+1/+1 Counters in Magic

Most Magic gamings are chose by a player's life hitting zero, usually achieved by swinging enough beefy creatures in ~ them. Aiding this strategy, +1/+1 counters boost power and also toughness, valuable for both offense and also defense.

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Most found in green and also white, these counters continue to be indefinitely, increase your military throughout your match—how have the right to you ideal buff her units? These room the 30 strongest counter-giving cards in Magic: The Gathering!


30. Forgotten Ancient

CMC (Converted Mana Cost): 4

Ancient beginning weak in ~ 0/3, yet he's basic to splash, has actually elemental synergy, and gets a +1/+1 at any time anyone casts a spell. Then, during your upkeep, that can give any number of his counters to various other creatures, ensuring you deserve to proliferate your entire army.


29. Light of the Legion

CMC: 6

While mana-taxing, Legion arrives as a fierce 5/5 angel v flying. She likewise has mentor, offering a fellow troop with much less power a +1/+1 when both attack, and also if she dies, you give a +1/+1 come all her white creatures.


28. Llanowar Reborn

CMC: 0

Here's a map for basically every eco-friendly commander deck. Llanowar taps because that green as with a straightforward forest, but enters tapped. In exchange, graft method it arrives v a +1/+1 (even despite it's no a creature), which you can move to a creature together it enters the field.


27. Gavony Township

CMC: 0

Gavony's just real drawback is the it gives colorless mana, but it start untapped and ready to use. Plus, its different effect allows you spend four (including green/white) and also tap it come +1/+1 her team. That's a quite outlet for excess mana, specifically at instant speed and in the color that finest support counters.


26. Fangren Firstborn

CMC: 4

Firstborn's eco-friendly reliance and also lack the trample are unfortunate, but when that attacks, he provides all attacking creatures (including himself) a +1/+1, meaning he's yes, really swinging as a 5/3. Safeguard him with various other cards if needed and also he'll quickly reward you through an ever-evolving army.

25. Metallic Mimic

CMC: 2

While weak at 2/1, Mimic declares a subtype on entry, gaining that type and giving your various other units the share that a +1/+1 as they enter the field. This renders him straightforward pick for any tribal theme, specifically ones that swarm low-cost creatures, prefer merfolk or goblins.

While frail at 1/1, Overseer quickly gains strength, tapping to offer all her artifact creatures (himself included) a +1/+1. In blue or colorless artifact decks, that's one invaluable rise that helps contend with stronger combat colors, and since it's instant, you can capture opponents off-guard v the block-tap maneuver.

23. Curse the Stalked Prey/Curse that Predation

CMC: 2/3

Here us see two aura curses you enchant top top a player. Stalked Prey provides a biology that deals combat damage versus them a +1/+1, when Predation provides the counter just by attacking them.

Both advantageous bonuses because that aggro decks, and also they incentivize opponents to emphasis on others in multiplayer.

Cazur, cruel Stalker mtg

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Ukkima, Stalking shadow mtg

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Cazur, cruel Stalker mtg

1 / 2

22. Cazur, awful Stalker

CMC: 4

Cazur partners with blue/black Ukkima Stalking Shadow, meaning when one start the field, you have the right to tutor the other from your deck. Ukkima's a fun card the can't be blocked and gives you life top top death, yet Cazur is many relevant today, offering a solid 3/3 who gives a +1/+1 to her creatures that directly hit your opponents.

21. Vivien, Arkbow Ranger/Ajani, adversary of Tyrants

CMC: 4

These planeswalkers share several similarities, consisting of cost, starting loyalty the four, and a +1 that distributes 2 counters. Ajani has actually to give them to different creatures, v Vivien can provide them come the same one if desired, to add trample because that the revolve to boot.

And by empowering your squad, it's hard to defeat these planeswalkers since you'll have buffed units to defend them. That course, they likewise have other effects; Vivien deserve to have her creature deal its strength to opposing units and also tutor creatures from her sideboard, if Ajani can revive fallen allies and make a token-creating emblem.

