In this post, learn how to deal with "Microsoft desires to use your confidential info stored in..." pop-up keep appearing, when you open Office for Mac apps.

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If you’re making use of Office because that Mac or Office 365 apps on MacOS, climate you can have face this usual issue. Actually once you open any kind of Office app, you might see this pop-up i m sorry is asking for credentials:

Microsoft wants to usage your confidential info stored in “Microsoft identity ” in your keychain.To allow this, get in the “login” keychain password.


Since the post mentions change ID, the is not clear which password the is questioning for. We tried inputting the user account password and also then selected Always Allow, yet the pop-up comes earlier again. If you save the password field empty, and click Allow, Deny or Always Allow, the pop-up will store appearing. Eventually, it seems every little thing option us choose, the pop-up will reappear. Then how to settle this issue? Well, friend can shot below mentioned methods and also see if they help you.

FIX: Microsoft desires To use Your Confidential Information

Method 1 – basic Suggestions

1. Reboot your MacBook and see if issue resolves itself.

2. Close all Office apps, and also reset keychain in her Mac using actions mentioned in Apple’s support article.

3. Log out of Office applications and shot signing-in back.

If this doesn’t helps, express Method 2 below.

Method 2 – Via Keychain Access

1. first of every make certain the Office applications such together Word, PowerPoint, Excel are closed and also not running also in background.

2. open up Finder, and go come Applications > Utilities. From Utilities folder, double click and also open Keychain Access.


3. In Keychain Access, you’ll it is in switched come login tab by default. Discover out the ID which is mentioned in pop-up and locate that here. Left click it and also select Get Info.


4. Next, in the home window opened, delete every the content mentioned against Kind. Click on Save Changes button.


5. open up Office apps and also you’ll no longer challenge this issue.

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If worry still persists, shot uninstalling Office because that Mac, using this step-by-step guide:

How To fully Uninstall Office because that Mac

Then shot reinstalling Office because that Mac, using procedures mentioned in this guide:

Install Office because that Mac using Office 365 Subscription

Hope this helps!

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