She is your best friend, and also it"s difficult to believe you weren"t born into the very same family. 

Perhaps if you were, girlfriend wouldn"t it is in so close, but there"s accurate no one who you love more — to the moon and also back. 

She knows all the details of her life, and also even if you wanted privacy, she sees right through you anyway. Sometimes, it"s no comfortable, but there"s a reassurance in discovering she"s obtained your ago at every times. 

Your boyfriend can get jealousy that she has such a vast place in your heart. When he"s about — or specifically when that isn"t — she is her sidekick and your formation crew member in one package.

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She"s much more than a friend, she"s your sister and soulmate. And the best component is? She feel the exact same thing about you, too.


The hardest point in the world is recognize a method to communicate to the world just how close you space with each other. 

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That"s why a finest friend tattoo "to the moon and back" theme is a perfect choice for a corresponding tattoo. No one will have to guess how much friend love every other, your ideal friend tattoos will certainly tell the world.

As finest friends, you room in it for the lengthy haul, and also life has currently proven the you two can survive college years apart, boyfriends breaking your hearts, weight gain, and also arguments. 


It doesn"t matter. Your friendship is strong, tested, tried and also true. There"s precise nothing that you can"t challenge that the people throws your method as long as you have each other to rely on.

If her friendship is closer than two peas in a pod, and your love can only be measured come the moon and back, then below are 7 amazingly beloved matching best friend tattoos to say, "I love you... To the moon and back." It"s the can be fried friendship tattoo idea. 

If girlfriend talked about getting a tattoo at the very same time, it only makes feeling to commemorate the moment to do it dual meaningful. 

Nothing says, "We are an ext than ideal friends" in word and symbol choose a corresponding tattoo!


For besties who finish each other"s sentences.

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And finish each other"s sentences.

For ideal friends of opposing sex.

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Day and also night.

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When girlfriend respect each other"s differences and it provides things also sweeter.

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