The rocksteady mantle is difficult to acquire hold of yet it"s well worth the effort. We walk you through the procedure and why you"ll want to do it.

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Rocksteady Mantle Header
The Rocksteady Mantle is among the numerous different Mantles you have the right to obtain and use in Monster Hunter World. For those unfamiliar v the MH games (of i m sorry this is among the best), castle are basically wearable cloaks the you temporarily throw on over your armor to trigger a range of different effects or to buff your character in different ways and also the Rocksteady Mantle is among the most renowned ones.

us take a look in ~ what the rocksteady mantle is, why you"ll want one and how to get your hand on it.

Rocksteady Mantle Stats and Uses In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter human being - put on The Rocksteady Mantle In-Game
The rocksteady mantle is just one of the most famous mantles in the game and also here’s why:

that nullifies damage reactions, an interpretation you can tank access time without gift interrupted it eliminates roar reactions, therefore you won’t hunch over extending your ear every time a monster screams It avoids wind impacts from blowing her character back It stop tremor reaction so her character won’t practically fall over every time a nervous happens It additionally just reduce physical damage taken in general (about 30%)

Sounds prefer a cheat article or other right? Well, that’s precisely why you need to be at the very least High-Rank level 50 to job-related towards unlocking it, i beg your pardon is already previous the finish of the regular campaign for Monster Hunter World.

Though, let"s be honest, many MH games only truly start after the campaign is over. And, in Iceborne, lock even included an upgraded variation of it girlfriend can achieve too. 


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how To use The Rocksteady Mantle In Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World
to "use" the Rocksteady Mantle, it simply needs come be fitted while the end on a hunt or expedition. And, prefer the other mantles, it likewise has a recharge time before it can be supplied again - back its recharge is quite a little bit longer in comparison, which only emphasizes how solid it is.

The impact time for both the Rocksteady and Rocksteady+ Mantles is 90 seconds, an interpretation you have an entire minute and a fifty percent to wail top top monsters prior to they’re able come interrupt your strikes again.

Alternatively, a many players usage this mantle together a quick means to cover for their mistakes, which is completely fine too. 

Monster Hunter civilization - Intro Close-Ups because that Three distinctive Elder Dragons
The many annoying this about this dedicated Tool is simply how obtuse and annoying the unlock because that it is.

To acquire it, you need to research, find, and defeat three distinct Tempered Elder dragon in order for the search that unlocks come Mantle come even show up at the armory, which is a big ask.

Elder dragon are already hard sufficient to fight on your own, considering their size and also strength, but the Tempered versions of castle are also tankier and an ext fearsome.

Monster Hunter civilization - Odogaron and also Vaal Hazak Compared
After beating these Tempered Elder Dragons and also unlocking the search "A Summons native Below", you just need come go choose it up in ~ the Armory and head out. The pursuit itself is a 9-Star Hunting wherein you’ll require to hunt both a Tempered Vaal Hazak (another Elder Dragon) and also a Tempered Odogaron in the Rotten Vale.

Thankfully, the time Limit is 50 minutes, however hunting two Tempered monsters in one search is a huge ask. Luckily, due to the fact that there are multiple monsters, your HP is pretty dramatically lowered contrasted to a pursuit where’d you’d fight Odogaron or Vaal Hazak alone.

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If you to be able come beat the 3 Tempered Elder Dragons leading up to this Quest, one more and a regular Tempered monster shouldn"t be any much more difficult. once you regulate to carry out it, you"ll achieve a shiny new Rockstead Mantle together your reward!

Now, acquiring the upgraded variation is a various story that requires the Iceborne expansion DLC. For those who have Iceborn, a Quest called "Piercing Black" will ultimately unlock after getting to Master location 17 and also seeing one MR-variant black color Diabalos at part point.

Funnily enough, fighting the Diablos in this Quest almost requires a Rocksteady Mantle in order to tank every the times this details variant of Diablos likes to dig and resurface under you. To be fair, the Diablos has always been among the more fearsome monsters in this games, also in the newest installment, Monster Hunter Rise.