Am ns the only one that is uncomfortable by the grammar error(s) in the tune Family? If they had actually used the correct words, the track would have functioned just fine, but they just had to use the incorrect words. This doesn't really avoid me from enjoy it the song, however I can't aid but think how much more I would favor it if they simply said, "Are."

They is mine family, lock is mine family

They could be crazy, yet they is mine family

Here is a poll; phone call me what girlfriend think.

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Oh boy. You ever talked come somebody through a genuine Canadian vocabulary/accent?

I cover my accent pretty heavy when I'm sober but I start talking prefer that a little bit after a few drinks.

Just the method people I grew up roughly talk. It's much much more prevalent together you acquire into more remote Canadian communities. We don't treatment as much around being proper. We know what we're saying and what it means so what do we treatment if other people don't favor our not correct grammar? us ain't talk to them.

Kinda the suggest of the track imo. It's around when you obtained that tight knit team of civilization that you have the right to do anything with and are completely comfortable around y'know. "They is mine family" makes total sense if you know that it's literally just they means we talk sometimes, specifically when we're no worried about being punctual or "correct". It's just informal.

Toronto and much more Urban locations doesn't really count. Their method of speaking is a completely different beast. I'm talk rural Canadians. 'Specially north Ontario, Quebec, Prairies, landscape B.C., yes, really anywhere yet the significant cities wherein you'll find much more what I discover is an ext of one Americanized Canadian accent. Areas like Brampton/Scarborough/Toronto (Near wherein I live now) being such a cultural melting pot has actually resulted in a much an ext unique interval and way of speaking.

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Back when I live at home, a town near southern Muskoka, I'd business a the majority of cottagers from Toronto while i was working at a grocery store store. You might tell they to be from the city instantly by the means they talked. Dubbed them "Citiots" (City-Idiots) if us didn't like them. Locals you might identify because they talked much less proper. And usually dressed worse, no offence.