Farore. Fuse red kinstones v Farore ~ above the appropriate side and this will reason Gorman to show up in Hyrule Town. The walks by the empty home at the bottom-right part of town and also decides the he have the right to rent out his residence for some extra case.

Run over and speak through Gorman and also mention the you recognize somebody who desires to rent the place. Return to the inn and also you have the right to speak with any type of of the 3 girls and whichever one you choose, that girl will certainly move into Gorman’s house. That doesn’t issue which one friend choose, back whichever one you perform pick, you’ll be able to get a short-term bottled item indigenous them. After that in the quest, you’ll be able to get more permanent items from them through kinstone fusions.

After renting the end the very first house to among the Girls, Gorman deserve to then be uncovered at the west finish of Hyrule Town, whereby he plan to develop a home right where there is a tiny Minish size house. Simply to the phibìc of Gorman near the short article Office, girlfriend will find Bremor, one of the carpenters. Fuse red kinstones through him and also the head carpenter will suddenly feel motivated. The carpenter feels he can build a good-sized house in a matter of minutes.

This root cause the beginning of a brand-new house being developed at the west section of Hyrule Town. Enter a arbitrarily building and then leave to find that component of the brand-new house has already been built. As soon as again enter and then departure a building and you’ll discover that the home is currently complete! Speak through Gorman and he is when again looking come rent the end the house. Run over to among the two remaining girls end at the inn, and offer the home to them.

Located close to the facility of town, just south of the boots store, you will discover a green-roofed structure with a monster on top. Enter the building and also you’ll be able to play Simon’s Simulations. Attach will fall sleep in the bed and will dream the fighting monsters. Pay the 10 rupees to play and also you’ll be required to a generic looking room filled v enemies. Defeat the Keatons, leevers, and beetles the appear and also then open the treasure chest to obtain Piece of love #22. You have the right to play the game multiple times to obtain rupee and kinstone rewards, but it is much harder the 2nd time around.

Earlier this chapter once we got the power Bracelet, we saw a piece of love that we couldn’t rather reach. Now that we have actually the flippers, we will have the ability to get this goody. Go to the Carpenters house at the southwest part of town and also shrink down in size. Departure through the entirety to the north and also then get in the building ahead. Departure through the fireplace and also then head v the yellow-roofed building once again. Follow the exact same path, avoiding the cats, and enter the small hole close to the fountain. Within the cave, just swim throughout the water to the left and also pickup item of love #23.

You should have actually plenty of green kinstones in her kinstone bag in ~ this point, so now is a an excellent time to finish Tingle’s sidequest for the wonder Boomerang. Walk to south Hyrule Field and also just eastern of her house, girlfriend will find a guy dressed in eco-friendly on the greater ledge. Use the Cane the Pacci to reach this greater ledge and fuse green kinstones with Tingle. This will cause one the the four trees in north Hyrule ar to expose a an enig entrance. It’s crucial to simply talk to Tingle normally, together this will cause his three brothers to appear in other parts of Hyrule. There are 4 trees in full here and there are four members the the Tingle Family.

Play her Ocarina of Wind and also warp end to Lake Hylia. Jump turn off the ledge and also cross the bridge to the north. Walk to the right and you will uncover David Jr. To walk on over to him and fuse environment-friendly kinstones with him, causing a 2nd tree in north Hyrule ar to expose a an enig entrance. Note, over there are various other goodies for us to acquire here in Lake Hylia, yet we will certainly be acquiring them a little bit later.

The next Tingle brother can be found just to the west in Lon Lon Ranch. At the northwest part of the cow pasture, over there is a cave found here. Enter it and duplicate link to be able to push the block. Climb the ladder here and also fuse eco-friendly kinstones v Ankle, leading to a third tree in north Hyrule ar to disclose a mystery entrance.

