Here are my thoughts about the top tier troops each faction can field in each of 6 classes - foot archers, horse archers, heavy cavalry, light cavalry, offensive infantry, and defensive infantry.These are merely my personal observations and analyses; I do not pretend to have all the answers. Therefore, please feel free to chime in! You can tell me that I"m wrong. I"ll survive. I think.
Notes on damage types(B)lunt weapons (i) penetrate armour well, (ii) may crush through a block, and (iii) may cause a knockdown on a downswing.(C)utting weapons do extra damage to lightly armoured targets.(P)iercing damage penetrates armour well.The following numerical analyses mostly ignore damage types as it would be pretty much impossible to determine a good weighting system to standardise the types against one another. This is because effects based on chance or player skill are fluid in effectiveness, because things change depending on the armour loadout of the enemy, and because it"s just blasted hard to get universal agreement regarding the relative value of damage versus status effects.Do look up the attached tables to see what damage types are available to each unit to help you get a more complete picture of how combat-effective it really is.Part I: Foot archers
The primary purposes of the foot archer are to inflict heavy casualties before the enemy can even get close and to restrict the movement of enemy infantry. Most archers are poorly armoured and weak in close combat and consequently should be kept out of the fray either using an infantry (or, less commonly, mounted) screen or their own two legs.In sieges, good archers can pick off the defenders on the battlements from range and kill with impunity once they are up on the walls firing into the courtyard. They are invaluable in siege defence, doing the majority of the damage until the attackers manage to take the walls (if they manage to do so).Rankings are based first on ranged effectiveness and only second on melee survivability and other characteristics. Therefore, depending on terrain, army composition, and tactical needs, these rankings may not always be correct.Swadian A7 Retinue Longbowman3rd best bow, 2nd best bow skills; compared to the Vaegir A7, has significantly lower damage output. However, still a very strong archer and a little better in melee than the Vaegir (on paper). Fairly fast runner and shooter: on the field, may employ skirmishing tactics if infantry support is lacking. Important as Swadians lack good defensive infantry. This mobility advantage is negated in sieges, however.Vaegir A7 Sokolinty GlazStrongest (but arguably only 2nd best) bow, best bow skills; far and away the best (bow) archer of all. Not very good in melee, however, though B 1H may cause occasional knockdowns; also, only average running speed. Best used as fixed artillery; station in fortifications or behind infantry screen and rain death on the enemy from afar. Brilliant when storming or defending castles.Khergit A6 KharvaachHas probably the best bow (39 damage to Vaegir"s 40, but speed of 97 instead of Vaegir"s 79), but only decent bow skills. Mediocre swordsman, above-average armour. Slightly better than Swadian A7 (because of superior bow). Less effective in melee than the Swadian because of power (though armour is slightly better) and not as effective as a skirmisher because of running speed, but a really good unit especially considering this is an A6. That said, Khergit lack of infantry support troublesome. Shines in siege warfare.Nord (i) A6 EaldormanHigh damage with throwing axes but ammo and range limited. Mediocre in melee. Fast runners perhaps best used as skirmishers: harass enemy forces with ranged attacks and finish off the badly wounded in melee. Also may take on role of chasing down routers since Nords lack light horse. Absolutely rubbish in sieges.Nord (ii) A4 BogsveigirBow is fast but weak. Low grade archer and swordsman. Poorly armoured. This is the best true ranged unit the Nords have, but it ranks far below the other factions" archers. Probably best used in garrison to shower arrows on besiegers. Poor accuracy so quite useless in castle assault.Rhodok A7 Condottiero d"AssedioPowerful but slow crossbow. Great armour and shield; good sword. Tough, fast runner, strong offensive and defensive melee combatant. Good against all foot soldiers and archers. Good as self-sufficient artillery in the field; can also serve as heavy infantry with a terrific ranged punch. Outstanding for both offensive and defensive sieges.Sarranid A6 SilahtarDecent bow but ranged skills mediocre. High damage (but slow and short) melee weapon, decent melee skills. Heavy armour; not a bad melee figher. Can serve as an average but hard-to-kill archer unit or as a decent offensive infantry unit with good ranged capabilities. Okay in siege offence but can present interesting option in siege defence: populate the walls only with these archers and allow them to switch to melee when necessary.Sword Sisters A5 ViragoWeak bow, mediocre ranged ability. Short, fast, weak sword meant for close quarter fighting; poor melee skills. Armour also not great. However, has a pavise shield; may be useful in field defence against other archers but must be protected from infantry and cavalry by other troops. Perhaps second best (next to Rhodok A7) as ranged support in siege offence - relatively safe from return fire by defenders.Mercenaries (i) A4 Armbrust KomturCrossbow slow but damaging; mediocre ranged skill. Fairly good shield, average armour; defensive 1H; good against other archers, can survive in melee for short while but needs protection for long haul. Okay in siege assault: good ranged defence and big damage, but let down by ranged ability. Also okay in castle defence.Mercenaries (ii) A3 Armbrust Miliz2nd best crossbow, surprisingly better than Merc A4"s; slightly poorer ranged skill. Shield, armour of low quality; fragile and only self-sufficient against ranged foes. About same as Merc A4 in sieges. Cheaper than Merc A4 though and may be better choice therefore.Rankings#1 - Vaegir does high damage accurately. Not great in melee.#2 - Khergit better than Swadian in ranged but weak in melee.#3 - Swadian fast and damaging. Fair runner, able to skirmish.#4 - Rhodok does huge damage very slowly.

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Excellent melee combatant; truly self-sufficient archer. Probably rank 1 in siege offence and defence.#5 - Sarranid only average but also good in melee.#6 - Sword Sister poor archer, but has pavise shield and may be #2 for castle assaults.#7 - Mercenaries damaging but only moderately accurate.#8 - Nords have 2 ranged options, neither of which is very strong.