"I have a very particular collection of channels. ... If friend don"t , I will look for you, ns will find you, and also I will certainly kill you."


Seth MacFarlane‘s impression expertise was ~ above full screen on Monday’s Tonight Show.

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“I think most impressions are simply yelling,” theTed 2director and startold Jimmy Fallon during a “Wheel that Impressions” round, before spontaneously authorized the host in sounding favor Pee-weeHerman. “This is similar to Charlie Rose.”

Apparently, Liam Neeson‘s “particular collection of skills” native Taken includes setup up a new customer because that Time Warner Cable — “I have a very particular collection of channels. … If you don’t , I will certainly look for you, i will uncover you, and also I will kill you” — and when Bobcat Goldthwait is at Starbucks, the orders a Josh Groban CD with his morning bagel.

Plus, what’s the secret to sound like ray Romano?MacFarlane demands to make certain he’s able to “work up enough phlegm” beforehand, for a result that resembled Yoda from Star Wars.




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