Before beginning, I simply wanted to explain a tiny how I got into making this thread:


i was analysis a biography around Marilyn and also JFK (from François Forestier) and additionally got a photobook (Metamorphosis â€“ its to die for, if u like her, buy it! It’s amaaaazing) and also I guess ns just gained sucked right into all the similarities Marilyn and also Britney have. That course, we’ve viewed comparisons between those two stars, greatly on photos. And, i gotta say, for me they space not lookalikes, lock just have this amazing energy about them, that mesmerize human being anywhere, but they don’t look the exact same to me. I’ve search for some photos to show the topic, yet really, just to do a far better thread because that you guys. There space so beautiful.

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Anyway, reading those books, and also what some civilization who worked with MM had to say about her, I obtained this sensation: “My God, this is for this reason Britney!†it seems prefer they – directors and also co-stars – are describing HER, and not Marilyn.†



So, there space some points that ns highlighted while reading it, and also I guess ns just had to speak to someone who likes and knows Britney too. And also there i am. Allow me understand if u guys have actually the very same impression and also other similarity you could wanna re-publishing w/ anyone too.



1. Both of lock have second names… and also both the them are Jean. 

Marilyn"s real name was Norma Jeane Monterson. Although, Marilyn’s is Jeane, it’s pronounce the same.



2.  One of the most recognized phrases of Marilyn around the struggling life as an actress in Hollywood was:


“I provided to think together I looked at the Hollywood night: There have to be countless girls sitting alone like me, dreaming of coming to be a movie star. However I"m not going to worry about them. I"m dreaming the hardest."


Britney stated that she supplied to clock Madonna and also dream about performing in ~ a stage. In ~ a Billboard presentation of she in 1999, they placed a little girl impersonating Britney as a child and also dreaming around being there.



Britney also said in ~ a Chaotic episode:




All right, i guess hundreds of girls dream about the present bizz industry. What it it s okay me here, it’s exactly how much castle both want this and collection their minds right into it. 

I assumption: v both of them have the right to REALLY dream big , hun?



Yeah, lock can!


3. Before hitting big, Marilyn remained in innumerous picture shoots functioning as a pin-up model, and also some tiny small parts in movies, and in every one of them, world talked w/ together sweetness and at some point even protectiveness around her, prefer they wanted and needed to assist her discover her way.


Natalie hardwood said: "When friend look in ~ Marilyn on the screen, friend don"t desire anything bad to occur to her. You really treatment that she should be every right... Happy."


It appeared so much like Britney’s start at the industry. They can see something for this reason special about that kid, that also though she wasn’t the age required come be in ~ the MMC, the executives waited to placed her on the present anyway. I guess they could see some sparkle in her.


4. Some civilization could really see exactly how rumble and also shy Marilyn was, it just reminded me around some human being who constantly talk choose that about Britney as well. Mar J. Blige was among many, saying Britney respects ppl, and also is down to Earth.


The mary J. Blidge full quote was about Aguilera, and said:


"I don"t prefer her because she has a nasty atitude, and also you know, ns was trying come greet she properly and also she stuck she hand the end for me to kiss it and also I said: "Oh, okay... You"re headed down the wrong path already". BRITNEY SPEARS can"t sing choose you but she will go farther 보다 you due to the fact that she knows just how to treat and also respect her people, from pan to supporters."

She was simply nasty, and also that"s not the first time i heard that. I heard that from a couple of people. I"m just putting this the end there since you know, later on I don"t wanna hear anything about "she wants to execute a track with me" because the an initial impression is the critical impression through me.â€


5. Marilyn was particularly shy for an actress, who whose job is to be constantly ~ above the spotlight, but like Britney she additionally didn’t let this present to the public, at the very least not in ~ the beginning.


There’re some statements that make that very clear. Marilyn’s make-up artist and her co-star in ~ Gentlemen like Blondes, woman Russell claimed Marilyn suffered so much from tension – phase fright - she had to pick her increase on her dressing room to acquire in the studio together, because she to be so nervous around the crew top top the set.



Marilyn by Ed Feingersh.

This pic was taken while she was acquiring ready for her big debut riding on the Barnum Bailey pink elephant.

Backstage to be no picnic, she had actually a "bout of anxiety, serious stage fright... Here she is in tears at the mercy of she low me esteem, she practically didnt walk thru v it.


it reminds that Britney’s tension after 2007, despite she was constantly shy and also able to diquiss that from the public, after that she seemed really nervous/aprehensive at some interviews.

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At the X-factor interviews she couldn’t protect against her hand one minute. It to be so nerve hacking to watch. (If she might only know everybody loves her, no issue what…=/)


6. Marilyn used to work really difficult to make her really best at every take it on her movies. Among her co-star describes her in ~ the collection of Gentlemen choose Blondes:


"She would rehearse till all the last human of the crew go home and there would certainly be nobody on the set. Later on on, she would certainly request a series of take away on her scenes simply to make sure she got the best out of her lines."


At a documentary the Britney’s lives, some civilization of her home town gained interviewed, and one of she teachers claimed she was the many motived that the class, constantly wanting to pond the run moves, Britney supplied to speak to she classmates:


"Don’t friend wanna gain better?"

"She simply didn’t understood how castle didn’t want to apply themselves right into making something great."