Between your trademark all-black outfits and seriously dramatic wedding guest ensembles, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen indeed know what suits them once it comes to their wardrobe. The very same can absolutely be stated of their beauty choices. From your perfectly tousled hair to their closely smudged eyeliner, the twins have actually a classic-but-cool approach to both their hair and makeup routines.

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But what room the specific products that go into maintaining the Olsens' signature beauty, beauty looks? The duo can be famously tight-lipped about the materials of your makeup bags, but (luckily) I'm constantly willing come play beauty beauty editor detective in my pursuit to find out what commodities the A-list genuinely swear by.


I love a good lip balm, therefore there's nothing that pleases me much more than an affordable referral from the A-list.

"I prefer Brave Soldier Lip Balm. That's really good," Mary-Kate said Elle. And Ashley concurs. "It's much more of a high-impact chapstick because that sports favor hiking and skiing. We both prefer that."



When inquiry which assets they lug in your handbags at all times, Mary-Kate to be definitive around this luxurious Clé de Peau Beauté confront powder being a must-have.


Ashley, on the various other hand, wouldn't be without an eyebrow spoolie. "I have actually unruly brows, so my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Brush goes everywhere with me," she revealed.

As for their trademark naked lip? "It's not a lipstick—it's a waterproof lip liner," Ashley told Byrdie. "Our makeup artist sends out them to us."

When it concerns fragrance, it's no surprise that their perfume of an option comes courtesy that their very own brand, Elizabeth and James. "I love sandalwood. It's sensual, masculine, and also grounded," Mary-Kate told Teen Vogue. Ashley is into "feminine, pure fragrances" and alternates in between this one and Nirvana White depending on her mood. There has been a many talk around whether this fragrances have actually been discontinued, but they space still easily accessible at part retailers.

Up next, the major hair fads of 2021.

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