MC: ns am. There"s some other things on my horizon. Lee Daniels has promised me several duties soon and also "I will hunt that down" if that doesn"t.

GK: maybe we"ll check out you on"Empire"?

MC: I wanted to give them a song. Ns thought one of these songs might be an excellent really great for Cookie or Luscious. I have actually a track that I composed with huge Jim and Jermaine and also I think it might be really appropriate for the show. However Lee desires me to carry out a character, that"s what that says. However we"ll view what the does with following season.

Empirefans have actually been eagerly awaiting thearrival the Mariah Careyon the Fox series. Co-creator Lee Daniels, a great friend that Carey’s, has actually been teasing she involvement in the series since the beginning.Well the popular music star ultimately makes she debut following week together Kitty, and EW has the exclusive premiere of “Infamous,”the monitor Carey recorded with the cast and also Jussie Smollett, that plays Jamal.Carey’s character is a substantial singer — obvs — that comes to assist Jamal obtain his confidence back in the studio. Smollett, an unabashed Carey fan, states it was significant working v the star. “It was great,” Smollett said EW top top the Chicago set ofEmpire.“She’s a sweetheart.She’s a expert and, you know, this is a lengthy time coming.”

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So excited to it is in a component of #Empire hear to my brand-new song #Infamous with
JussieSmollett, specifically on

\u2014 Mariah Carey (
MariahCarey) September 29, 2016\n","url":"","resolvedBy":"twitter","floatDir":null,"authorName":"Mariah Carey","version":"1.0","resolved":true,"type":"rich","providerName":"Twitter","providerUrl":""}" data-block-type="22" id="block-yui_3_17_2_1_1548114956774_90667">

So excited to be a component of #Empire listen to my brand-new song #Infamous v
JussieSmollett, solely on

— Mariah Carey (
MariahCarey) September 29, 2016

Here the is! watch our power of #Infamous from tonight\u2019s #Empire episode! I took pleasure in ya
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\u2014 Mariah Carey (

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Here the is! watch our performance of #Infamous native tonight’s #Empire episode! I enjoyed ya