Ashandra Batiste opened a brand-new practice called Elite dentist Wellness, and she’s prepared to offer your smile “a touch the class.” Facebook/Ashandra Batiste

Cindi Rose, left, remains energetic on the charity circuit. Right here she is pictured with Olga bush at the grand Opera sphere luncheon. photo by Priscilla Dickson




I’m not certain how countless viewers of Married to medicine watch other Bravo shows, however it is customary, as soon as a display wraps, because that the stars come gather v Bravo hold extraordinaire Andy Cohen to rehash every one of the previous season’s drama. For some reason, this show, which has actually consistently been treated favor an afterthought by the Bravo powers the be, isn’t gaining a reunion. The fact that the wrapped filming practically two years ago and there will be no present to capture viewers increase on the current goings-on in the medical community led united state (and countless other viewers) come wonder: Where room they now?

So we got to out to Ashandra, Elly, Erika, Monica and also Rachel, along with special guest star Cindi Rose, to find out what they’ve been up to because filming ended. Did Erika and also Derek decision to have actually a baby? room Monica and also Imad tho together? has Maribel lastly moved out of Rachel’s house? We’ve acquired all her answers ideal here.

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AshandraDr. A has currently been super busy in the new year — so busy that us weren’t maybe to gain much details from her. We have the right to tell you that she’s opened up a brand-new practice, though, referred to as Elite dental Wellness, and also she’s ready to give your smile “a touch that class.”

Ashandra and also my darling Ricky remain really involved in their church, The fractional of Praise, i m sorry partnered v the Wainerdi health Institute to open the Hillcroft Health and Wellness facility in march of 2015, and also yes, there are dental facilities there (thanks in component to Ashandra’s tough work).

Avery and also Logan space doing great, but, in spite of Ricky’s pleading, there have been no brand-new additions to the Batiste/Cumby clan. I’m not sure exactly how Ashandra has managed to placed a kibosh on Ricky’s plans, though, reason that fine male is looking much better than ever. Hey, Ricky!

EllySince filming ended, Elly (who is, in fact, a doctor) has been busy growing her practice, Memorial Hearing. She’s likewise been busy v her side business, Sofreh Chic, constructing sofrehs for Persian weddings, occasionally with the assist of she sister, Pegah.

That’s right, also though there was speak of she moving, Pegah quiet spends many of her time in, for this reason the sister still obtain to view each various other frequently. In fact, the two of them invest a the majority of time with Rachel and Ashandra, also — a group Elly lovingly describes as “my batches.”

Elly’s adorable parents space “as adorable together ever” and also still cook finish Persian feasts because that the family practically daily. I’m now submitting my application to be a component of the “batches” and aid eat all the Persian food.

Elly states she doesn’t really continue to be in touch through Erika and also Monica, as they were “just no on the very same page.” She does speak to the process of working on the show an “exciting experience,” though, and she’s happy the the display was maybe to bring so much attention to the field of audiology and the an excellent work she walk to assist others. #doctorgateOVER

ErikaFor Erika, “the present feels favor a million years ago!” lot of the season concentrated on Erika and Derek’s exploration into fertility and alternatives for having actually a family, and earlier this year the couple went with IVF and also froze 2 embryos. Erika says she basically found out top top camera that she wasn’t fertile and pretty lot couldn’t gain pregnant the herbal way. The IVF developed two viable embryos — a boy and a girl — so now Erika and Derek room trying to decide when to implant (they’re leaning towards this spring) and also if they need to use a surrogate. The whole process was an extremely stressful for the 2 of them, yet Erika thinks it’s vital for females to see various other women struggling with fertility, due to the fact that the issues are far an ext common 보다 many civilization realize. Derika did welcome a new family member quickly after wrapping the show, though: one English Bulldog named Bucky!

As for the practice, Erika claims that is walking amazingly well. The name was adjusted to Plastic Craniofacial & Sinus Surgery, and they opened a big, new building close to Memorial City. Through plans to open up a new office in The Woodlands soon, Erika is busier 보다 ever and shifting her emphasis away from reconstructive and also trauma surgery and also toward cosmetics surgery. One of two people way, she still has blood ~ above her virtually 99 percent of the time.

