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Book InformationRating:ExcellentReading/Interest Level:Young AdultAuthor:Richard Paul EvansPublisher:Simon PulseYear:2017ISBN:9781481497039Pages: 336

Despite Michael Vey’s evident death in ~ the battle of Hades, Michael’s girlfriend, Taylor, seems to be haunted through his ghost. Dr. Hatch is quiet alive and also captures the Electroclan. Austin and also Jack escape when the mass of the Electroclan is interrogated in Elgen-controlled Tuvalu. Meanwhile, Jack and Austin discover citizens that Tuvalu who want to free their world from Elgen control. Through the guidance of Michael, who appears in a ghostly form, Austin and also Jack aid in the rebellion. Prior to Dr. Hatch deserve to execute the Electroclan, Michael Vey appears. He had turned himself into electrical energy in the explosion at Hades and had struggled come re-solidify. Learning that Dr. Flower would use political connections and also loopholes to escape justice, Michael electrocutes Dr. Hatch. Michael’s family is reunited, the financial legacy of the Elgen are offered to aid those hurt in the resistance, and also the Electroclan return to the unified States.

Unlike the previous publications in the series, this book focuses an ext on the members the the Electroclan fairly than the key protagonist, Michael Vey. Due to the fact that Michael is lacking for many of the novel, almost all of the book is written in third-person. This change of focus allows the other characters to shine as they battle to deal with the lose of your friend and fight Dr. Hatch regardless of the evident unbeatable odds. As Michael deals with off v Dr. Hatch, many readers may struggle through the debate behind Michael’s vigilante actions. Parents might want to have a conversation with their children about Michael’s decision to kill Dr. Hatch rather than turn him end to the authorities. However, Richard Paul Evans at some point delivers a powerful and epos conclusion to this series.

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*Contains mild language and moderate violence.

Excellent, Young Adult, Richard Paul Evans, science Fiction, Action, Superheroes, Superpowers, Michael Vey