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There room 3 endings!

Authorallisonbrookephotography.comGenreVisual NovelTags2D, Atmospheric, cats, Colorful, Cute, Furry, Horror, parallax, Unity

Install instructions

Windows:Extract the zip paper and dual click MidnightTrain.exe

Android:Install the apk

MacOS:Extract native the zip and dual click it.

Note:Some users have actually encountered permissions worries opening ~ above Mac, in certain on Catalina, the recent Mac OS. If you obtain the "The application ... Can't be opened" error, shot running "chmod +x*" in the place of your downloaded application in Terminal, and also running the applications again. This command changes the permissions on our game record so that anything deserve to read/write to it.


Download 52 MB
Midnight Train.apk 53 MB
Download 53 MB

Development log


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OctoKid50 work ago
I didn't forget around this game. For this reason neither need to you

OctoKid162 days ago (1 edit)
How carry out you gain the video game in russian, uneven there's no a verison in russian

sonicforever1991g172 days ago
Hey what perform you think is happening come pudding in the bad end path appropriate now?

MORRIS9000192 days ago
I love the journey reference

lennerson195 job ago
I LOVE THIS SOO lot IT'S adorable :>

Ice Crown223 job ago
very cute graphics, cool story too, however a small short ...

Mementos69267 job ago
So cute Reply




Oh dear, this video game is amazing!The style?The story?The atmosphere?So beautiful!Truly, renders me want to see much more stories indigenous you, give thanks to you!Also...uh...Some words native (uh,is this spoiler???I will certainly not point out the name yet i assumption: v you understand who am i talking about) about art...I feeling that.And points which was stated from Pumpkin...This made me think the what i`m doing from different perspective.Thank girlfriend a lot for that.Uhh....i`m keep in mind sure if this spoiler...and i kinda messed up through it, game inspired me to draw thisAlso-also, pardon me my mistakes, if over there any, english is not my indigenous language