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What movies Are like Passengers?

Passengers looks favor just an additional movie floating in an countless ocean of sci-fi movies, and also it’s partly true. This Morten Tyldum-directed function borrows some concepts from various other movies the the exact same genre, yet a familiar story is combined with part thought-provoking drama that renders it complicated to choose a side. It's safe to speak you either loved or hated Jim, the lead male protagonist, depending on your ethical values and also deeply ingrained beliefs. Passengers elicits various responses indigenous everyone. This divisive experience is short, sweet, and also to the point, wasting no time ~ above fluffy dialogues or undue protracted setup.

So what should you clock after Passengers? Let's look in ~ the perform of similar movies to Passengers that'll take it you ~ above a rollercoaster ride.

Movies comparable To Passengers

InterstellarEdge of TomorrowOblivionSunshineArrivalThe MartianEvent HorizonMoonGroundhog Day


1. Interstellar

In the near future, earth has end up being an inhabitable place. V a solid current that dusty winds, there is isn't a the majority of time left prior to people begin dying unless they move to a new home - somewhere far off right here where life can sustain itself.

With that in mind, one ex-NASA pilot, in addition to his teammates, embarks ~ above a trip far past anyone has ever before imagined. What castle don't know, however, is that it's most most likely a one-way ticket v no certainty of just how to come earlier to Earth. It's something they'll have actually to figure out once they're en route to Earth. Points spiral the end of control when they use a time-warping wormhole to travel to another side that the galaxy, making that a seemingly difficult task to come back home, at least not in time. Deserve to Cooper and also his team carry out it?

Interstellar is plainly the biggest and most ambitious task of Christopher Nolan. With a seemingly insurmountable task to blend two disparate facets of a storyline right into one cohesive mix, Nolan had his work reduced out. His professional hands, however, keep this intuitive extravaganza native swaying wayward. The reality that a mixture of romance and also sci-works converge with each other in such emphatic fashion is a testimony to some good work by everyone associated with Interstellar. If you in which method haven't watched this movie, acquire on it, now!


2. Leaf of Tomorrow

William Cage, a major with no previous endure of even holding a gun, is dumped into an recurring war in between aliens and humans where he need to single-handedly tip the scales in the favor of latter. The only thing top top his next is the time loop i m sorry won't allow him die permanently. His inexperience causes him agonizing deaths, much more times than he deserve to remember, but corks back stronger and much more experienced every time, getting one step closer come push ago the aliens and also win the war.

Despite the existence of virtually all the sci-fi tropes and frequent repeat of some scenes and dialogues, this Tom Cruise starrer keeps friend on the edge of your seat it rotates the credits roll.

There is some romance, yet it thankfully never ever gets in the method of the action side that things. For far better or worse, these two elements feel prefer two separate parts of the movie.


3. Oblivion

In the near future, earth is ruined by a war between aliens and humans. The last human being inhabiting this war-torn planet is Jack Harper, a repairman, and also scavenger, that is tasked to gather every little thing is left that the Earth. When he comes across a woman, the sisters reality finally dawns on him, leading him come question everything he knows around Earth and also the war. Are we humans even on the to win side? who is he working for?

Oblivion is not your typical fast-paced sci-fi drama. Component of the reason is its fist to details and also patience to build up the tension and also suspense to the tipping point. Those trying to find adrenaline-fueled activity sequences will be a small disappointed through this slow-burn.

Though the story maintains enigma until the end, it often plays too coy, so much so it could dissuade some people to watch it till the end. You, however, must stick come this lean, typical feature. Be patient!


4. Sunshine

It's 2050, and apparently, sunlight is already beginning to flicker out. To avoid the impending doom, a bunch of human being get suited up and also loaded for some twisty space travel top top a quest to reignite the Sun. Miscellaneous on the ship, however, doesn't want them come succeed. More than the extraterrestrial danger, the internal strife between the group might reason this mission come fail.

In the day and also age as soon as the movie industry is increasingly acquiring stuffed with teen-oriented sci-fi and fantasy flicks, the somberness of Sunshine feels choose a welcome breath of new air - one that's ready to strangle you to submission.

Despite the story gift a little far-fetched and acting gift fleetingly rusty, Sunshine cements its ar as a touching thriller. If you're in search of some unique movies like Passengers, Sunshine should be a good bet.

5. Arrival

Aliens usually space a chaotic bunch who love to wreak havoc, just for the services of it. Not here, though. 12 mysterious aircraft land ~ above the various parts that the world, and they just stay there. As governments all about the world grow progressively paranoid, the US federal government takes the very first step towards solving the matter, rental a linguistic skilled to aid communicate through these burly aliens. As create heavy civilization inch ever so near to wage a war versus aliens, the professional teams up v a mathematician to unravel the secret before everything goes haywire.

She inches closer to understanding their intuitive language, starting back and forth communication with these beings v whatever means she can. The pursuit she's top top will readjust everyone's life, consisting of her own, in a means nobody could have imagined. There is no spooking anything, over there is some convoluted time-traveling associated in this totality alien-vs-humans mix - one the fits perfectly right into the puzzle.

