One Direction‘s luigi Tomlinson simply showed turn off a much longer hairstyle top top Instagram. The “Always You” singer debuted the watch in a cooking video for charity — inspect out his switched-up hair indigenous his One Direction days every those years ago, below.

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Louis Tomlinson | Zach Pagano/NBC/NBCU picture Bank

Louis Tomlinson’s merch dropped amidst the announcement the his people tour is in 2022

The One Direction performer shared brand-new merch through his fans in April 2021. The group of items was referred to as the 369 collection, featuring imagery of damaged glass, ladders, and a huge dessert area. The merch drop come amidst the announcement the Tomlinson would certainly be returning on the roadway for his very first world tour in 2022.

He was an alleged to have actually a world tour in 2020, but since of the coronavirus pandemic, had actually to placed his to plan on hold. Tomlinson is an professional at concert performances — that toured with One Direction indigenous 2011 to 2015.

The singer’s new dates and venues resulted in a flurry of excitement among his fan base, who room eager to watch their favourite star execute yet again. Tomlinson put on a live currently concert in December 2020, to give his solo songs a full run-through for his dedicated supporters.

While Tomlinson is world-famous, he doesn’t show up too typically on Instagram. So pan went wild end seeing a surprise brand-new video the the singer on the app.

Louis Tomlinson sported a longer haircut in a new video top top Instagram

See girlfriend on Saturday!

— luigi Tomlinson (
Louis_Tomlinson) December 9, 2020

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Tomlinson appeared on the permanent Meals Instagram account to prepare a homemade enjoy the meal and help end son food poverty. The star verified off a longer hairstyle in the clip while he made a fish sandwich.

He assembled the sandwich by heating up fish sticks and also potato waffles. The “No Control” singer stated he ran out of aluminum foil, so he improvised that part of the cooking.

Tomlinson then hilariously verified off his absence of peeling skills with a cucumber. “This isn’t yes, really gonna job-related in a sandwich, ns don’t think,” he comment on his thin cucumber strips. “How’d you perform it? I’m blaming me tool. That looks half-right!”

“As you observed from mine execution, that was not really the best,” he joked.

The star commented the he provides “a many butter” and “doesn’t have actually a lot of of food preparation ability.” He likewise pondered exactly how one slices tomatoes, together he struggled cutting them up. But Tomlinson asserted that he prefers the taste of his food end the presentation that it.

“It’s actually pretty banging,” he said after taking a bite that his sandwich.

What music has Louis Tomlinson released since One Direction?

After One Direction, Tomlinson invested a couple of years figuring out his personal sound. His first song to be an experiment, trying a brand-new genre with EDM. He released “Just organize On” v DJ Steve Aoki in 2016, and also then “Back to You” with Bebe Rexha in 2017. Tomlinson placed out a few more singles before his an initial solo album.

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The star didn’t put out his own complete album ~ above his very own until January 2020, as soon as he exit Walls. Plenty of supporters think that Tomlinson is functioning on his 2nd solo studio album.