Sansa Stark and also Arya stark don’t gain to spend enough having fun together on Game the Thrones, sister though they are — for this reason at least the human being are acquiring the proper family funny reunion that they want in the latest episode of apple Music’s Carpool Karaoke, the extended offshoot the the struggle James Corden-hosted video clip series.

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In the segment, Maisie Williams and also Sophie Turner cruise under the streets favor the life co-pilots lock are, and also even take it a tandem turn on a mechanical, well, dragon. When it’s not quite together dangerous as riding a real, Targaryen-birthed Westerosi fantastical beast, it looks complicated enough that they have actually some trouble hanging on.

Williams and Turner sign up with a yes, really slew of celebrity pairings, indigenous the Cyrus family to man Legend and also Alicia keys to Trevor Noah and Shakira, every one of whom attribute in their very own episodes the the apologize Music spinoff the the famous original. While Corden himself just makes a smattering the appearances, there’s plenty come love in the girlfriend scenes between real-life besties Williams and Turner.

Watch them talk dream jobs, red carpet antics, and blind fighting in ~ Apple Music here.

They also do impressions of your onscreen dad, Ned Stark, i beg your pardon you can watch below.



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