I normally shot and protect against this form of celebrity back and soon stupidity, and also in reality I’m awkward this kind of stuff also passes under my nose. However as the sole proprietor that a country music website, it’s among the rigors of the day-to-day grind the aggregating information and being on peak of news. And on a slow-moving news main in country music as soon as the best story to be Reba McEntire emerging as the new Colonel Sanders, i guess to chat media had to manufacture something to drive clicks, and also that’s exactly what they walk by take it scabs turn off the old tired tabloid warhorse the is the Miranda Lambert and also Blake Shelton divorce.

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I little my tongue previously this main when plenty of outlets, consisting of US Weekly, Fox News, E Online, and scores of country music blog asserted that Miranda Lambert had newly revamped the text to her song “Little Red Wagon” because that the recently introduced “Livin’ prefer Hippies” tour to take a jab at she ex. Lambert was seen on grainy cell phone video clip replacing the heat “I live in Oklahoma” v “I got the hell the end of Oklahoma.” Blake Shelton is an Oklahoma native and also the 2 lived there during their marriage. Miranda, who is a native of east Texas, hoofed it the end to Nashville ~ the 2015 split.

But of course the only difficulty with this story is the truth that Miranda Lambert changed those lyrics a lengthy time ago. Here’s a video taken end 10 month prior of Miranda Lambert singing the very same damn line, despite US Weekly and Fox News saying the readjust is brand new. It additionally doesn’t take into consideration that probably Miranda Lambert just readjusted the lyrics since she doesn’t live in Oklahoma anymore and the heat is not relevant. But, it most likely is a small dig in ~ Blake. It’s just in no method a brand-new one. “Little Red Wagon” wasn’t also written by Lambert. It’s a song originally performed and also written by Audra Mae.

But whatever. I obtain it, drama makes for great attention. But now the media, consisting of Fox News, is making a huge deal around how Blake Shelton has actually now reply Miranda Lambert’s “shade” by to sing “All my Ex’s Live in Texas” at Luke Bryan’s Crash mine Playa festival in Riviera Maya. “Shelton’s an option to sing ‘All mine Exes Live in Texas’ came simply one day after his ex went after his house state the Oklahoma,” says Fox News. But of course this is not true because Miranda Lambert has actually been to sing the brand-new line since at the very least March that 2017.

And Blake Shelton has actually been singing “All mine Ex’s Live In Texas” because that years. The old George Strait song has actually been a mainstay of Shelton’s set lists really due to the fact that the beginning of his career. Here’s a video of him singing the song throughout his “Doing it To nation Songs” tourism in Fresno uploaded on march 6th, 2017, eight days prior to the Miranda Lambert video clip linked over from a march 2017 Bossier City performance through the changed “Little Red Wagon” lyrics. And to prove the point even further, there are scores that videos that Blake Shelton performing “All mine Ex’s Live in Texas” native even prior to he and Miranda Lambert gained divorced, including this one from means back in march of 2011 wherein he speak lovingly the Miranda Lambert and also their engagement prior to playing the song, and also before they were married.

Anyway, ns ain’t about drama, y’all. But my journalistic love can’t sit ago and permit this fake feud fueled by cellphone footage get dumped on the public without offering a correction based on just a minuscule lot of research and also context to assist give persons perspective. To be Miranda Lambert throwing some “shade” in ~ Blake Shelton v the lyric change? She most likely was. To be Blake Shelton responding by singing “All mine Exes”? more than likely not. And why is Miranda also being defined as attack Oklahoma too as soon as these write-ups themselves to speak her shade is aimed at Shelton?

Too frequently the media doesn’t take it into consideration these are actual people with an individual lives that they’re trying come pit versus each other. There’s lot of of other stuff celebrities carry out in the general public eye the gets ridiculed. There’s no reason to concoct a fake back-and-forth out of thin air.

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A readerJanuary 27, 2018


JPJanuary 27, 2018

Your comment claims you are a Shefani fan, you automatically blame ML. The Shefani pan tweeted and also tagged TMZ, ET, Entertainment tonight etc. The video, then as soon as the story was published they replied with attacks on Miranda and also her fans safeguarded her. Because that the record, I prefer Miranda and also Blake, and both fan bases room guilty the things. Not fair come blame Miranda for everything. Miranda has actually sung the song that method for 2+ years and Blake and also Gwen have milked your divorces and also hook up for the previous 2+ years. It’d certain be cool if everyone could just relocate along and quit bashing and bitching both of them.