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47 year 10 months
November 12, 1973
Mayte Garcia
Alabama, USA
$2.5 million
5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Puerto Rican
Belly Dancer, Actress, Singer, Choreographer
John Garcia
Janelle "Nelle" Garcia
Wiesbaden High School
53 Kg
24 inch
33 inch
33 inch
Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces
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Relationship truth of Mayte Garcia

Mayte Garcia is not having an affair v anyone presently.Her sex-related orientation is straight.

More around the relationship

Mayte Garcia was married to Prince top top the chance of Valentine’s work in 1996. The pair shared a really romantic relationship and also lived a happy life.

After two months of their marriage, Mayte announced the she is pregnant. Mayte offered birth to son Gregory who passed away just after a week since of a rare genetic disorder, Pfeiffer syndrome.

The pair divorced in 2000. Later on Mayte went into a relationship with drummer Tommy Lee the very same year. They continued to be in a relationship together with the engagement till 2002. Later they likewise split. Mayte currently resides in Los Angeles through her embraced daughter Gia. She was born on her 38th birthday.

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Inside Biography

Who is Mayte Garcia?

Mayte Garcia is an American belly dancer, actress, singer, and also choreographer. She is recognized for she dancing. She toured together a dancer on the “Diamonds and also Pearls” tour.

Mayte Garcia: Age, Parents, Ethnicity

Mayte Garcia to be born ~ above November 12, 1973, in Alabama, the USA. Together of 2021, she is 47 year old. Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is Puerto Rican

Her birth surname is Mayte Jannell Garcia. Mayte to be born on an army base. His dad is significant John Garcia, USA – Ret. And her mom is Janelle Gracia.

Her father was a pilot in the military whereas her mommy was a dance teacher. She has one larger sister Janice. ~ above holidays she offered to visit her expanded family in mountain Juan, Puerto Rico.


Mayte go to general H.H Arnold High School, Germany for she studies. After perfect of school, she got an ext involved in showbiz v her dancing an abilities and obtained recognition together the youngest experienced Belly Dancer throughout the world.

Mayte Garcia: professional Life and Career

Mayte Garcia started belly dancing in ~ the age of three. Through the age of 8, she was a experienced belly dancer and also appeared ~ above the American television regimen That’s Incredible! together the world’s youngest expert belly dancer. Mayte met with superstar Prince Rogers Nelson in Germany ~ her mother submitted a videocassette that Garcia’s performance in 1990.

Prince hired she for the dance on his Diamonds and Pearls tour which led the attention of Prince to his following album Love Symbol. Prince likewise made a track for her with the title “The many Beautiful Girl in the World” which was a great hit among the people. Mayte was also in the tape The new Power Generation (NPG). Prince produced an album devoted to she in 2005 under the brand of NPG, boy of the Sun.

Mayte later became the creative director of NPG run Company. Mayte command music videos for artists choose Chaka Khan, Graham main Station, and also one because that Prince. She was also a choreographer, she choreographed because that I’m a slave 4 U which to be performed by Britney Spears. She also performed it on MTV video Music Awards.

Caption: Mayte Garcia looks (Source: Toronto Star)

Mayte Garcia can also be seen in television series like Psych, The Closer, las Vegas, Nip/Tuck, and also Keeping Up v the Kardashians consisting of ABC tv series large Shots as a reporter.

She can even be watched in the movie Firehouse Dog and also Hindi movie Dus together a dancer. In 2009 she starred in Sí TV’s program throughout the Hall. She also judged the an initial season the Dance your Ass off and likewise can be watched on the reality present Hollywood Exes in VH1.

Mayte Garcia: Salary and also Net Worth

Her value is approximately $250k every annum and her full net worth is approximated to it is in $2.5 million.

Mayte Garcia: Rumors and Controversy/Scandal

Rumors were the Mayte could be an HIV patient because Prince, her ex-husband was connected with HIV in the 1990s. And they got married in the 1960s. Later on she to be fit and also she provided birth come Prince’s baby then the rumors to be shut.

Mayte Garcia is a really bold and confident lady. Since of her opinions and also statement, she is in the news and controversy at any time she speaks. She described how she shed her virginity come Prince. Also, she revealed the her husband, Prince struggled with drugs.

Body Measurements: Height, Weight

Mayte Garcia has actually a height the 5 feet 6 inches. Her body weighs 53kg. She has black hair and hazel eyes. Her shoe size is 7(US).

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Social Media

Mayte is energetic on Facebook, Instagram, and also Twitter. She has more than 107k followers on Facebook, 137k followers on Instagram, and 56.2k pendant on Twitter.