Selma Blair has had a long career in film and television, consisting of roles in the Hellboy movie collection and together television reflects as Lost in Space, American Crime Story and fury Management.

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Now she’s in the function of her life, detailing her struggle with multiple sclerosis and adjusting to a life that disability.

Discovery+’s Introducing, Selma Blair is director Rachel Fleit’s feature documentary exploration of one woman’s journey of personal acceptance and resilience. Together the trailer that was exit Thursday shows, it follows the actress together she reckons v the following chapter of her life after gift diagnosed v MS.

The film explores complicated issues varying from dissecting deep-rooted myths about beauty, and the cumulative fear about disability and also mortality. The documentary complies with Blair as she reconciles a trip of monumental transition.

Introducing, Selma Blair will open up in theater on Friday, October 15 via Strand Releasing before launching on Discovery+ ~ above October 21. The documentary premiered in ~ SXSW 2021 SXSW, wherein the film won the distinct Jury award for exceptional Intimacy in Storytelling in the Documentary function competition.

The movie is produced by Mickey Liddell, Pete Shilaimon and also Troy Nankin and marks Fleit’s documentary attribute debut.

Check out the trailer above.

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