The last Tingle brother deserve to be discovered in the Trilby Highland. Departure Hyrule city to the west and also at the northwest portion of this screen, girlfriend will discover a little cave that you should use the Mole Mitts to destruction into. Dig v the dust on the inside and also you’ll find two sweetheart chests comprise Blue Kinstones.

Also within this cave, over there is an additional mysterious wall surface that we can fuse blue kinstones with. Fuse kinstones v the wall just to the ideal of the ladder and this will certainly cause an additional Goron to show up in the Goron cave. This is part of a long Goron sidequest to get a pair of goodies and we will be detect a few more of this mysterious walls after that in this chapter. Afterwards, rise the ladder to leave the cave.

Knuckle will be uncovered here so walk ahead and fuse environment-friendly kinstones with him, causing the fourth tree in phibìc Hyrule ar to disclose a mystery entrance. There is one optional tiny Minish home in this area and also you deserve to use the tree stump to reach it. However, it just has an plain Minish the you can fuse a arbitrarily kinstone with.

If you fused kinstones v Candy in Hyrule town as declared earlier in this section, you will be may be to accessibility the cavern just southeast of where Knuckle is. Jump into the water and also then climb onto the land the is in former of the cave. Usage the mole mitts come dig into the cave and also inside you will uncover a treasure chest comprise a Red Kinstone. If you dig deeper with this cave, you have the right to climb under a ladder to discover a fairy fountain.

Now that all four trees in north Hyrule ar have been opened up up, let’s head on over. Every entrance has actually a treasure and a switch. 3 of the treasure chests contain Red Kinstones and the 4th one has 200 mysterious shells. After you step on all 4 switches in the four secret entrances, a ladder will show up in the center of this huge room. Walk back outside and in between these four trees, climb down the ladder that has actually appeared. Open up the large treasure chest to obtain the magical Boomerang! This boomerang works much like the magical boomerang walk in Oracle the Seasons. As soon as you toss the boomerang, you deserve to hold under the button and using the directional pad to reason the boomerang to revolve as you’d like. It’s a quite item come have, however it is fully optional and doesn’t have too many practical supplies over the traditional boomerang.

With the Mole Mitts and also Flippers, there are lots of goodies and also lingering pieces of heart in the overworld the we can now get. Use the Ocarina that Wind to fly on over to mountain Crenel. We desire to make our way back end to Grayblade’s Dojo. Climb up the wall surfaces along the eastern end of mount Crenel and also then get in the cave. Fuse red kinstones through Grayblade and also this will reason a secret to open up within the waterfall at Castor Wilds. We will be discovering this goody in simply a bit.

Afterwards, we want to do our method over come the Crenel wall surface at the northwest part of the mountain. Climb the wall to with the much northwest part of the overworld map. Climb down the ladder come the left and use the mole mitts come dig right into the cave.

Dig your way through much of the cave and also you will uncover Piece of love #24 in ~ the top-left section of the cave. Additionally, if you destruction your means all the way to the top-right portion of the cave, there is a mysterious wall that we deserve to fuse kinstones with. Carry out this and another Goron will sign up with the group in the Goron cavern at Lon Lon Ranch.

Play the Ocarina of Wind and warp on end to the Minish Woods. Usage the tree stump come shrink under to Minish size and also enter Minish Village. Enter the main component of Minish village and do your method to the blue residence at the west component of the town. There is a Minish in this house and you have the right to fuse environment-friendly Kinstones with him. Doing therefore will cause a lilypad to show up in Castor Wilds. Leaving the house and then re-enter, permitting you to fuse Kinstones v this Minish a second time. Repeat this a third time, and also after fusing Kinstones three times with this certain Minish, three different lilypads will certainly now show up in Castor Wilds.

Exit Minish village and make your method back to the Tree Stump. Walk across the bridge to the left and also then head up to uncover three little caves. The cave on the left leads to a red kinstone and Piece of heart #25. The cave in the middle has a Blue Kinstone and also the cavern on the right additionally contains a Blue Kinstone.

