Even a triple Tanner-Fuller-Gibbler wedding wasn"t sufficient to lure Michelle back for the last season that Fuller House. And also in the indigenous of Stephanie Tanner, exactly how rude! Okay, it"s not really rude; Mary-Kate and also Ashley Olsen do it clear from the moment the reboot began that they"ve left exhilaration behind. The former child stars are now successful fashion developers with two major lines to operation (The Row and also Elizabeth and James), and given the they were 8 when Full House ended, it"s understandable they"re not rather as attached to the nostalgia element as your co-stars. 

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Still, see Stephanie and D.J. Walk down the aisle without so much as a shoutout to Michelle in the series" final episode is jarring. No one really expected the Olsens to make a critical minute cameo, but Michelle might have at the very least sent her sisters a keep in mind on their huge day. Instead, the season"s lone shoutout come the youngest Tanner sister come in the penultimate episode, "Something Borrowed."
In the episode, Kimmy, Stephanie, and D.J. Head to the attic in really hopes of detect something borrowed to undertake on your joint wedding day once Kimmy clues Michelle"s old bike. "Hey, how long space you walk to keep Michelle’s bike?" Kimmy asks. "If she there is no come because that it by now, she’s not coming." In true Fuller House fashion, Andrea Barber delivers she line through a smirk in ~ the camera. 
Michelle to be an integral part of Full House, however after the pair turned down the possibility to appear on the show, Fuller House forged on without them. While part fans struggled to accept the Olsens" decision, your TV dad understands and also supports them. In a 2017 interview through Entertainment Tonight, Saget offered up some Danny Tanner-style wisdom.
"People need to do what lock want with their lives, and also when they"re 9 month old and also they gain a job, ," he said. "I love them an extremely very much, Ashley and Mary-Kate, and also they love what castle do and also acting is not what they desire to do."
The twins, who space notoriously private these days, never ever made an official comment on why they declined to show up on Fuller House, but executive producer Bob Boyett available some insight on the issue in a 2016 interview with People once he mutual that Ashley in specific has no interest in returning to acting.
"Ashley said, "I have not been in front of a camera since I to be 17 and I don"t feel comfortable acting,"" the revealed. "Mary-Kate said, "It would need to be me due to the fact that Ash doesn"t want to execute it, however the time is so poor for us." 
Despite Fuller House to run for 5 seasons on Netflix, the timing never ever was right for Michelle Tanner to return. However as the extended Tanner household likes come say: The door"s always open. Maybe once the unavoidable Fullest House reboot wake up 10 year from now, the Olsens will ultimately tell the pan "you"ve obtained it, dude" and bring the prodigal Tanner sister home. Until then, the She-Wolves have officially signed off without any assist from the lacking member of their pack.

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