Mary Elizabeth Ellis and also Charlie work attend'It's always Sunny In Philadelphia' TV show Season 14 premiere, at TCL Chinese 6 Theatre, in Los Angeles, CA on September 24, 2019.AFF-USA/Shutterstock

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Whatever works! Mary Elizabeth Ellis understands the vital to she lasting relationship with husband Charlie Day is communication, and also that has working through the challenging stuff ― in character.

“I love just obtaining to spend time v him and also hang out through him and have lunch through him, re-publishing the, friend know, crappy catering having lunch together,” the actress, 40, told Us Weekly specifically at the It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia season 14 premiere screening ~ above Tuesday, September 24. “The hard things are as soon as he directs me due to the fact that I don’t take it direction well. Ns think ns pretty perfect.”

Ellis, who stars together The Waitress ~ above the comedy together Day, 43, who portrays Charlie Kelly, joked: “He’s like, ‘Hey, this time try this.’ and I’m like, ‘I feel favor I walk that’. And then later on I’m like, ‘Sorry. I require to find out to take it direction here.’”

The Grinder alum also dished on hashing the end their disagreements while in character. “It’s good therapy,” she explained. “Yeah. Everyone need to do it. Like role-playing that like, ‘I’m her stalker and also you’re awful to me.’”

The couple, who wed in 2006 and share 7-year-old boy Russell, have operated with each other on the fight FXX show since 2005. Ellis and Day room no strangers to reflecting their adoration for each other on society media.

meellisday,” day captioned a throwback photo on Instagram in march in honor of your wedding anniversary. The walk the street actor added the hashtags, “#changedmylife #love.”

Ellis, for she part, gushed alongside an old pic: “Happy 13th wedding anniversary to this hottie
charliedayofficial. (The screen in this pic is proof it’s to be a loooong time.) #march4th #marchfourth #marchforth ✨ Looking forward to the following 13!”

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More recently, the Santa Clarita Diet actress swooned over she hubby in a sweet article of him play an instrument exterior — with a nod to It’s constantly Sunny in Philadelphia.

“Smaller sax. More clothes. Still sexy AF. (Who to know which sunny ep ns referencing?),” she wrote. “FYI
charliedayofficial can and will play any kind of instrument. It’s delightful and also annoying as hell.