Plan a Moulin Rouge party for a crowd that is risqué and also has numerous energy. Have some fun v the Moulin Rouge party theme and also hire a unique entertainer for the evening. Purchase and also design decorations the embody Paris and the Moulin Rouge cabaret setting. Finally, offer a cake at the Moulin Rouge layout party that is representative of either the trademark red windmill top top the roof the the Moulin Rouge or the 2001 motion snapshot movie the the same name.

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Here room some additional Moulin Rouge party ideas:

Decorations: Purchase or develop Moulin Rouge party decorations that resemble Paris and the Moulin Rouge atmosphere. Do a red windmill and also hang the on a mailbox, lamppost or the former door. Acquisition posters from the 2001 motion photo Moulin Rouge, and hang them on walls. Hang up white Christmas lights and dim the main lights to create a romantic atmosphere. Decorate the room v the color red, black and gold, come resemble the internal of the Moulin Rouge. Covering the tables v black tablecloths and also red table skirts. Heat the edges of the tables v black feathered boas. Set the tables with white plates, gold cups and black napkins.Cake: serve a Moulin Rouge themed cake in ~ the party that includes a picture of the Moulin Rouge. Print out a snapshot of the Moulin Rouge and bring it to your neighborhood bakery. Bespeak a rectangular shaped cake and also ask the bakery to produce a sugar printout the the photo to location on the height of the cake. Asking the bakery to placed a red frosting border around the edges of the cake.

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Entertainment: Hire a expert dancer to do at the event. Request the consists of standard can-can moves prefer high kicks and also splits. For more of a cabaret feel, inquiry an act v comedy, song, dance and theatre. Beat the Moulin Rouge soundtrack throughout the course of the party.Consider extr ideas because that the party, such as Moulin Rouge themed party costumes. Ask every guest to dress in Moulin Rouge attire ~ above the invitations. Pass out Moulin Rouge party props transparent the event such as black top hats and also gloves and also get prepared to permit loose!

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