I just started play so ns don't have actually a many old contest items, and the main method I've seen civilization passing this level is making use of rare hair and accessories. The highest I've ever gotten top top Princess is a B. Here's what I used when I acquired my highest score:

Hair- shining Sunshine (but I've make the efforts Wasteland Jewel Epic and also Butterfly Flowers)

Dress- Galaxy Melody White

Coat: Countess Shawl (Also make the efforts Mist Forest and Diamond Shadow)

Socks: maritime Flower Rare and also Elf Anklet Epic

Shoes: Inferno Attic

Makeup: Dream Nocturne

Necklace: soul Necklace *Head: Red Sand *Earrings: Submarine Coral

Bracelets: thorn Bracelet epic *Hands: Ukelele and Leather Purse Face: Wild Tattoo Foreground: Phantom Ghost

Any pointers on simple things to craft/buy to help? I've been trying because that days and also I can't also get an A.

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Check the same stage in maiden the check whats on momo's reminder because that S tips. Most of the time the S tips functions for princess also if no you have the right to just modify it a bit. Not forget come level your skills too. S ranks dependa top top the gap of score between you and the npc probably approximately a 30k void gives S ranks

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I’m not sure however maybe max out/change her skills?

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... I had no idea till right currently that you have the right to level increase skills. I feel for this reason dumb yet thanks!

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Definitely check on your skills and make sure you've gained them leveled up.

Looking at my ideal score in Princess, it appears I supplied a mix of part recent contest items (though only a few) and also then things I got from later on maiden levels. Ns don't know any means to go earlier and see what I supplied to happen maiden the very first time.

Hair: Wasteland Jewel epos Dress: Galaxy Melody-White Coat: Diamond zero Socks: Sling net socks and also elf anklet-epic Shoes: Azure Flower-Rare Makeup: Pigeon Maid Head: Asterism Veil: Red Satin-Rare Earrings: first Bloom rare Scarf: Red Witch Shawl Necklace: Elves' Necklace Bracelets: Lotus sheet Tassel/Nikki's dance Bracelet Gloves: Phantom Thief's Gloves Handheld: octopus Orchid Fan/Dragon Zither Waist: Romantic Palms Face: Thief's Mask

I likewise put in ingredient in the brooch, tattoo, tail, foreground, background, and also ground slots. Basically any place ns only have actually one thing, ns throw the point on.

Momo is informing me currently to use the Montague Prince coat, which ns don't remember gift too difficult to craft, but I've only made it recently.

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Looking at her items, it really seems favor your an abilities might it is in the point to look at. They seem like they need to do the trick, though I read that your rating (S, A, B, etc) is based upon how much greater you space than her opponent, not just your very own score, for this reason the skills will aid a many there.