20. Ajani Steadfast/Ajani, the Greathearted

CMC: 4

Here's two an ext four-cost Ajanis that emphasis on +1/+1s with their shared -2, which gives one to all your creatures and also a commitment to your other planeswalkers. Steadfast can likewise +1/+1 to provide a creature momentary +1/+1, an initial strike, vigilance, and also lifelink, while Steadfast grants your whole team vigilance and uses +1 to obtain three life.

19. Roalesk, Apex Hybrid

CMC: 5

As we check out here, blue gets much more +1/+1 focused when paired through green. Roalesk himself is a fierce 4/5 with flying and trample, and on entry, he provides two counters to an ally. Native there, if the dies, you get to proliferate twice, which have the right to really leaf planeswalkers in the direction of their ultimates.

18. Primeval Protector

CMC: 11

Protector works best in mutliplayer, as his hefty fees is lessened by one every opposing creature. Thus, he's far cheaper 보다 he looks, entering together a enormous 10/10 who gifts a +1/+1 to your various other creatures on entry.

17. Oran-Rief Ooze

CMC: 3

When Ooze arrives, he offers one creature a +1/+1. Think closely who to distribution it to; you often want that on himself due to the fact that when Ooze attacks, he gives all attackers who currently have a +1/+1 another. And since Ooze isn't legendary, you can regulate multiple and stack your effects.

16. Decree that Savagery

CMC: 9

While expensive, Savagery's versatility compensates. At instant speed, the grants four +1/+1s to your battalion. Or, you can cycle that for 6 to just provide the counters to one creature. This is regularly the better route, as it's cheaper and nets girlfriend a brand-new card in hand, however both options deserve factor to consider depending ~ above the situation.

15. Mayael's Aria

CMC: 3

This enchantment needs three different colors yet has number of stacking effects. At her upkeep, you offer your creatures a +1/+1 as long as one contends least five power. Then, if one has 10 or more, you gain 10 life. Finally, if one has 20 or more power, girlfriend win. Sure, the second and 3rd effects are difficult to obtain, but they're devastating when you traction them off.

14. Oath the Ajani

CMC: 2

Ajani's legendary enchantment +1/+1s your military on entry; from there, the hangs roughly to reduce the cost of her planeswalkers by one. Perfect because that "superfriends" decks that rely on both +1/+1s and loyalty counters.

13. Song of Freyalise

CMC: 2

This saga's good for both ramp and also buffing. Its an initial two results (triggering ~ above entry and also the adhering to turn) both let your creatures tap because that one mana of any kind of color till the next turn, therefore Song regularly pays because that itself.

Then, with the 3rd and final trigger, her creatures all get a +1/+1 plus short-term vigilance, trample, and also indestructible, causing a brutal combat phase.

12. Oran-Rief, the Vastwood/Ruins of Oran-Rief

CMC: 0

Each Oran-Rief floor enters tapped, yet empowers certain creatures. Green's Vastwood is the star, tapping for either one green or to +1/+1 all green monsters that entered that turn.

Ruins isn't rather as good, tapping for colorless or to +1/+1 a single colorless biology that simply arrived, however both are worthy recipients once you have actually a tiny extra mana.

11. Faithful Guardian

CMC: 5

Guardian beginning off strong as a 4/4, and also at the beginning of your combat, he gives a +1/+1 to all her creatures if you control your commander! that works an excellent with trample, and it's conveniently triggered if using 2 partner leaders (controlling either activates it).

Regent's a rare black counter-supporter, and thankfully a an excellent one. She's a formidable 6/5 vampire with flying, and whenever her creatures transaction combat damage, she gives them +1/+1s equal to the damages they dealt.

This means she deserve to buff her attackers the turn she arrives, and if Regent it s her lands an attack, she'll become a lethal 12/11 that can continue growing.

9. Vigor

CMC: 6

6/6, trample, and also elemental support already draw the eye, yet Vigor gives one the the game's ideal defenses come your other units, avoiding damage that would certainly be dealt to them and giving lock a +1/+1 for each.

