Morgan Freeman is an award-winning actor, director and narrator known for his appearances in several renowned films, including Unforgiven, Seven, Bruce Almighty, The Dark article Trilogy, and for loan his voice as the narrator in documentaries such as March that the Penguins. As result of his signature speak voice, Freeman is regularly impersonated in YouTube videos and referenced in read This in mine Voice images.

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Online History

Read This in Freeman"s Voice

On august 13th, 2008, the webcomic Xkcd released a comic joking around a satirical condition known together "Freeman Paracusia," which causes the sufferer to read whatever in Morgan Freeman"s voice (shown below).


On February 8th, 2009, a Facebook<2> web page titled “Morgan Freeman’s Voice” was launched, gaining more than 968,000 likes in the an initial four years. Freeman"s voice soon came to be a staple selection in the popular imageboard video game read this in mine voice that very first emerged in may 2009. On may 17th, 2011, a new Facebook<1> web page titled "Morgan Freeman" to be created, which received over 2.7 million likes in the following two years. ~ above January 31st, 2013, TV Tropes<7> user TrollBrutal it is registered an entry for Morgan Freeman.


On September 20th, 2012, YouTuber SeaNanners uploaded footage from a session of the half Life 2 modded video game The Hidden, in which he videotaped GassyMexican, among the other players top top his server, impersonating Morgan Freeman while hunting his enemies (shown below). Within the an initial seven months, the video clip gained much more than 7.6 million views and 16,400 comments.

On January 10th, 2013, virtual performance artist Ze candid uploaded a video to his YouTube channel title "True Facts around Morgan Freeman," in i beg your pardon Frank lists number of satirical factoids about the actor read in his signature baritone voice (shown below). Within 3 months, the video clip received end 2.1 million views and 4,400 comments.

Other YouTubers have actually uploaded videos featuring significant impersonations the the actor, plenty of of which attribute dramatic readings of humorous material.

"Titty Sprinkles"

In Season 11 episode 8 that the animated television collection South Park, initially aired top top October 3rd, 2007, the character Cartman fakes having Tourette"s syndrome in order come say whatever he wants without consequences. While speak in former of an audience, Cartman concludes his monologue by speak the phrase "titty sprinkles" (shown below).

On January 19th, 2012, Redditor assblaster7 submitted a picture of Morgan Freeman add by a fake quote ending with the phrase "titty sprinkles" (shown below). Before being archived, the article gained upwards that 14,500 up votes and 500 comments.


On April 15th, a Facebook<11> page titled "Titty Sprinkles" was created, i beg your pardon accumulated more than 83,000 likes in the adhering to year. ~ above September 4th, YouTuber Robert Thompson uploaded a video of himself impersonating Morgan Freeman"s voice by analysis the copypasta from Redditor assblaster7"s image macro. Within 7 months, the video clip received over 772,000 views and also 770 comments.

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Fake Twitter Accounts

Several unverified Twitter accounts have been developed claiming to be Morgan Freeman, consisting of
MorgonFreeman tweeted a statement around the indigenous “homophobia” (shown below), which came to be misattributed to the actor follow to the hoax investigation site Snopes.<10>