L"Oréal Infallible Pro-Glow foundation for an-all day hydrating glow the lasts approximately 24 hours.

services approximately 24 hour bright finish, medium-coverage foundation Ideal for normal to dried skin Color and finish remain true for approximately 24hrs Lightweight and hydrating formula minimizes imperfections revealing a smooth and even complexion features This hydrating foundation with SPF offers sun protection and also maximum comfort all day long
Apply to cheeks, forehead, and chin blending outward. Finish with Infallible Pro-Spray and collection for a lasting glow look.Precautions: For exterior use only. Execute not use on damaged or broken skin. As soon as using this product save out of eyes. Rinse through water to remove. Avoid use and ask a physician if decision occurs. Store out of reach of children. If swallowed get medical assist or contact a poison Control facility right away.

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Active: Octinoxate 3.01%. Inactive: Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Alcohol Denat., Phenyl Trimethicone, Glycerin, PEG-10 Dimethicone, Bis-PEG / PPG-14 / 14 Dimethicone, Dimethicone, Magnesium Sulfate, Ethylhexyl Hydroxystearate, Talc, Silica, PEG / PPG / Polybutylene Glycol-8 / 5 / 3 Glycerin, Disodium Stearoyl Glutamate, Dimethicone / Polyglycerin-3 Crosspolymer, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aluminum Hydroxide, Magnesium Stearate, Silica Silylate, Dipropylene Glycol, Alumina, BHT, salt Citrate, Tocopherol, isopropyl Alcohol. May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, steel Oxides, Bismuth Oxychloride.

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1191 Reviews

Most advantageous Positive Review

used if on accutane. Amazing!

God yes. If you"re not aware of what Accutane is, it"s a solid acne prescription medicine that provides your skin very dry. The wasn"t my first time taking accutane so ns knew going into it what would take place to mine skin. For this reason I checked out my neighborhood drug store and picked this one out-not learning what i was getting into going into this. Ive never used a foundation by this brand but it was the only structure that pretty heavily branded "heavy glow", so i bought the (plus it to be super cheap compared to others). Permit me simply say ns never had actually high hopes for this foundation. Ns have an extremely hard time finding structure that works for me and considering i was about to go through skin h*ll for the following 8 months i wasn"t getting my really hopes up. Lengthy story short this foundation was a divine grail. I never ever once had any dry patches v a 12 or 15 hrs I had actually this on. Periodically if ns knew i was emotional my challenge a lot that day I"d have actually to quickly powder and blend my challenge some. That was yes, really the only con. I used beautifully and also so smooth when you powder your face. My contour and also highlight combined well through it and all in every Im super impressed. 2 month after ns finished Accutane (finished my 3rd bottle) i ran out and didn"t have actually time to go to the store and pick up more so I supplied some the my foundation I used prior to which was some high finish pricey foundation. Lets simply say ns went through the job feeling choose my confront was the dessert, and also looking so cakey. Immediately that next morning ns picked me increase some much more pro-glow. I will never ever go back to something else and also will candid be ravaged if lock discontinue this. If you understand you have actually dry skin or if you"re top top Accutane or some other skin solution that renders your skin dry PLEASE use this. Ns promise you"ll never want to use anything else. This saved me indigenous 8 month of h*ll due to the fact that honestly i loved placing on my makeup understanding I to be going come look glowey and also flawless.

Most Helpful crucial Review

it"s ok

I review nothing however positive reviews on this foundation. Correctly it"s beautiful and is an extremely thin and has great coverage, but it reminds it is in a lot of the loreal lumi there is no the wetness because it does set. What i noticed from that was the it boosts my pores and actually worked out in them and made them look much more prominent. I also noticed upon using it the it was settling right into my fine lines. It"s one ok structure I don"t gain the hype.

Reviewed by 1191 customers

Good coverage


Jackie fromSouth Carolina

Can obtain cakey if you placed too lot on however it is an excellent for the most part



Char fromTennessee

Made me break out with cystic acne.

Perfect texture, negative color range


Lily fromLouisiana

It renders my skin look really good!!! i mix it with the garnier bb cream and it"s the ideal textured basic I"ve ever discovered….but the worst shade range:/ I"m fair v yellow undertones and they"re doesn"t it seems to be ~ to it is in a great fit because that me…so i mix and brighten that up with concealer

Really like this


dani fromOhio

Has end up being one of my favourite foundations! i love glowy foundations that space light, yet still have actually decent coverage and this fits the bill! I have a couple of fine lines and also it doesn"t it seems ~ to accentuate them. Definitely not "mask proof" by any type of means, good for day-to-day wear and coverage.

Watery and loaded through alcohol


Msh1119 fromVirginia

Big no because that me - I might smell the alcohol once applying. Having dry skin this is a happen for me / threw the out…

Where has actually this been every my life??


EConrad fromNebraska

I was trying to find a cheaper foundation to wear when I didn"t have actually self tanner on, the employee that was help me sharp this the end to me and helped me pick out mine shade, Im not super pale yet not really tan and Nude beige suitable my skin perfect (I have actually yellow/neutral undertones). This foundation looks flawless and lasted the end in the summer heat without do me look at greasy. Some reviews cite patchiness however I think it"s all around how you use it ( I provided a beauty blender ~ above moisturized dried skin). An excellent coverage however is buildable if needing more. Can not introduce this enough!