This renders it devilishly tricky for adversaries to block and even protects against non-combat damage. Just remember Vigor himself isn't shielded, and also he'll shuffle himself into library if he hits the graveyard.

8. Luminarch Aspirant

CMC: 2

Excellent in both standard and also commander, Aspirant sets increase early-game threats choose no other. Starting off puny in ~ 1/1, she gives one creature you manage a +1/+1 in ~ the start of your combat, demanding a fast answer.

But eliminating she isn't simple thanks come white's wide range of cheap defensive creatures, prefer Selfless Savior (for standard) or mother of Runes (EDH).

7. Kalonian Hydra

CMC: 5

Kalonian Hydra come with four +1/+1s to add trample. Much more than that, as soon as it attacks, you dual the number of +1/+1s ~ above all her creatures! This absolutely demands an answer; offer Hydra haste and also shroud v Lightning Greaves come let you attack immediately and defend versus targeting removal.

6. Heliod, Sun-Crowned

CMC: 3

Heliod's one indestructible 5/5 charm god, yet he won't count together a creature until your white devotion reaches five (so you require four much more white symbols among permanents).

But even if it is a creature or not, Heliod provides a +1/+1 come a creature or enchantment you manage when you acquire life, among the ideal lifegain supports in the game. Plus, he can spend two mana to give an additional creature lifelink because that the turn, replenishing her health and granting them a respond to (two if they have twin strike).

5. Cumulative Effort

CMC: 3

Here's a criminally-underrated assignment perfect for any EDH deck. Initiative lets friend pick between destroying one enchantment, a creature with four or an ext power, or +1/+1ing your army.

However, because that each of your untapped creatures friend tap while casting it, friend can likewise pick various other effects, for this reason you gain all three simply by tapping two. This likewise works well with white's commonly-seen vigilance trait, and you can nab your very own copy for around a dollar!

4. Felidar Retreat

CMC: 4

Retreat activates among two effects whenever a soil enters your field, and also both are tempting. The very first creates a 2/2 cat token, the second grants a +1/+1 and also vigilance come your biology until end of turn.

Use the previous if you don't have numerous creatures, and also the last when girlfriend do, because that easy and also reusable token fodder. Not numerous standard decks run lot enchantment removal, so Retreat to be a clip of that era, especially since it's so simple to splash.

3. Mikaeus, the Lunarch

CMC: X+1

Mikaeus requirements X mana plus one, entering v X +1/+1s, a versatile expense that adapts to your present production. Plus, he can tap to either gain an additional counter, or tap and remove one from self to provide one to your other creatures.

This way Mikaeus has something to carry out whether you're ready for a broad swing or if he's standing alone, and also ensures her team can all benefit from proliferating.

2. Knife of Truth and Justice

CMC: 3 (2 come equip)

One of the best color-protecting blades, this knife equips because that a +2/+2 rise on peak of white and blue protection. Additionally, as soon as the equipped creature deals combat damage to a player, you add a +1/+1 come one creature, climate proliferate.

This way you're basically obtaining at least two counters through each trigger, and also likely many much more thanks come the proliferate.

1. The great Henge

CMC: 9

Boy is this one a staple in green commander. Henge's big price reduce by the power of her strongest creature, and also since the taps for eco-friendly (and 2 life), it can pay because that itself on entrance if you have actually a creature through at least seven strength.

From there, you've acquired some extra mana and life each turn, and also whenever a non-token biology enters her field, they gain a +1/+1 and also you attract a card. What else can you questioning for; in between life, mana, power, and also draws, Henge uses basically every source in the game.

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+1/+1 support in Magic

Today, us examined the finest counter-providing spells in the game, however remember to support their ranks through cards that proliferate (like Atraxa Praetors' Voice), including counters to permanents and players that already have one.

Or, increase the variety of counters inserted with Conclave Mentor and also Doubling Season, but for now, poll for your favorite +1/+1 spell and I'll check out you in ~ our next MTG countdown!