Exit the Minish Woods in ~ the southwest corner of the area to get earlier to the eastern Hills. Use the mushroom come launch yourself across the gap and also then shrink down in size using the tree stump. Get in the Minish sized residence here and also fuse blue kinstones through the woodland Minish. This will cause a beanstalk to show up just come the north here in the east Hills. Make your method over come the beanstalk and climb it to uncover tons the goodies. Run over and grab piece of love #26. Open up the two treasure chests to obtain 200 rupees and 200 secret shells.

Make your means to the north area that the eastern Hills, near Eenie and also Meanie’s garden. In ~ the garden itself, there is just one of those weird walls, so usage the mole mitts to dig inside. There are two red rupees in this area, yet be cautious as a rupee like deserve to be found underneath one of them. In ~ the top-right portion of this cave, fuse blue kinstones v the mysterious wall surface and this will certainly cause an additional goron to appear within the Goron cave in Lon Lon Ranch. There is only one an ext goron to find, yet unfortunately us cannot perform that until much later in the quest.

Play her Ocarina that Wind and also warp on over to Castor Wilds. Near the facility of the area, you will certainly find an additional one the those dirt wall surfaces that you deserve to use your Mole Mitts to dig into. Inside below you will discover two endowment chests, one comprise 50 secret shells and also the other containing a Red Kinstone.

The far better prize in Castor Wilds is in ~ the northeast edge of the area. Run across the swamp and also swim throughout the little pond the water to find a cave. Push the block in ~ the top-right edge to the left, and also then press the block third from the peak to the left. Push the middle block up and then pickup piece of love #27.

Since we fused kinstones with Grayblade on mountain Crenel, there is now a an enig passage in ~ the waterfall. Swim within the passage and also you will find Scarblade’s Dojo. Scarblade will certainly teach you just how to more quickly unleash her Spin Attack. Over there isn’t lot to this and also it is simply as it sounds. You deserve to now fee the great Spin Attack, yet honestly, i think it provides very small difference.

Use the Pegasus Boots come dash end to the Tree Stump situated at the northwest corner of the area. Shrink under to Minish Size and then usage the Lilypad just north of the Tree Stump to with a hole in the ground. Drop down and open the endowment chest to acquire a Blue Kinstone.

Return to the Tree Stump and also this time drive the Lilypad down across the swamp and also drop down one more hole. Open this sweetheart chest to obtain a Red Kinstone and then climb ago up the ladder. Walk v the tiny hole and also at the southeast edge of this soil area, you’ll find another lilypad. Ride that to an additional hole that consists of Red Kinstone.

Ride the lilypad ago to the west part of Castor Wilds. Over there is small hole that Minish connect can walk through on the ideal side the this area. Walk through and also this will provide Link accessibility to much of Castor Wilds together a Minish. Do your means to the southeast edge of Castor Wilds and jump right into the water. Swim into the little Minish dimension hole found here.

Inside the cave, open up the endowment chest top top the left to acquire a Red Kinstone. Then walk up the 2nd path native the right and also head increase a screen. Loss the two Scissor Beetles uncovered here and also then press the blocks on the left side to obtain through. Then defeat part Blue Mulldozers and push the center blocks to reach piece of love #28. Leave the cave and return come the Tree Stump so you can revert earlier to common size.

Next, operation to the southwest edge of Castor Wilds and also then head south to the Wind Ruins. Do your way through this an initial area and also shrink down at the tree stump. Drop down the hole simply to the north and also fuse red kinstones through the Minish uncovered in this room. This will cause a beanstalk to appear just come the east here in the Wind Ruins.

Exit the cave and make your way passed the next couple of screens till you reach the beanstalk. Rise up the beanstalk and also open the sweetheart chest to obtain a Quiver upgrade! If you acquired the previous upgrade, you will now be able to hold the obnoxious variety of 70 arrows! to trust me, you’ll never should use the many.

