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I done verified the worldNow we finna wrap that up, ya understand what I'm sayinWelcome to the psychic of a maniacWhat component of genuine you niggas not under standLemme talk to ya'll before we leaveI store a gat reason niggas killing gotta bad habitOf violet in the studio ns murk ya, I'm comin maneI swear to God I'm thuggin difficult trill niggas transaction witcha big Glocks off top, we ain't stuntin maneWe street niggas, we eat niggas turn off tracks from Mouse and BYou betta be bout ya bread ya talk to meMom ya wonder why ya child's therefore bad, due to the fact that the fuckin body bags excellent hypnotized my ass, it's deepHoldin on to this money mane i gotta obtain it, choppers and a Glock 40 play v me you acquire ya issueWrap ya dick up cause ya prick will have the hiccups, you're well-off if ya marry a bitch, gain a prenupt(I ain't walk no mind)Welcome come the mental of a lunatic (street nigga, street nigga)Welcome come the psychic of a lunatic (street nigga, street nigga)Thug life, that's every we understand so we thrive until part beasts as soon as we have the right to let turn off them leechesWe go and also get it, get ya load upAnd when them camera speed you ain't never gotta questioning it's that's Boosie bad azz, directly up!I ain’t just running the south, i ain't runnin my mouth, spade because that spade I'm the realest nigga outKnow what I'm talkin boutMy niggas allow Joc outJealous cause we fresher than remainder of castle fellas done stick togetherGotta have alarms, locks, I, can't trust nobody, I, gotta save a desert eagle nigga recognize I gained itHeart full of fuckin pain reason I'm tired of gettin stabbedAnd ordered by every these the mutha fuckin crabsI laugh and maintain don't switch the game plan and fuck the police they carry us no peaceThis the mental of me, (Boosie boo) so lot shit goin on wherein I roam how I'm gonna discover some peace?They say I'm a duty model, however I'm not a duty model, gotta smile when I ain't gotta, tired & quiet hollaI'm a boss so i go off, understand I favor to show off, top top the roadway of riches, gotta murda these niggas(Ain't acquired no mind)
Welcome to the mental of a lunatic (street nigga, street nigga)Welcome to the mind of a maniac (street nigga, street nigga)We holla crap cops, if we fall off v this laboratory mane it's ago to the catch to bust blocksMan who can I trust not, nigga fuckin up the game, it's under to momma pain, & CEO's and also main maneGon' it is in in the chain corridor these niggas don't prevent playin from niggas, and bitches, yes sir I gained gameGod cursed me v diabetes ns feel favor I'm insane, friend ain't from the hood & girlfriend don't deserveIt mane, in the highways they murder mane, and also Boosie he a target, for this reason me?I obtained my 40 as soon as I'm shittin top top the toilet, I'm paranoid, starin' tough to obtain ya ass hitFour or 5 chains ain't never had shitFuck a bitch she wanna mingle, ha, she want my jingles, one hit marvels gettin affluent off a singleWhat's happenin Michael Vick? Don't snitch, tell the judge he kill deers and it's real(Ain't acquired no mind)Welcome come the mental of a lunatic (street nigga, street nigga)Welcome to the psychic of a maniac (street nigga, street nigga)