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Canning"s attack on Stevie was particularly irritating.

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This is just the recent partisan attempt by congress to interfere through a duly elected President.


Canning took typical adolescent/young adult behavior totally out of paper definition to paint a picture of both Stevie and Elizabeth as manipulative liars.

Stevie keeping a boyfriend secret from her parents is other thousands of teens and 20-somethings execute every day, and her comment about Elizabeth"s location on the Iraq battle was common young adult disdain for a parents" opinions.


Yet Canning acquired away with turning altogether regular episodes in Stevie"s life right into proof of poor character.

Even worse, his nonsense about Dmitri nearly derailed Stevie and also Dmitri"s relationship.

Intentionally or not, Canning"s accusations motivated every one of Stevie"s insecurities, and also if she had damaged up with Dmitri, that would have been mostly due to the fact that Canning planted doubts in her head around Dmitri.

Canning and Hanson don"t seem to realize that the McCords room actual people with lives exterior of your politics and also that the man spin they"re placing on the family"s actions affects an ext than whether Elizabeth stays in the White House.

Or probably they do and also don"t care.


The 2 of them have actually probably recurring their own stories so often that they believe them. 

Hanson think Elizabeth is the evil one incarnate who is single-handedly destroying America and also so crazy through power the she will comprise a story around a carry away American citizen the end of whole cloth just to distract world from the impeachment.

And Canning called Henry delusional, never realizing the that native applies more accurately to himself.

Mike: i think I can be confident that I will certainly not be convicted of the murder of a state Senator.Elizabeth: you plant enough doubt in the public"s mind and also they"ll believe anything.

It"s a shame that Henry"s testimony had to be behind closeup of the door doors.


The American people needed to check out Canning frothing in ~ the mouth and also insisting that Henry"s decisions were based upon trying to acquire Elizabeth come the Presidency -- a full six years before she decided to run.

That might have made that clear who was the end of touch v reality and also put an end to the shenanigans.

Or would certainly it have?

There"s a certain percentage of human being who react strongly to words prefer "patriot" and also "treason," for this reason Canning and also Hanson saying that Henry was part of a nefarious plot to destroy America might have resonated v some.


The hearings space a ridiculous waste of time and taxpayer money, and the American human being are the losers.

Elizabeth can"t do her job effectively, and her enemies are so encouraged she"s the adversary of American democracy that whatever she go is more proof come them the she"s obtained to go.

You space obsessed with ruining me and you"re ready to pull the whole nation down v you.


Hanson was disturbed that Elizabeth visited him at home over his inane comments, and also even much more disturbed that his son overheard their conversation.

That was a golden opportunity because that Elizabeth to suggest out the Hanson currently knew what his idiotic assaults on her family members felt like, however she was much too principled to do so.

And, simply as Cannings" assaults made Stevie question her partnership with Dmitri, Hanson"s do Elizabeth wonder whether America would ever before let her lead the nation despite she gender.

The emphasis on misogyny throughout Madam Secretary Season 6 has been annoying.

Undoubtedly, sexism exists, and also women in politics have actually to resolve it just like women everywhere else.

But for the many part, the cases of misogyny have come out of nowhere, v no real proof that that"s what"s walking on.

That may be component of Hanson"s problem, yet his are afraid seems come be much more ideologically based 보다 anything else. He thinks Elizabeth is too far left and also has no qualms about playing dirty to remove a president whose plans he despises.

Whether he would react the same means to a male President is an open question, because Conrad didn"t seek the varieties of steady legislation that Elizabeth espouses.

Yesterday turn an internship and a boyfriend into a bloodbath. We"re no gonna throw another one of you come the lions.


The impeachment hearings focused mostly on whether Russell and Conrad were more likely to hire members that Elizabeth"s family due to the fact that they knew Elizabeth.

This to be silly.

While the argument that nepotism has no place in politics has merit, that is solid an impeachable offense, especially since Stevie and also Henry to be qualified for your positions. 

Besides, Russell and Conrad room not the persons on psychological here. They were the ones who made the hiring decisions, not Elizabeth.

Anyway, in spite of the nonsensical impeachment hearings, Elizabeth managed to execute her task well, averting a potential atom war and also getting an American hostage safe home.

That to be doubly exceptional considering the cloud that impeachment hanging over she head.

Iran exhilaration up couldn"t have actually come at a worse time, leaving viewers to wonder whether it was a simultaneously or not.

But in any kind of case, Elizabeth tackled the situation well -- consisting of the Iranian ambassador"s misogynistic comments around how ladies don"t speak straight enough.

Even Hanson"s ludicrous cases can"t against that.

She"s most likely to get a bump in approval rating currently that the impeachment might not have the ability to counteract.

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We"re in the home stretch, Madam Secretary fanatics.

With just two illustration to go, it"s anyone"s guess exactly how this is going come end.

How do you think the impeachment proceedings will obtain resolved? will certainly Elizabeth win in the end?

Will Stevie"s insecurities gain the far better of her, or will certainly she end up with Dmitri after all?

Hit display COMMENTS, and include your thoughts. And if you missed anything, watch Madam Secretary online to get caught up.

Madam Secretary proceeds to wait on CBS on Sundays at 10 pm EST/PST with December 8, 2019.

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Mike: i think I have the right to be confident that I will certainly not be convicted of the killing of a state Senator.Elizabeth: girlfriend plant sufficient doubt in the public"s mind and they"ll think anything.

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Henry: Let"s expect Olivia is right and also it"s not a circus choose the Senate hearings.Elizabeth: just an impeachment trial.

Added: November 24, 2019
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