Use the Ocarina that Wind and warp end to south Hyrule Field. Because we have actually completed the Tingle quest, we’ll now be able to fuse kinstones through Tingle as soon as again. This time the is a red kinstone and also it will reason a golden Tektite to show up on mount Crenel. You deserve to defeat this golden enemy at any point if you’d like and also your reward will certainly be 200 rupees.

Run over to the southwest edge of south Hyrule Field and also dash right into the lone tree to expose a tree stump. Shrink down in size and also then go into the tiny building come the north. You deserve to fuse red kinstones v the Minish discovered here and this will cause Syrup in the Minish Woods to construct a more powerful potion.

As a Minish at the southwest part of the south Hyrule Field, jump off the ledge to the right and land in the water. Swimming northward and also then eastward and also you will uncover a tiny minish size hole. Get in it and collect piece of love #29 that is waiting for you. Swim earlier through the water, climb the vines on the appropriate side of the bridge, and also resize using the tree stump.

Our next location is over at the western Woods. Walk come the much south area of the woods and you will find a tree stump. Shrink under in size and then fuse blue kinstones v the Minish the is in the tiny building just to the north. A huge beanstalk will show up just to the west, so revert to continuous size and then climb up it. This beanstalk has a red kinstone and a full of 320 rupees.

At the really beginning of this chapter us fused red kinstones with a Minish in Lake Hylia. If you didn’t, you have the right to use the Ocarina that Wind come warp over to Lake Hylia, shrink under in size, and enter the Minish-sized building. Fusing red kinstones with this Minish causes a tree ~ above the pathway in the direction of Castor Wilds to open up. Get in this tree in the west Woods and you will discover Piece of love #30!

Make your means over to north Hyrule Field and also then head come the northeast corner of the area. If girlfriend haven’t already, blowup the boulders using some bombs and also then head east to enter the Veil Falls. If you concerned this area earlier, you most likely noticed the piece of Heart just to the right. Now that we have actually the flippers you deserve to jump into the water and also collect item of heart #31.

There are some other goodies for us here in the Veil Falls, yet they are at the east end that the area. Return to Lon Lon Ranch and use Cane the Pacci top top the hole at the northwest part of the area to reach the greater ledge. Walk up a display to get ago to the Veil Falls and also swim on over to the northeast portion of this area. Watch the end for the rupee likes as you collect loads of rupees found here. Use the mole mitts to dig right into the cave. The electrical blue chuchu have the right to be fairly damaging here, however just use the boomerang to stun him, and also then loss him through your sword. Destruction your method through the cavern to discover two endowment chests, one containing 50 rupees and also the other containing 50 mysterious shells.

With the flippers in hand over there are numerous pieces of heart to collection in the Lake Hylia region. Use the Ocarina to fly on over to the Wind comb Lake Hylia. Run over come the north finish of the area whereby we formerly were at Stockwell’s holidays House. That is the red roofed structure found here and also there is a small pond simply to the left. Jump right into the pond and also dive underwater to find Piece of love #32!

We can now accessibility much of the lake because we have actually the flippers. There is a piece of heart right when you acquire into the water on the right, yet we can not quite get it yet. Swim come the bottom-right portion of the Lake come get ago to market Hagen’s Lakeside Cabin. Swim simply to the west the the cabin and also you will find Piece of love #33 wait for girlfriend on a ledge.

Return to market Hagen’s Lakeside Cabin in ~ the southeast component of Lake Hylia and use the adjacent tree stump come shrink down in size. Simply southwest of the cabin, girlfriend will find a little hole, therefore head on v to discover yourself earlier at the Minish Woods. Walk about the area and also then go into the small cave in ~ the north-east component of the Minish Woods.

Very carefully make your means across the ice and also defeat the sluggulas that loss from the ceiling. The is a fairly simplistic cave, v there being only two rooms. Open up the sweetheart chest at the finish of the cavern to get a Red Kinstone. After that exit the cave and also resize all the method back in ~ the tree stump by market Hagen’s Lakeside Cabin.