Recently, Erika has been handling her mummy dementia, which can be due to Alzheimer’s or could be a consequence from years of wrestling injuries known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy. (Her mommy is previous pro-wrestler Betty Niccoli.) She states it’s heartbreaking to watch someone girlfriend love deteriorate, but she’s grateful for all the time they gain to invest together.

Speaking of security time together…yeah, that ain’t yes, really happening v Erika and the rest of the ladies. She and also Monica have become close due to the fact that working on the present together (they did know each other prior to filming, though), yet she admits she didn’t build friendships with anyone else.

“It to be such a whirlwind of a few months, and it’s so simple to see just how the emphasize of the show bring some human being together and also pit others against each other,” Erika says. “I don’t know specifically what ns expected, but it was such a bizarre experience!”

MonicaLike Ashandra, Monica comment to our inquiry for an update by noting just how busy she is. Clearly, as viewers, we uncover it straightforward to forget the these women are, friend know, functioning doctors, and also they aren’t waiting about Twitter for me to contact them. Sigh.

Anyway, the huge news through Monica is that she and also Imad ultimately did it! Yes, ladies and gents, castle finally...broke up! The 2 don’t seem to have any bad blood, though, so that’s nice.

Monica has additionally expanded she dancing talents beyond Bollywood come ballroom dancing. In May, she performed at the Asian/Pacific American Heritage association gala as part of their “Dancing with the Stars” event.

No native on exactly how her super-sweet parents space doing, yet let me it is in the an initial to suggest a spin-off in i m sorry her mom counsels would-be couples on their love lives over margaritas. Perfection, am i right?

RachelRachel and also James have probably viewed the biggest changes because the present ended. Not just did Mama Maribel relocate out (don’t worry, she’s still close enough to come over for a mimosa in ~ a moment’s notice), however a new, also cuter (sorry, Maribel) tenant relocated in. In August, the pair welcomed their first child, William! he is positively adorable, and Rachel says that when James quiet loves his work, that loves coming home to his little guy also more.

Rachel has stayed top top the dean’s perform in nursing institution — there are photos on Twitter to prove it!—and plans on graduating this February. She’s at this time considering job options and “looking front to no much longer being a student.” Let’s just hope she can still do time for wine once she’s excellent hosting study groups.

And as for Maribel…oh, Maribel, friend saucy minx! Maribel is quiet single, so i think when Monica’s mother starts her date advice show, Maribel should lug in potential suitors for evaluation. Space you listening, Bravo? Married to medication may not be ago for a 2nd season, yet I’m pretty sure this brand-new idea is gold.

CindiEver the go-getter, Cindi hasn"t slowed down at all due to the fact that the display ended. She co-produced an award-winning documentary about silhouette arts called Silhouette Secrets and has to be traveling on a 19-city tour producing silhouettes for Hermés. She additionally continues to be a fixture on"s social/fundraising scene and also points the end that she raised an ext than $100,000 because that charity events during the filming that MTMH.

She has recently end up being a grandmother — twice! She has two four-month-old grandbabies, one from her daughter, Erica, a reality star in her own right that made a couple of appearances on the show, and one from she son, Ben.

When she isn"t doting top top those two cuties, Cindi does keep in touch with Monica and also Erika, and also she"s also reached the end to Elly, Rachel and also Ashandra. Cindi maintains she "never speak poorly of anyone" top top the show, and she forgives those that did "for all for the unfriendly words castle said during filming to mine face and also behind mine back. I understand they walk it because that ratings."

She tho enjoys tending her residence garden, but no indigenous on whether she proceeds to pull weeds in a designer beret.

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Ladies, many thanks for every the laughs, every the secondhand embarrassment and all the wine your antics compelled me come drink. Mostly, many thanks for representing in such a great way! Sure, there were part unfortunate moment here and there, but, because that the many part, the actors of Married to medication showed the masses what we’ve well-known all along: is diverse, cultured and, yes, a little crazy.