August 2017 to be a big deal for you, Leo. Not just was it her birthday season, yet the “Great American Eclipse” on respectable 21 produced massive shifts within her interpersonal relationships. Many of your most karmic tandem were changed forever: While part deepened, others to be dissolved.

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Leo is a fixed sign, and also celestial lions are not an excellent at letting go. The January 31 total lunar eclipse in Leo may prove come reopen some old wounds, reminding friend of the transitions (both joyful and also painful) that occurred last summer.

As you’re reflecting on these transformations, Leo babe, don’t forget your remarkable courage. In tarot, Leo is symbolized through the “strength” card, which represents physical, mental, and emotional fortitude. You will certainly be bonus for her audacity ~ above February 15: That’s as soon as a partial solar eclipse in her opposite sign, Aquarius, vividly illuminates her seventh residence of significant partnerships. Though the road to self-realization might be rocky, this mid-month eclipse will serve as an auspicious reminder the your journey is not solitary. Nothing hesitate to take on your trusted support system during this time.

The Pisces constellation highlights your elusive eighth house, the dark, mysterious area of your chart linked with death, sex, and also regeneration. This transit is a little uncomfortable for fiery lions, who prefer basking in the sunlight to brooding in the shadows, however resourceful Leos can always rotate lemons into lemonade. (A fast spritz the Fresh’s sugar Lemon Eau de Parfum will likewise do the trick). As soon as Venus moves into Pisces ~ above February 10, your relationship will become increasingly soulful. Quite than focus on drama, celebrate the beauty, beauty of distinctive souls intertwining. For the next few weeks, you will do it be interested in cultivating cosmic relationships that are developed on loyalty, support, and unconditional love.

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Mercury and also the sun sign up with Venus in Pisces top top February 17 and 18, respectively. With a concentrated energy in her eighth house, this is fantastic time come assess her inheritance, closely delineating what you desire to case as your own from what belongs come others. For those of united state who are not heirs to a fortune, this transit is all around spiritual legacies. It is right, cosmic warriors, money no the only thing happen down v generations: Knowledge and also humor, as well as fears and also insecurities, can additionally betransfer . Throughout Pisces season, be responsibility of any kind of toxicity you’ve inherited and proactively work on publication it. Some burdens seem unavoidable until you decision to permit them go. Remember, Leo, you were born come shine.

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