This Denis Villeneuve directed feature starts off as a personal journey of Louise Banks, the command protagonist, yet soon raises the comb as other players are introduced later on. In spite of its initiatives to sell itself together a poignant personal drama, punctuated through some sci-fi, the former falls flat on its belly. Thanks to a transfixing science fiction plot, though, the boat keeps floating.

Don't mistake mine nitpicking for a brash testimonial of Arrival’s attempt to narrate a personal story. It's a brilliant masterpiece - one that'll be revered for a long time.

6. The Martian

The Martian is a story of note Watney, a middle-aged male who gets left behind on Mars by his crew members as they presume that dead. Aid is just 140 million miles away. With about a month precious of ration left, he need to improvise to endure until the aid arrives.

Despite the visibility of all the sci-fi, this Ridley Scott directed film feels an ext like a heart-wrenching an individual journey - one that's nerve-wracking and emotional in ~ the exact same time. While not as cold as Interstellar, The Martian has its very own flair of going about the business, continuing to be upbeat also in its many terrifying moments. Despite the disguise of a heavy-handed movie, this an individual drama doesn't take itself also seriously. If you're in for some light-hearted drama, The Martian won't disappointed you.

Though the totality ensemble cast has performed the end of your skins, Matt Demon's heartwarming portrayal the a stranded, left-for-dead botanist on the Red world deserves a one-of-a-kind mention. Gift the shaft or this dystopian sci-fi flick, Matt had actually to carry the entirety affair top top his shoulders, and boy, has actually he thrived at it! The audience is infused v a sense of dread in ~ the beginning of this movie, yet the uncanny serenity with which Matt's characters goes about his pursuit for survive works choose a breather because that everyone. In spite of his gritty performance, The Martian can feel a small docile because that the hardcore cinephiles.

7. Event Horizon

Fancy some blood-curdling room horror? accomplish Paul W. S. Anderson command Event Horizon, a movie v scares so fine laid that it's traumatizing to go v them. We'll more than likely never know what happens when we mess with a black color hole, at least not in our lifetime, however Event Horizon conveniently paints a bleak and also despairing photo of it.

Event Horizon asks this concern time and again; “Space is complete of wonders, yet are we all set to pay the cost of trying out everything?”. By the moment credits roll, ns am certain your answer will certainly be a resounding ‘no’ uneven of course, you're a masochist.

Part hypnosis component battering, the an are crew attend to alien creatures together they venture further into the unknown. Simply when you think you have ensured all the horror, it's cranked increase a notch. Never prior to have i felt struck after watching a movie. Event Horizon, however, it is registered me right into a edge with that unflinching cruelty. Together you scramble because that a breather, you'll likewise be admiring that intricately layered storyline.

Ignore the negative ratings. It just makes a solid case for the incompetence that the majority of the crowd. Human being these days don't appreciate a grim movie, and also that's why you'll never ever see a cruelly dark film prefer this again. Savor the nostalgia prior to the new wears off.

8. Moon

Sam Rockwell theatre a lonely guy stationed top top Moon, sending valuable resources earlier to earth while counting down the days when he'll ultimately get ago to his family. Come curb his depression and also loneliness, he provides the one-way communication system to call everyone on Earth, updating lock on his work. Near the finish of his stint, however, that stumbles upon the insidious nature the his reality. Is the really who he thinks he is?

Made on a shoestring budget, this Rockwell starrer starts off slow yet morph right into an ordeal in the last half. It's impressive how Sam Rockwell tote the totality taut pic upon this shoulders. He's convincing and authenticating in his duty as a deluded man who's struggling come separate dreams from reality.

Not every sci-fi adventure needs to be around saving the human being race, and also this Duncan Jones directed attribute drives that plot house with aplomb. No extraterrestrial creatures invading earth; no saving Earth; simply plain mind-bending drama - one that'll hook girlfriend instantly.

9. Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day is a loopy story that a humdrum weatherman that gets sent into a city for part work. Reluctantly he goes over there for extending the exact same mundane news for the channel. This assignment, however, is anything yet normal, as he wakes increase the following day to discover that he's going v the exact same day again. The bicycle repeats itself. The must find a way out of the loop, even if he needs to kill self for that.

This sly attribute unfolds through such precision, it's tough not to be mesmerized together it leaves you speechless through its minimalistic in-your-face approach. It's astounding exactly how a plot so mundane is lugged by bill Murray v grace. I can't come increase with plenty of actors who could pull turn off a loopy story like this v such panache. He's effortless, yet so emotionally resonating as he desperately digs his means out the trouble.

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Simple yet disarmingly poignant and also cruelly mocking, this invoice Murray starrer will certainly make friend think. Experience the plight and also despair first-hand!

Despite my best efforts come collate a perform of best movies like Passengers, it's quite possible I can have missed the end on a couple of good entries. This is whereby you come right into the picture. If you have actually any an excellent suggestions, please let me understand in the comments section. If ns find any type of suggestions a best fit, I'll be certain to update the list.