Swim straight to the west of the tree stump and also you’ll uncover an area wherein you can resurface and also climb part steps. In ~ the northwest part of this area over there is a little boulder you deserve to push, do it less complicated to navigate v the Lake Hylia region. Afterwards we desire to go into the adjacent tree to find another dojo.

Immediately pickup piece of love #34 the is waiting for you best here. The grasp swordsman found here is recognized as Waveblade. In order because that him come teach friend this surprise skill, girlfriend must first have gained at the very least 10 full heart containers. Meaning, you need to have gained at the very least 16 pieces of heart, otherwise you’ll need to return here later. Waveblade will teach you the danger Beam. This attack allows Link to shoot a knife beam once he swipes his sword, but the danger Beam deserve to only be supplied if connect is under to his last heart. In its entirety it is a good attack, however hopefully one you don’t really must use.

It’s lastly time to go into the temple of Droplets. The temple is located almost right in the facility of Lake Hylia, just to the east of the Wind Crest. Over there is one ice structure with a feet in the facility of it. Run onto the structure and also shrink down in size to enter the holy place of Droplets.

4.3 temple of Droplets

Progress at this pointTotal LifeHeart PiecesTiger Scrolls
New in this sectionEnemies:Spiked Roller, Blade trap (Green), Blue ChuChu, Winder, gigantic OctorokItems:Big Key, Dungeon Map, Compass, flame Lantern, Water Element, love ContainerLocations:Temple the Droplets

Once you arrive at the holy place of Droplets, climb under the stairs and also you’ll discover that the soil is solid ice. In general this entire dungeon is filled v ice, so you’ll need to be careful. Push the ice blocks top top either next of the room and then head up with the door.

Watch out for the paris pots and continue come the appropriate a screen. Loss the red mulldozers and also head down the staircase. Push the bar to the left and this will open up the ceiling, enabling sunlight come shine through. Climb earlier up the stairs and fall under the hole in the facility of the room. Press the ice block down and to the best so the it slides in ~ the sun. The block the ice will melt, so go ahead and also pickup the little key. Push the block out of the method and head ago up the staircase.

Walk to the left a screen and also use the small an essential on the locked door. Loss the blue mulldozers and also then loss down the hole. There room three ice blocks top top the much right section of the room. First, push the optimal ice block to the left. Then press the bottom ice block to the left, down, and then come the left again. Ultimately push the ice block with the crucial left, up, left, down, left, up, and right. This will cause the ice cream block come melt, so operation over and pickup the large Key. Push the bar to near the ceiling and then head ago up the stairs.

With the ceiling closed, you have the right to walk across the gap. Walk come the ideal a screen and also then under a display screen to get earlier to the beginning room that the dungeon. Usage the big vital on the huge door in ~ the south end of the room.

Right when you to walk southward a bit, girlfriend will uncover the aspect that you room looking for, yet unfortunately the is hidden within the ice. Walk to the southwest component of the room and also head left with the door. Walk under a screen and also collect the rupees that room in the doorway. Proceed downward and also open the endowment chest to acquire the Dungeon Map. Afterwards, head ago up a screen.

Wait until the Spiked Roller is in ~ the top part of the water and also then jump in. Dive underneath the water and also swim upward, to avoid the spikes. Swim come the left a screen and also dive into the waterfall to collect part rupees. Rise the steps here and also head appropriate a screen.

Defeat the paris pestos and head down a screen. Use the gust jar come grab onto the mushroom and fling yourself throughout to the best side the the room. Step on the switch to reason the barriers in the water come disappear. Swim into the water and also jump down the waterfall.

