Memorial services were hosted for Lil Peep in London and also Long Beach, new York yesterday (Dec 2).

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The emo rapper – actual name Gustav Åhr – died earlier this month (November 15) from a suspected medicine overdose.

Lil Peep’s face was projected top top the home Of Commons in ~ midnight on Saturday night in London while family members and friends of the rapper payment tribute come him in ~ a company in lengthy Beach.

Lil Peep’s challenge projected ~ above the house of Commons critical night (Dec 2)

“He lived his very own life top top his own terms. He to be a stubborn, driven, talented, crafty, observant, and tender young man. Gus was additionally vulnerable,” Lil Peep’s mother, Liza Womack said throughout the service.

Lil Peep’s grandmother, Jenny Kastner, added: “He no the modern Kurt Cobain, by the way. He is the an initial and only Lil Peep, and also arguably left behind a legacy that will have actually a much greater impact. His kindness will live ~ above through lots of people.”

Good Charlotte’s tribute cover of horrible Things was likewise screened at the memorial.

You can see photos from the long Beach occasion below.

Fans gather to pay tribute to the late emo rapper

The Lil Peep memorial business at long Beach, new York

Lil Peep’s mom Liza Womack speak at the service

Lil Peep’s grandm Jenny Kastner claimed he was ‘the very first and just Lil Peep’

Fans pay tribute come the rapper with messages in the sand

You can additionally watch a complete stream that the brand-new York memorial below.

Last week, it was revealed that police investigating the passing of rapper Lil Peep are supposedly considering the case to be a “suspicious death”.

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Speaking to Rolling Stone, Sergeant Pete Dugan native the Tucson Police room stressed the detectives to be still wait on the outcome of a toxicology report before officially confirming Peep’s reason of death.

“It appeared to have been an overdose from evidence found near his human body – most likely from Xanax or a combination of different drugs,” Dugan said. “But we’re not clinical examiners. We have to wait because that a toxicology report. Till we get that, we don’t recognize the cause of death.”

Dugan then evidenced that detectives were at this time considering it a “suspicious death”, given Åhr’s age and the narcotics the were found surrounding his human body at the time of death. “ appeared to be from one overdose based upon the proof found and also no indications of trauma or foul play to his body.”

The Sergeant additionally said that detectives are at this time “looking into the allegations that someone was connected to his death” – although, that added, “it will certainly really boil down to what was in his system.”