Main Idea job Card Bundle 3 addresses key ideas, main messages, and main ideas and details across fiction and informational texts. It"s likewise a component of the key idea job card mega bundle. This task card bundle is perfect for grades 3-5 stations, Google great (videos included), participating activities, warm-ups, STAAR prep, and shared reading.

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Who is the main Idea job Card Bundle 3 For?

It"s designed for on-level 3rd- and 4th-grade readers and also for intervention with 5th-grade. Questions align with 3rd and 4th-grade STAAR, however are likewise applicable to all key idea reading strategies.

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What"s in the key Idea job Card Bundle?

Three key idea task card to adjust 7-9Google class videos and also resourcesMain Idea job Card 7: Students will read about a boy entrepreneur, the bats that Bracken Cave, and also William Wrigley.Main Idea task Card 8: student will check out biography, fiction, and information topics including supernovas and honey bees.Main Idea job Card 9: Students will certainly read about soil, weathering, and erosion.36 Multiple choice task cardsAnswer keysTeaching ideas
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Main Idea requirements Alignment

This key idea job card bundle aligns to the new TEKS, CCSS, and STAAR inquiry stems for 3rd- and also 4th-grades.

TEKS 3.6G, 4.6G, 5.6G: advice details read to determine vital ideas.

TEKS 3.9Di, 4.9Di, 5.9Di: acknowledge the characteristics and also structure the informational text, including main idea with sustaining evidence.

CCSS RA.R2: Determine central ideas or themes of a text and also analyze your development; summarize the vital supporting details and also ideas.

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.3.2: recognize the main idea of a text; recount the key details and explain exactly how they assistance the key idea.

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.4.2: determine the key idea of a text and explain how it is sustained by crucial details; summarize the text.

CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.5.2: recognize two or an ext main principles of a text and also explain how they are supported by vital details; summarize the text.

Google classroom Resources

The Google great resources have the right to be supplied in three different ways:

Whole Class:Build lift knowledge prior to working ~ above the job cards by showing the videos and also reading the message alone, v partners, or with each other as a class.Stations: share the sources to Google Classroom and have students check out them in a stations. Climate they can include comments come the Google great stream.Extend the Learning:After reading the job cards, students can expand the finding out by city hall the videos and also creating their very own Google Slides to synthesize the information. Share these on Google Classroom therefore they can comment on each other"s work!
Soil has an amazing story. Wherein does that come from? just how are different soils different? Why is it important? Let"s<...>
What do supernovas, bees, and kid researchers all have actually in common? If you"re a teacher you"ll recognize they room in<...>
If you"ve enjoyed any kind of of our main idea job cards, you"re going to love main concepts task cards 7, which<...>

Details about the key Idea job Cards

There are 36 full multiple-choice task cards. But what"s in them, specifically?

Main Idea task Cards 7

Main Idea task Cards 7 focuses on informational texts and finding the key idea the sections and paragraphs. Students will certainly read around a child entrepreneur, the bats that Bracken Cave, william Wrigley - the gum salesman.


Main Idea job Cards 8

This collection has combined Genres and focuses on upper elementary level messages cover two main topics: supernovas and also honey bees. It"s greatly informational texts with biography and fictional narratives.

Main Idea job Cards 9

Your science teachers will certainly love you for this! This collection contains cross-curricular content from science and geography.

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Informational texts focus on top elementary level readers covering the topic of soil. Students will certainly practice main ideas and details utilizing four different question stems and also read around soil, decomposition, weathering, and erosion.

Now It"s your Turn

What carry out you think about the key Idea job Card Bundle 3? carry out you like the topics and also mixture of genres? carry out your students reap Google Classroom? What strategies perform you discover to be the many engaging with task cards?

Share your thoughts in the comments below (scroll down)!

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