Swim throughout the water and dive under the spiked roller the is in your path. Action on the switch on the left next of the room to reason some much more barriers come fall. There is a stone block right here that you have the right to read and also it gives you a hint that there is a mystery in the bottom that the pot. Swim to the right a screen and you’ll see a pot-like framework in the center of the water. Swim come the facility of it and also dive underneath to find a small key! after collecting the key, backtrack left a screen.

Swim back throughout the spikes and also climb the wall surface on the left side of the room come get back up come the higher floor. Push the block out of the method and head up a screen. Usage the small crucial you gained on the locked door come the left. Walk under a screen and also step top top the switch here to lower the barrier. Jump into the water and also stand on top of the lilypad.

Use the gust jar while on the lilypad and also head up a screen, ideal a screen, and also down a screen. If on the lilypad, usage the gust jar come send that falling under the bigger waterfall. You require to acquire the lilypad beyond the rolling spike in this area. Use the gust jug to relocate the lilypad downward, however when the spike come near, jump right into the water so that you aren’t harmed. Gradually move the lilypad downward, if diving under the water to avoid the spikes. Proceed on the lilypad and also head best a screen.

Continue follow me the lilypad come the right side of the screen and step on the floor switch to reason the barriers to fall. Jump ago on the lilypad and ride that eastward. Right here you will find an additional madderpillar, the very same mini-boss from the Deepwood Shrine. The difference is this time the fight is ~ above ice. Loss the adversary the same means you did before by slashing in ~ its nose and also then the tail. After beating madderpillar, head up through the door that opens. Open the treasure chest here to acquire the Compass!

After obtaining the compass, head earlier down a screen, jump on the lilypad, and also continue to the left a screen. This time take the water pathway northward. Ride the lilypad northward and also step top top the switch the is top top the ice. This will lower the barrier, allowing you move more along in ~ this room. Proceed moving along the rather direct waterway until you reach another barrier on the left side of the room.

There room a collection of blocks simply to the best of the barrier. Prior to even taking care of them, i suggest beating the pestos and also mulldozers prior to dealing through the blocks. Also, there is a endowment chest just to the phibìc that includes 50 rupees. There are 6 ice blocks in this area, and also we want to push among them therefore it stop on the floor switch. It’s in reality rather basic as us only should push one block. Walk over to the block the is at the top section of the six-block arrangement. Push the top-most block down, to the right, down, left, and also then up so the it soil on the floor switch. Jump earlier on the lilypad and ride it come the northeast corner of the room. Acquire off the lilypad and head with the door.

This room becomes dark automatically when you enter it. You want to very closely make your method to the top-part that the room and also head through the doorway found here. The room will certainly light back up and there room a few sluggula discovered here. Loss them and then head up the staircase to gain to the floor above.

Here you will tackle three scissor beetles. You desire to defeat them simply as friend did before, and I’d recommend utilizing the boomerang to shock them, making it a tadbit easier. After defeating them a blue warp tile will certainly appear, allowing for quicker access to the dungeon entrance.

After beating the mini-boss, head under a screen and also left a screen. There is a bigger lever uncovered right here, yet it is too big for you to press alone. Use the tiles listed below to duplicate Link and also then push the lever. Sun will come through the ceiling, melt the little nearby ice block. Jump turn off the ledge and also then head right through the door in ~ the southeast component of the room.

Walk increase a screen and also open the treasure chest here to acquire a Blue Kinstone piece. Continue right a screen and also carefully make your means across the ice. Loss the pestos and then open up the sweetheart chest top top the left to get an additional Blue Kinstone. On the best side the the room, carefully make your method between the space of the eco-friendly Blade Traps. There room some pots top top the pathway come the right, as soon as of which has actually a green Kinstone underneath. Afterwards, make your method to the south section of the room and head left.

Walk up a screen and then head under the staircase to gain the floor below. Go down the surrounding staircase to acquire to the lowest floor the the dungeon. Push the lever and also then climb back up the staircase. Walk throughout to the south finish of the room and push this lever, bring about sun come shine down. Once again go back to the bottom floor and also pull the bar back, this time allowing sun to with the treasure chest. Open it up to get a small key. Climb earlier up 2 sets of stairs and then head down a screen. Use the small vital on the locked door and also head through to take it on an additional dungeon mini-boss.

