Money. Some say money provides the people go round. Some feel that the love the money is the source of every evil. And some believe money can actually through happiness…There space all kinds of differing see out there around money, yet there space a couple of things I deserve to tell you for certain:

-When you nothing have enough money it renders life far much more challenging.

-When a person has money they room no much more or less important than a human without money. God doesn’t value anyone based upon the lot of money they have which means we space all walk to it is in judged on an equal playing field. It is why the title quote by Macklemore is so insightful, “Make The Money.

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Don’t Let The Money do You.” due to the fact that money can not make us anything…only ours actions can make us something.

-Money can buy you things that make life easier yet one thing it can not buy is happiness. Ns can’t assist chuckle in ~ Zig Ziglar’s theory around this which is, “Money won’t make you happy…but everyone wants to find out for themselves.”