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An LG washer in great working condition should turn quietly and also without any type of problems. So, if there’s ever before a situation when that spinning doesn’t happen, or if yes a grinding noise comes from inside, that method there’s other wrong.

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Your LG washer is not spinning properly due to the fact that it has electric or mechanical concerns such as:

Broken engine or speed sensor wiresRotor position Sensor failedMotor rotor assembly is worn outMain regulate Board failureClogged drainpipe pump or drain filter

In the complying with sections, we’ll explore each that those reasons to aid you understand why the happens and what you have the right to do about it.


Rotor position Sensor Failed

What it is: her LG washer likewise relies ~ above something dubbed a speed sensor to role correctly.

As the name suggests, this sensor monitors the speed of the drum as it spins. as that happens, the sensor communicates that information to the main regulate board, which boosts or to reduce the speed based on the settings you’ve chosen.

You’ll generally find the rate sensor attached to the motor. To correctly identify and also locate the sensor, describe the user manual or any technical sheet that may have come consisted of with the washer.

Why the fails: as soon as it fails, the maker might display several symptoms. Firstly, the washer north isn’t spinning together it should and making inexplicable noises.

Besides that, the machine might additionally display an LE error code, which tells you the the motor has been locked.

There room several reasons for this. For example, this can happen if the motor has come to be strained by too much weight lots inside.

However, that also possible that the speed sensor has end up being faulty and also isn’t functioning correctly.

If that’s the case, it can be sending out incorrect details to the washer, make it can not to spin in ~ all.

How to fix: A faulty speed sensor will must be replaced. Together always, be sure to disconnect the power supply to the maker to prevent injury or electrocution.

You’ll gain accessibility to the currently sensor by removing the rear accessibility panel.

There room several parts you’ll need to get past prior to you with the sensor. Start by remove the rotor native the tub.

Remove the screws securing the stator wire retainers and bracket, and also the ground connection screw.

LG Washer Rotor place Sensor replacement

To remove the stator, you’ll must take the end the bolts that host it in place. Then, disconnect the engine sensor wire harness and remove the old sensor.

Once that’s done, all you’ll need to do is replace it v the brand-new sensor in the same location.

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Once it is done, occupational your way backwards. Replace the wire harness, stator, bolts and screws, and replace the access panel you removed earlier.