The obstacle will close behind you and also all you’ll discover in this room is a lever versus the southern wall. Press it and a enormous Blue ChuChu will autumn from the ceiling. The boss battle is identical to the eco-friendly chuchu fight from the Deepwood Shrine. The only difference is this is a blue chuchu, which has an electrical charge to it. Simply use the gust jar come suck in the basic of the chuchu, and it will eventually fall over. Cut away through your sword till the chuchu gets earlier up. Repeat this same procedure until the chuchu has been defeated.

Once the blu chuchu is done away with, open the sweetheart to gain the fire Lantern. This item have the right to be offered to irradiate up dark rooms or additionally to melt part blocks of ice. Walk earlier up a screen and also use the flame lantern top top the block of ice to the left. Melt them and then head under the staircase.

Melt the nearby treasure chest and also open the to gain 100 rupees. Melt the blocks and also then head best a screen. This room is dark and likewise has three an ext scissor beetles. You have the right to temporarily light the torches in this room utilizing the fire lantern if you’d like, however you’ll have to defeat the three enemies. Remove them however means you’d like and then head right through the door that opens.

Walk to the southeast corner of this dark room and also light the torch with the fire lantern. This will reason a nearby block to disappear. Walk about this maze like area to reach a treasure chest comprise a Red Kinstone. Over there is a 2nd torch that demands to it is in lit near the facility of the room and also this will cause an additional block come disappear. At the west end of this room, friend will discover a crumbling wall. Use a bomb to blow it up and also then head left a screen.

Defeat all the mulldozers that are uncovered here and also grab the small vital that falls from the ceiling. Return to the vault room and also make your method to the northeast edge of the room. Open the treasure chest to uncover a Red Kinstone. Nearby, light an additional torch, bring about a block come disappear. Do your means through the rest of the maze and also open a treasure chest to get one more Red Kinstone. Irradiate the last torch and also then use the small an essential on the locked door.

Quickly rush through this room, do the efforts to avoid the foe Winder that is in here. If you touch this enemy, you will be collection on fire because that a period of time and won’t have the ability to progress. Walk to the left a screen and also avoid the adversary pestos. Carefully walk throughout the ice and head up a screen.

Walk up v the passage and you’ll uncover some rupees here. Rotate to the left with this blind hallway and you’ll appear at the northeast part of the room. Go through the door come the west to discover a room with numerous blocks. Girlfriend will need to repeatedly make duplicates of attach to push the blocks the end of the way. An initial things first, push the big block at the top section of the room to the left. Then press the block top top the ideal side the the room downward. Usage the tiles top top the left side and push the left block down simply one square. Currently make a upright duplicate of Link and also push the top-block the end of the way. Through the route clear, head up a screen.

Once you enter this room, press the nearby ice block to the left. On the left side of the room, push the various other ice block down and to the left, so the slides on the bottom the the 3 switches. There space two other switches here, and also you’ll need to use the copied tiles ~ above the appropriate side of the room to step on these. I uncover it simplest to first step top top the top-most tile, and duplicate link with the one 2nd from the bottom. Now very closely make your way through the blocks and also step ~ above the switches at the left finish of the room. It most likely will take you a few tries, but after properly doing it, head down with the door that opens.

In this room over there are five blocks and also the one in ~ the top-right is out of position. Just push it up a square and head left with the door the opens. Melt the ice block in this room and then usage the tiles come vertically duplicate Link. Push the big block in the center of the room come the appropriate to clean the path. Rise the steps and also head left a screen.

There room nine torches in this room and you need to light all of them with the flame lantern to open up the door. However, you have to do it conveniently or rather the torches will go out. It’s ideal to go in right lines, law a complete row or pillar at a time. Once all ripe torches have been lit, head left v the door that opens.