Staple Product


Allie fromNY

I have normal to oily skin, yet I prefer to have more of a glowy foundation on hand because that the days once i want to really lug out that look. I"ve repurchased this one much more than once. This structure has the most beautiful complete that dries under (not completely, however enough) yet still gives a skin-like glow; it seriously looks heavenly and far better than high end. Only con is the it does no last throughout the totality day, but that"s pretty much the price you pay together an oily skin human wearing a hydrating foundation.

Almost perfect


Risa fromMissouri

I have dry skin, and also I"ve never found a structure that is together smoothing and also plumping together this! It renders my skin look therefore healthy, and it lasts transparent the day. I"d to speak it has high-light to tool coverage together well, so it looks an extremely natural. Unfortunately, the lightest shade is still too dark because that me, which is super disappointing. Also, there seems to be a lack of deep shades for those v darker complexions. 12 shades is just not enough nowadays, and L"Oréal can definitely do better

My divine grail


Liv fromTN

I have very dry skin. This has been my holy grail structure for 3+ years. I have actually tried greater end structures as well and have not discovered anything I choose as much as this. That is affordable so precious a shot if you have dry skin and like medium to buildable coverage

I would buy this product again i love it


Paty fromMaryland

I always get this product due to the fact that is the perfect to have actually in my challenge all work long.



KOURTK fromTexas

I love this structure even an ext than mine high end ones. Supervisor hydrating and good for dried skin!!

Too watery


KyKatie fromKentucky

I determined to try out this foundation after reading multiple confident reviews. I really like structures that room a bit lighter in coverage, but was not satisfied through this one. The consistency was really watery do it daunting to apply and also smooth on my face. Once on, it seemed to look at okay, no great. I only supplied it a few weeks prior to giving up.

My everyday makeup base


Anni fromChicago

This makeup basic covers well.and lasts all day. The is fairly priced and you don"t must use much. It also provides part sunscreen because of the opacity.

no no no


Kae fromcalifornia

oxidizes! want to like it but large no

Not good


Miss girl fromUs

Sucks tant Oxidizes division apart settles in lines

Breaks apart and settles in fine lines


Sierra fromUs


My go to!


Mel fromNJ

This is my favourite foundation! No issue what come out and also I offer a try, i haven"t discovered anything I keep coming earlier to other than this. That doesn"t seep into any type of fine lines and also gives her skin a glow the doesn"t do you look greasy.

I perform like it and also it"s now component of my life


Uzma fromSchaumburg,il

.quality matter for me for this reason it"s great quality foundation.

Didn"t live approximately hype


Jessica fromMissouri

I made decision I would try this after every the hype and also sadly i didn"t live it. It"s an extremely watery and I didn"t like the final look. I may shot it once more and try to apply it a different way but was very disappointed. I"ll stick with my that cosmetics cc cream

my walk to foundation


jennifer fromallentown pa

I seldom leaves reviews, but figured i would certainly while i add another to my cart. This is my go to foundation for about 5 year now. I have actually a couple different shades (204-209) in my collection at every times to wear year ring & when i usage self tanner. The finish is more of a natural one, not overly glowy or dewy, so it"s perfect for any kind of climate. I highly recommend!

Not a fan


Kristina fromcentral ohio

I chose to try this foundation after analysis an article that declared it was "mask proof". I tried it the end today. I used the infallible matte inside wall on my t-zone. I provided the nyx marshmallow inside wall on the rest of mine face. Appropriate out the the bottle, the shade was a perfect match. Unfortunately, together it dried down, it adjusted and came to be much darker. I chose to wear that anyway, therefore I can decide whether to return or exchange. The didn"t have actually much coverage. I"d take into consideration it a irradiate coverage. Ns finished my makeup and also headed come town. Ns forgot to mention that I placed maybelline lasting fix setup spray twice and also nyx matte setup spray twice, enabling it to dry fully between layers. Ns did part shopping, gained my nails done and also headed home. Ns was gone 4 or 5 hours. The inside of my mask is extended in foundation. There was no makeup left on mine t-zone at all. That is a no for me.

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Momo3 fromCa

Really love this structure and will always buy! simply wish the powder and concealer can have stayed as well. I like the shade range more for the structure than the concealer. For reference, once they had actually the concealers the lightest shade of the concealer color matched the third foundation in this line. Damaging shade selection for that. Good line of products though!



BEST FRIEND currently fromocean gate

i was on the fence y"all and also i simply ate the bullet bc i wanted to try a light structure and it"s the finest thing e ever!!! please try it if you have normal to dry skin for this reason glowy so healthy looking!!!!!

The best!


DMarie fromSpearfish, SD

My favourite foundation, that goes ~ above smooth and also blends perfectly. That feels an excellent on mine skin, and also I absolutely love it

Very impressed


Anne fromMichigan

I have gained to the point where i am exhausted of payment a ton for structure and never having actually the results I want. I store seeing great reviews top top this and wanted to shot it. Great coverage and also it stayed on every day. Even under a mask that wore great. I am glad ns tried this, it will certainly be my new go to.