In 1997, Matt Damon became romantically involved with Minnie Driver when the two filmed "Good will certainly Hunting," the movie in which they played love interests. However, they damaged up really publicly — and the was all due to Damon"s romance through Winona Ryder.

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At the time, Driver was upset with how public her breakup through Damon became, and how she was portrayed by the media. "I had actually to it is in the victim," Driver said in 1998, via the Los Angeles Times. "It"s horrendous break up through someone anyway, but to have actually it it is in so public and to be actors in a function that ns would never ever play if they were paying me," she added. She likewise took worry with her "Good will certainly Hunting" co-star confirming their breakup throughout an interview v Oprah Winfrey. "Of course, he to be busy proclaiming his love for me on David Letterman a month previously," Driver added.

These relationships emerged just as Damon"s career to be skyrocketing, and also he learned valuable lessons about dating over the time period. 

One the the an ext forgotten couples in Hollywood is the previous pairing of Matt Damon and Winona Ryder, who relationship began under semi-controversial circumstances. Despite dating Minnie Driver throughout the filming of "Good will certainly Hunting," it to be Ryder — who he accused met in 1997 — who add Damon to Oscar parties in 1998, every the Los Angeles Times. Yet a few years later, in may 2000, Damon and also Ryder called it quits. 

At the time, tabloids romantically attached Damon come Penelope Cruz, yet he denied those rumors, every Entertainment Weekly. In fact, seeing his relationship play the end in the press ended up souring Damon on the idea of date celebrities altogether. Throughout a 2004 Playboy interview, Damon to be candid around his intentionally of keeping his love life out of the headlines. "f you"re the cover kid or the covering couple, climate you"re f***ed," that explained. "And don"t day a celebrity. Ns don"t think I can fall in love v a celebrity best now, due to the fact that it would certainly mean transforming my lifestyle, and I choose that my way of life feels typical to me many of the time," he added.

Damon echoed these sentiments in an interview v Australia"s Sunday magazine (via Today). " anyone want to spend money to view you in a movie, after seeing you " he wondered. "These work I definitely only date, together we say, "civilians."" keeping to his word, Damon wound up marrying a woman through a continuous job.

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While Matt Damon remained in Miami shooting "Stuck top top You" in 2003, the cast and crew dragged him to a bar wherein he met his future mam Luciana Bozán Barroso, per BuzzFeed. "I was functioning as a bartender in south Beach (Miami) and he was shooting a movie there and the crew ended up in the bar one Saturday night," she recalled to Vogue in 2018. In ~ one allude in the night, the "Bourne Identity" star come behind the bar and also Barroso placed him to job-related mixing cocktails. Luckily, he learned exactly how to mix drinks as soon as he play a bartender in an earlier role. 

Damon enjoyed dating a woman who preserved him the end of the headlines, and also in 2005 the pair were married in a tiny civil ceremony. They go not have actually a big reception, but in 2020 castle renewed their vows through 50 guest on hand, every People. The pair have four daughters: Stella, Gia, Isabella, and Alexia, Barroso"s daughter who Damon adopted, per Closer Weekly. Return Damon"s mam is not a celebrity, she is very close friends with Chris Hemsworth"s wife, Elsa Pataky, follow to Vogue.