Dive underneath the rolling spikes and also make your means southward in this room. Defeat or protect against the scissor beetles and then head best a screen. Step on the floor move in the edge of the room, causing a red warp tile to appear. Defeat the enemies if you’d like and also break the pots in the room. If the isn’t apparent enough, the massive arrowhead on the floor points come the wall to the north. Bomb the wall surface and head up a screen.

This room has two madderpillars, but luckily there is no ice cream to transaction with. Store the fire lantern fitted so that you deserve to see wherein you room going. Loss the madderpillars using acquainted methods and then head right a screen. Continue northward come the surrounding room. Run across the ice and also head increase the staircase.

Once you arrive earlier on this floor head under a screen and also right a screen to get ago to the huge room the holds the element. When again duplicate Link and pull the lever, leading to even much more sunlight come shine through, this time melt the large ice block in the process. This will also melt the large octorok the is nearby and the foe will suck in the element. The octorok then backs down to the room below.

If you’d like, you deserve to head southern to challenge off through the dungeon boss, the huge octorok. However, there room two continuing to be treasure chests for united state to collection in the dungeon. The easiest way to gain to castle is by heading north to the dungeon entrance, and then stepping into the blue warp portal. Walk under the stairs in ~ the north end of the room and then head under a screen.

Use the lantern to irradiate up this dark room and head left a display screen to get earlier to this huge room. The lilypad have to be right here still. Use the lilypad and make your way over come the west finish of the room. Drive the lilypad westward and also you’ll find a frozen sweetheart chest. Melt it and also open the to acquire a Red Kinstone. In the previous big room, over there is one more frozen sweetheart chests on the big ice platform. Melt it and open it up to get 100 secret Shells. Now return come the room v the blue warp tile and get ago to the dungeon entrance. Walk south two rooms to reach the ceo room through the large Octorok.

The first phase of the battle with the large octorok has the large creature shooting boulders the end of the mouth. These boulders deserve to harm link by hitting that directly, or if they fight the wall, they’ll rest into tiny pieces that stay on the ground and can ache Link. What you desire to do is simply stand best in former of the octorok’s mouth and when that shoots a boulder, cut at it through your sword, sending out the boulder ago at the boss. Deflect three boulders earlier at the octorok to complete this phase.

The octorok will currently freeze itself, frozen the ground, and also the flower on its back will dried out. During this step the big octorok will certainly breathe the end ice in the direction of Link, trying to frozen him. Easily keep running approximately the octorok to prevent the attack. You should use the flame Lantern come burn the dried increase flower top top the Octorok’s back. This will reason the octorok come run into the wall surface and block will loss from the ceiling.

The octorok and the floor below will thaw, and also this cause the next phase the the battle. This is quite comparable to the early phase, other than the huge octorok won’t simply shoot boulders from his house. Instead, the octorok will also shot to suck you right into its mouth and then spit you back out, act some damage in the process. You when again need to deflect three boulders ago at the octorok, and successfully doing therefore will once again freeze the ground and also the octorok itself. This step of the fight is similar to the previous one and also you’ll must light the dried up flower on fire. This is a tad little more daunting as the octorok will spin approximately a bit faster, yet it shouldn’t provide you too lot of a problem.

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After the octorok has thawed a 2nd time, this will cause the final phase the the battle. It’s the same to the previous s phase, except the big octorok will occasional develop a smokescreen. If the does so, you’ll need to use her flame lantern in order come see. Various other than that, the battle is identical, so simply run around and when you have actually the opportunity, deflect three boulders in ~ the big octorok to loss him.

After defeating the big octorok, the Water element will float down right into your hands. Grab the full Heart Container the is left because that you and then step right into the environment-friendly portal come warp earlier to the enntrance gate of the holy place of Droplets. Step right into the sunlight above to get ago outside come Lake Hylia.