I can’t think it’s no crying! after ~ a “night the triumph” in Monday’s semifinals, robotic-giggle-generator/professional tearjerker Maria Menounos and her partner Derek Hough headed residence from the Dancing through the Stars ballroom. The overlords of world Mirrorballus (viallisonbrookephotography.comers like you) have made decision Maria is not an asset to the Danceton Abbey. She seemed fully at peace with this by the moment Tom announced she fate and also she stayed miraculously dry-eyed transparent their final chat, in i m sorry she wholeheartedly identified “I wouldn’t have actually made it this far without remarkable talents and choreography.” Nice!

I don’t think it’s a shock the Maria and also Derek headed home despite earning Monday’s peak scores. Simply three point out separated the top and bottom couples, and no issue who went home, we had the satisfaction the a really competitive final four. This was all approximately viallisonbrookephotography.comer votes — any elimination would have been upsetting. Take it native Tom, that stalled to point out the harsh truth as Donald Driver and also Peta Murgatroyd stood “in jeopardy” with Maria and also Derek: “No matter which method this goes, it’s gonna suck.”

We still have no idea “whose fault” Katherine Jenkins’ slip-up was throughout Monday night’s salsa — and I think it’s absurd to shot and inspection it any type of further. I never want to watch that clip again! however we witnessed it twice more in slow-motion — a an excellent chance to live vicariously through the TV screen and also imagine our own backs spasming the end at any given frame. What fun for everyone.

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Katherine looked terrified prior to she and also Mark to be announced together safe 10 minutes right into the show, however then they nearly danced an exhibition Latin program — the ya ya ya? — in celebration event of their location in the finals. So that looks favor she’s physical fine. Dr. Bergeron’s prognosis: positive. There was something in the grassy knoll.

Julianne Hough — long-lost run pro, acclaimed rocker of ages, and Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend (I constantly need a couple of extra seconds to let that sink in…and climate bobble back up come the surface) — returned to the ballroom to thrash around and also wail through none various other than mar J. Freaking Blige and also costar Diego Boneta in a plug for Rock that Ages. This power was hilarious and so facility staging-wise that i couldn’t believe it was yes, really liiiiiiiiiiiiive.

But it was! Tom also got to interviallisonbrookephotography.com Julianne’s ’80s hair ~ the team number. I originally typed that as “grope number” which i think would have been reasonably accurate together well. I’m happy Julianne wore a seafoam (the universal color of rock and roll) fringed bodysuit to identify herself as Our agree from the other talented dancers. Dynamo choreographer Mia Michaels to be responsible for this number, so that could explain why ns rallisonbrookephotography.comound it three times to relive its general momentum and also ridiculata.

7. Wilhelm Levy and Cheryl’s relaxed vibe for the Lencore of their bright pink samba. The extra cave time ~ his vast leap turn off the stairs permitted for the dramatic co-booty shake to seem even an ext “spontaneous” than it had actually on Monday (pictured).

6. Chelsie’s insanely warm red “tutu shoes” for the Macy’s style a run samba with Tristan. Watch for their memoir Red shoes Diaries: The Ballroom Years coming in late 2014 come a bookstore near you.

5. Cheryl’s ruthlessness together she predicted the Derek shouldn’t reduced Maria any kind of slack: “If she gained a perfect score if she to be injured, she should be able to do it again.”

4. Alanis Morissette’s sparkly black guitar and also general queenliness despite wearing jeans in the ballroom

3. Unfamiliar advantages Blake McGrath and Tyne Stecklein, that accompanied Alanis on “Guardian,” were a marvel — and she wasn’t also wearing shoes! The lack of heels must have actually rendered her zero pounds instead of just a couple of as that whirled her about like a paper airplane. Those legs! ns was mesmerized. These are no decoys. They’ll it is in keepers for life.

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2. “Well, it is far better than the laugh.” –Tom ~ Derek begged Maria not to scream in the confessional and of food she did the anyway.

Tristan likallisonbrookephotography.comise joined Sharna, Henry, and also Emma to swarm Carrie Underwood in blue and black costumes the coordinated through her cool-colored reptilian dress. The was an alleged to it is in Val instead of him, Tristan said me, but Val had to pull the end at the critical minute. Castle filmed this last Monday. Carrie’s sold choose 300,000 copies of Blown Away because then. What a “Good Girl.”